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Customer Testimonials

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the great assistances given over my various enquires and requests with utmost patience and with exceptional professional clarity. I am totally surprised with the commitment for providing support even at odd times which is really a rare scene nowadays.

Again, I would like to convey my greatest satisfaction with the service provided to me. I appreciate the respectable attitude shown and efforts taken to establish the SOBHA’s brand value in the premium realty business segment.”

Mr. Anil kumar

Flat no : 4032, Sapphire, SOBHA City, Thrissur, Kerala

“We have been proven right in going for SOBHA. You have not deviated from what you had promised! Excellent experience in terms of commitment given – project delivery & completion. No complaints to make in terms of responsive / responsible replies to our queries. Always prompt in solving the issues. Excellent team folks & kudos to the leader!”

Mr. Praveen Yadupathi & Mrs. Chaitra Sheshagiri

Flat no : 3114, SOBHA Forest View : Cedar, Bangalore

“We wish SOBHA all the success in their endeavors – making their hallmark very much visible in all the aspects! Everything is fine in SOBHA City - construction/handing over/maintenance!”

Mr. Suresh Nagarajan

Flat no : 2193, SOBHA City: Casa Serenita, Bangalore

“Good workmanship and great staff – very effective and co-operative. Excellent ratings to all parameters of feedback!”

Mr. Joseph Mathew

Flat no : 3051, SOBHA City: Casa Serenita, Bangalore

“I am thankful for SOBHA’s hospitality and care. I and my husband feel very proud and lucky to own a unit in International City, Gurgaon. We were too skeptical buying the property in India since we live overseas but the professional approach of SOBHA has won our confidence, trust and reassured us that NRI customers can buy peace of mind when buying a house in India.

From time to time we got the update and details of the construction progress and each time we were in Delhi, a car was arranged for us to have a site visit which was very reassuring. Left to us we wouldn't have ever been able to reach International city navigating the Delhi roads.

The house was flawless. The finish and the appeal was truly international standard. We couldn't find a single fault. It was the most astonishingly beautiful feeling. You delivered exactly what you promised.

We gave the interior decoration contract too to team SOBHA. The finish again has been very satisfactory.

To sum it up we had the most fulfilling experience dealing with team SOBHA.

Team SOBHA, you have taken care of everything an NRI customer needs, it is a wonderful team work. May SOBHA go places and make this world a better place. A big thank you to all. God bless the home makers.”

Mr. Sanjay Gupta & Mrs. Nalini Gupta

Row House No : A-018, SOBHA International City, Gurgaon

“I hereby convey my sincere thanks for handing over my flat about three months ahead of schedule.”

Mr. KR Purushottama Rao

Flat no : 6071, SOBHA Forest View : Cedar, Bangalore

“We deeply appreciate SOBHA’s team for the well before planned delivery. The construction and finishing truly reflects the class of SOBHA and we are very happy with the same.”

Mr. Ashish Adhikari

Flat no : 6012, SOBHA Forest View : Cedar, Bangalore

“It was indeed a very pleasant experience during handover, more so with the expert coordination by team SOBHA. A few minor issues were sorted out within half hour. I can now go with a satisfied feeling!”

Mr. Shekar Chittoor Natesan & Mrs. Shanthy Shekar

Flat No : 6214, SOBHA Forestview : Cedar, Bangalore

“SOBHA Limited is the most reliable entity. I can be completely tension-free to deal with SOBHA .As I am unable to travel to India and a brand like SOBHA makes me feel secure and I am sure many NRIs like me, chose SOBHA because of its honest dealings, transparency and customer service.”

Mr. Rajesh Challa

Plot No : 03, SOBHA Landscape, Bangalore

"I have expressed my views on SOBHA time and again. I have pleasure in stating again that buying an apartment from SOBHA is probably one of the best decisions taken in my life.

We are quite satisfied with not only the quality of our apartment but also wonderful infrastructure available within the complex for peaceful and comfortable living.

What amazes me in particular is SOBHA's obsession to detailing and finishing. After living in our unit for the last nine months, we have realised that SOBHA is truly a customer-centric company."

Mr. Anbunathan & Ms. Nagarathinam

Flat No : 6101, SOBHA Meritta, Chennai

"I would like to thank SOBHA for prompt action to carry out the rectification work in our unit. We really appreciate SOBHA'S excellent quality control and the professionalism in handling the customers’ need are praise worthy. We are very happy to be a part of SOBHA'S family of course.

Being a professional in this field for a long time, I can easily compare the quality standards set by SOBHA with any other best developers in the World especially the works in Singapore.

