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Customer Testimonials

"Overall experience is excellent with SOBHA !"

Mr. Mohammed Pervez

Flat No : 4104, SOBHA City : Mykonos, Bangalore

"Excellent Service & NICE response from CRM colleague !"

Mr. Avaneesh Dubey & Mrs. Rinku Dubey

Flat No : 1074, SOBHA City : Mykonos, Bangalore

"Satisfied as it was a delightful experience throughout. Excellent project quality standards, layout and design"

Mr. Shivaprasad.K.G

Flat No : 4012, SOBHA Forest View : Maple, Bangalore

"The quality standards of the Project is 'Excellent'. It was Include great interacting with CRE. We have been satisfied with the way ourqueries were handled."

Mr. Dinesh Jeirath & Simran Jeirath

Flat No : 3122, SOBHA Classic, Bangalore

"Good experience on the commitment given in terms of project delivery and completion. Happy with the response time & quality of service. CRE showed us the apartment with a lot of courtesy and patience."

Mrs. Puja Arora Ranjeet Lal

Flat No : 3065, SOBHA Classic, Bangalore

"Excellent in all aspects - quality, layout and design, finishing, handover process and payment collection."

Mr. Rohan Sharma

Flat No: 2126, SOBHA Classic, Bangalore

"Excellent project layout & design. Thanks for a great support from Sales, CRM, Accounts & Projects Team !!"

Mr. Ramesh Sridharamurthy Kaluve

Flat No: 402, SOBHA Dewflower, Bangalore

"Wonderful experience being with SOBHA Family."

Mr. Jaya MC & Mrs. Asha M Jaya

Flat No :303, SOBHA Dewflower, Bangalore

"Dependable payment collection process, excellent finishing and quality of the Unit. The entire staff is highly dependable"

Mr. SNG Shankar

Flat No : 121, SOBHA Dewflower, Bangalore