My praise worthy observations are as following;

1. Good straight corners and edge finishings
2. Consistent tile joints
3. No hollowness in the floor tiling works
4. Perfect plastering finishing in between and around the switches
5. No waviness in the plastering or ceiling finish
6. Good painting works

Mr. Anthony Valiyaveettil

Flat No : B-6032, SOBHA Sapphire, Bangalore

"Thanks to everyone at SOBHA for handing over the unit. Once again our heart filled compliments to the team at SOBHA for their dedication and living with the vision of Mr. Menon."

Mr. Pankaj Gulati

Row House No : C-048, SOBHA International City, Gurgaon

"Our experience in dealing with SOBHA’s customer support team has been excellent. Any issues/concerns raised by us were promptly addressed by the team in a friendly and courteous manner. Wishing you all the best and hope the same level of commitment and relationship will continue."

Mr. Pradeep Kumar K

Villa No : 1, SOBHA Westhill Part A, Coimbatore

"A proud moment for me post hand over of my unit. This is the big bet investment in my life having left little over a decade of service. I and my family were delighted to receive the product in its perfection and the risk we took disappeared from our minds. Thank you SOBHA for giving me a class product."

Mr. Narasimhan

Flat No : 8101, SOBHA Meritta, Chennai

“Overall happy with the quality of the house & SOBHA’s co-ordination. Appreciate support & anticipate the same forever! Overall SOBHA’s commitment and response is well appreciated.”

Mr. Nithyananda & Mrs. Sonal Shash

Flat No : 2051, SOBHA City : Serinita, Bangalore

“Good workmanship & great staff! CRM has been very co-operative & effective! Excellent process of handover & commitment on delivery!”

Mr. Joseph Mathew

Flat No : 3051, SOBHA City : Serenita, Bangalore

“Excellent quality of finish & project layout / design. Responsive staff!”

Mr. Roy John

Flat No : 1173, SOBHA City : Serenita, Bangalore

“Good in all parameters. Individuals from SOBHA are well trained & committed. Satisfied & very good management!”

Mr. Amit Chatterjee & Mrs. Arpita Chatterjee

Flat No : 04, SOBHA City : Aristos, Bangalore

"Having lived in the Middle East for more than 16 years, when we returned to India, we had reconciled to accept inferior quality products and poor services. We decided to buy a flat in Bengaluru. Somehow we zeroed on SOBHA’s website. The marketing team sold the concept of Legacy. We were sure that the house will be good on completion. However in our wildest imagination, we did not imagine the standard of construction that has been delivered. It is as good as the best we have seen in our life. The finest constructions in our memory are from Dubai (Emirate Mall) and Muscat (Opera House). Our house is no way inferior to these buildings. We have observed, during our regular visits, the care and energy that has gone in construction of this house. The team is very committed to the philosophy of delivering outstanding product. Today I felt that I gave a few cheques (papers) to SOBHA, but what I received is a marvel in civil construction. I wish the SOBHA team all the best in its endeavor to keep SOBHA flag flying. Thank you for giving us a beautiful home to live the rest of our life in a style called SOBHA Life Style. Thank you SOBHA, God bless you."

Mr. Deepak Kumar Srivastava & Ms. Roli Srivastava

Villa No : 115, SOBHA Lifestyle Legacy Villa, Bangalore

"At the outset, we thank the complete management of SOBHA Grandeur for successfully completing the project before the scheduled time and commitments. The complete project has come out very beautifully and is excellent. The workmanship, the painting finish, the doors, flooring and even the ventilation provided both inside the house and also in corridors are very good. The general utility areas, the gym, the swimming pool and the function hall are also very good. The team had the patience to listen to us and answer politely with clarity to all our questions. We are extremely happy and it is our duty to thank the management for the good work."

Mr. Balepur Bhagavan & Ms. Smitha Bhagavan

Flat No : 324, SOBHA Morzaria, Bangalore

"Overall experience as a customer of SOBHA Habitech project has been quite satisfying. Finishing and Quality of the unit is excellent!"

Mr. Govinda & Ms. Sulekha

Flat No : 5151, SOBHA Habitech, Bangalore

"Very responsive and strong customer service mindset seen with SOBHA employees. Good project layout and design, excellent quality standards of the Project."

Ms. Shyamangi Mitra

Flat No : 5094, SOBHA Habitech, Bangalore

"I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for all your help and cooperation with the registration and handover of my apartment. Overall, this was a pleasant experience and I just felt like saying thank you. Please also convey my thanks to all in SOBHA for all the help."

Mr. Rajeev Ranjan

Flat No : 3151, SOBHA Forest View : Maple, Bangalore

"A very good project. Process of scheduling the unit handover was excellent, quality standards & project layout and design are good!"

Mr. Amit kumar , Mrs. Swapanil Singh & Mr. Sooraj Singh

Flat No : 5122, SOBHA Eternia, Bangalore

"Except one delayed payment. Due to delay in banking matter, the payment collection process was excellent & commitment in terms of delivery/time lines were excellent. Including all other quality parameters."

Mrs. Sreemathy Dharmakumar & Mrs. Jyoti Dharmakumar

Flat No : 1002, SOBHA Eternia, Bangalore

"Very satisfied-being the proud owner of SOBHA unit!"

Mr. Aditya Rajagopalan & Mrs. Vidya Sankara Narayanan

Flat No : 1097, SOBHA Eternia, Bangalore

"Excellence in quality of work & finish. Very happy!"

Mr. Anil Padmanabhan & Mrs. Priya Anil

Flat No : 3034, SOBHA Habitech, Bangalore

"Since I live abroad, we had authorized my brother to take possession of the apartment by visiting the premises and completing the takeover formalities. I received very positive feedback from my brother that the hand over process conducted was very professional and impressive. Thank you for accommodating my brother's schedule and the smooth process. We also take this opportunity to thank SOBHA for always being prompt and helpful with our queries and requests. We would like to convey our sincere appreciation to the SOBHA team for the positive experience. "

Mr.Amish Thakkar & Mrs.Shobana Thakkar

Flat No : 5122, SOBHA Habitech, Bangalore

"Our experience on the commitment given in terms of project delivery & completion as per agreement was excellent."

Mr. T.B. Nedungadi

Flat No : 3031, SOBHA Habitech, Bangalore

"We believe in SOBHA and we got the good quality apartment. Thanks to SOBHA for delivering the unit. Excellence in all parameters!"

Mr. Dilip Jagannathan Sheshadri

Flat No : 4124, SOBHA Habitech, Bangalore

"We are very happy to be a part of SOBHA extended family!"

Mr. Dharam Vir Chetal & Mr. Ashish Chetal

Flat No : 1084, SOBHA Eternia, Bangalore

"The services offered were of generally a very good nature. Excellent experience on commitments given!"

Mr. K. Chandramouli & Mrs. Hemalatha Chandramouli

Flat No : 1071, SOBHA Eternia, Bangalore

"Thank you for a wonderful experience. Transparent in transactions!!"

Mrs. Fatima Sultana

Flat No : 1005, SOBHA Eternia, Bangalore

"A lot of sophistication is seen in project layout, design & execution. Pleasant surprise for the commitment given in terms of delivery/completion - ahead of promised time of handover!!! Transparent systems & helpful interactions. Very good in quality standards, when compared to the best!! Great response for the queries!! Very pleasant experience – Best wishes!!!"

Mr. Sambandam Sridhar

Flat No : 282, SOBHA Morzaria Grandeur, Bangalore

"Excellent in finishing & quality of the unit, project layout/design. Transparent in transactions!!"

Mr. Yadukrishnan .T.S & Mr. Sajeev . T.B.

Flat No : 335, SOBHA Morzaria Grandeur, Bangalore

"Experience on the commitments given in terms of project delivery and completion as per agreements was excellent!!"

Mr. Sanjay Anand

Flat No : 372, SOBHA Morzaria, Bangalore

"SOBHA has taken care in each and every aspect from aesthetics to Safety!!! The end product is good …tag line of SOBHA “What you see is what you get”!!!!!! Project design is excellent- going by the past performance of SOBHA!!! CRM were prompt and courteous service & very pro-active, generally good response for our queries!!"

Mr. Jayaraman Natarajan & Mrs. R.Chitra

Flat No : 5145, SOBHA Forest View : Pine, Bangalore

"SOBHA has taken care in each and every aspect from aesthetics to Safety!!! The end product is good …tag line of SOBHA “What you see is what you get”!!!!!! Project design is excellent- going by the past performance of SOBHA!!! CRM were prompt and courteous service & very pro-active, generally good response for our queries!!"

Mr. Jayaraman Natarajan & Mrs. R.Chitra

Flat No : 5145, SOBHA Forest View : Pine, Bangalore

"Overall I am very satisfied with the quality of the work done and the support! Excellence shown in finishing of the quality of our unit & project design! We expect your co-operation for Grihapravesham!"

Mr. Ramasubramanya H.K.& Mrs. Malini Ramasubramanya

Flat No : 1052, SOBHA Forest View : Oak, Bangalore

"Keep up the good work. Overall well done!!! Excellent design and quality standards!"

Mr. Soumya Ghosh & Mrs. Kakoli Ghosh

Flat No : 4193, SOBHA City : Casa Serenita, Bangalore

"Sales team in the beginning and CRM at later stage were very helpful. Thanks to them for the experience!! Good in service & quality parameters."

Mr. Venkata Ratnam Chowdary Nadella & Mrs. Padmaja Nadella

Flat No : 4052, SOBHA City : Casa Serenita, Bangalore

"I can see Excellent work done - Project is good and quality guaranteed is maintained!! No issues/ complaints are seen by us!!!"

Mr. Anand Singh .P.

Flat No : 4142, SOBHA City : Casa Serenita, Bangalore

"Everything is in black & white. Very good in transaction transparency! Committed in terms of project delivery & completion as per agreement! Prompt response for queries. Superb finishing and the quality of the flat. Overall observation is par excellence in all fields! Thank you!"

Mr. Sapthagiri Kannan Noshikunte & Mrs. Pushpalatha Gomatam

Flat No : 4171, SOBHA Forest View : Maple, Bangalore

“Fully satisfied with the quality standards of the project!!!”

Mr. Lakshmi Narayan & Mrs. Shyamala

Flat No : 3133, SOBHA Forest View : Maple, Bangalore

“Very prompt in everything, excellent in cordiality!”

Mr. Narenchandra & Mrs. Divya Chandra

Flat No : 4163, SOBHA Forest View : Maple, Bangalore

“Nice to be a part of SOBHA City! Sure it is going to be a ‘super’ experience! Good project layout & excellent in finishing/quality standards!”

Mrs. Kuntala Goswami

Flat No : 1094, SOBHA City : Mykonos, Bangalore

“SOBHA is very responsive to all queries and kept us updated on the Progress! Sure SOBHA’s association would continue to maintain and operate in excellent way! Good job!!!”

Mr. Muthukumaran Balagurusamy & Mrs. Lavanya Muthukumaran

Flat No : 2063, SOBHA City : Mykonos, Bangalore

“We are so happy to be the proud owner of this prestigious SOBHA City unit. It’s all blessings from the almighty!!!”

Mr. Srinivasan & Mrs. Lalitha Srinivasan

Flat No : 4012, SOBHA City : Mykonos, Bangalore

“All members of my family join me in conveying our collective gratitude, appreciation and admiration for SOBHA, which has exemplified itself in demonstrating its commitment, sincerity, and professionalism. Our thanks also go to all those who extended support and assistance ‘behind the scenes’. Congratulations, compliments and a million thanks to all those who individually and collectively make SOBHA a great brand!”

Mr. Venkatesan

Flat No : 2074, SOBHA Marvella, Bangalore

“Very smooth transactions & excellent in all parameters!”

Mr. Ravindra Kumar Patil & Mrs. Sangeeta Patil

Flat No : 3042, SOBHA Forest View : Maple, Bangalore

“Overall quality of the finish is excellent and completely in line with the model house!”

Mr. Narayan & Mrs. Rama Krishnamurthy

Flat No : 3182, SOBHA Forest View : Maple, Bangalore

“I really appreciate the co-operation and coordination done by SOBHA. I have had a very good experience and quite happy with the construction speed. Thanks again!!”

Mr. Gaurav Pruthi

Flat No : 7085, SOBHA Green Acres : Rain Forest, Bangalore

“Being a professional in this field for a long time, I can easily compare the quality standards set by SOBHA with any other best developers in the world especially the works in Singapore. During my recent visit to Kerala, I was asked to check the quality of a famous developer's work in Kerala where I found that the quality is no-where near to SOBHA.

My praise worthy observations are as following:
1. Good straight corners and edge finishes
2. Consistent tile joints
3. No hollowness in the floor tiling works
4. Perfect plastering finishing in between and around the switches
5. No waviness in the plastering or ceiling finish
6. Good painting works

As a customer, we are very happy with the quality of the product SOBHA has delivered”

Mr. Anthony Valiyaveettil & Mrs. Metty Alapatt Antony

Flat No : B 6032, SOBHA City : Sapphire, Thrissur

“Keep it up! Excellent rating for - commitment given in terms of project delivery/completion as per agreement.”

Mrs. Reshma Tony & Mr. Ramesh Babu

Flat No : 1036, SOBHA City : Casa Serenita, Bangalore

“Excellent quality standards of the project & project layout /design. Overall excellent!”

Mr. Sukhadev Lakshmanan

Flat No : 4115, SOBHA City : Casa Serenita, Bangalore

“Very accommodative staff! Excellent transparency in transactions & commitment in terms of project delivery/completion!”

Mr.Sofia Rajesh & Mr.Rajesh Nair

Flat No : 3013, SOBHA City : Casa Serenita, Bangalore

“Excellent support from project team & CRM was extremely supportive and co-operative. A big thank you! An excellent finishing/quality of the Unit.”

Mr. Anubhav Wahie & Mrs. Shivani Wahie

Flat No : 4184, SOBHA City : Casa Serenita, Bangalore

“Good process of scheduling the handover of the unit & quality of response to our queries was good!”

Mr. Lachman Das Varyani & Mrs. Meena Varyani

Flat No : 1181, SOBHA City : Casa Paradiso, Bangalore

“Excellent service by CRM team & approachable 24X7! Excellent rating for all the feedback parameters & commitment to deliver/completion as per agreement is excellent!”

Mr. Rohit Sam Joseph Prabhu

Flat No : 2194, SOBHA City : Casa Paradiso, Bangalore

“Good in terms of commitment for project delivery / completion & Excellent Project Layout and design, satisfied with finishing/quality of the unit!”

Mr. T G Varadharajan & Mrs. Revathi Varadharajan

Villa No : A15, SOBHA City, Aristos : Villa, Bangalore

“We were very impressed! Very professional approach that provided us complete transparency! Excellent performance ratings for feedback parameters!”

Mr.Anirudh Narasimhan & Mrs. Nirupama Raman

Flat No : 1044, SOBHA Eternia : Paradiso, Bangalore

“Highly appreciative services! Please keep it up! CRM & project team responses were too good & appreciative!”

Mr. T Venkataramanan & Mrs. V Thangamani

Flat No : 1073, SOBHA Eternia : Paradiso, Bangalore

“Keep the good work going on! Excellent project layout & design, excellent standards of quality/ finishing of the unit & satisfied with the quality of the response to our queries.”

Dr. Seema K Shenoy & Mr. Ranganath Shenoy

Flat No : 4152, SOBHA Forest View : Maple, Bangalore

“Overall good experience with SOBHA! Excellent in transaction transparency & good project layout/ design!”

Mr. Godavaroo

Flat No : 4032, SOBHA Forest View : Maple, Bangalore

“I am seeing a very impressive quality works in progress and the evident quality works that are executed! All my apprehensions are gone now & I am delighted with my decision - to go with SOBHA! Eager to move in as soon as possible! All the best folks!”

Mr. Mukund Srinath

SOBHA Grandeur, Bangalore

“We are very happy!! SOBHA’s staff has handled our queries with professional approach. Excellent quality standards of the project.”

Mr. Shamal Vishwanath Parab & Mrs. Prabha Ramaswamy Parab

Flat No : 3123, SOBHA Forest View : Maple, Bangalore

"Transparency in transactions & I am very happy with the overall experience and professional dealings of SOBHA's staff!!"

Mr. Sudhakaran Selvaraj

Flat No : 1111, SOBHA City : Paradiso, Bangalore

"Personally I am very content and pleased with SOBHA's services. Hope to continue getting the same. Excellent finishing and quality of the unit!"

Mr. Arvind K.V. & Ms. Pushpa M.S.

Flat No : 3021, SOBHA City : Mykonos, Bangalore

"We are very happy and satisfied with the quality of construction of the apartment and the whole process-from booking till the handover of our flat!"

Mr. V. Krishnamurthy & Mrs. Savithri Krishnamurthy

Flat No : 3086, SOBHA Forest View : Maple, Bangalore

"Seen the overall Project Plan & Layout - I would rate the feedback based on that as excellent!!! Handling of last payment was excellent. My overall experience with SOBHA had been great!!!"

Mr. Anil Krishnan & Mrs. Luckshmi

Flat No : 5101, SOBHA Forest View : Pine, Bangalore

"We are repeat customers of SOBHA!! Apartment is in excellent condition and 'much better' than our own 'expectations'!!! "

Mr. Y. Parameshwar & Mrs. Saroja

Flat No : 2181, SOBHA City : Casa Paradiso, Bangalore

"I have no reasons to put any comments, since SOBHA has done a 'wonderful' work!!! Credits to CRM team!!"

Mr. Premanath & Mrs. Prabha Premanath

Flat No : 2171, SOBHA City : Casa Paradiso, Bangalore

"Right from booking the property in SOBHA Elite and till registration process, the whole experience was pleasant. I am happy about the quality and finishing of the handed over unit in all aspects. Would like to thank SOBHA Limited for delivering an excellent unit as promised. I have recommended SOBHA to all my friends. Thank you for all services and the professional courtesies you extended throughout this process."

Mr. Ashwath Kumar K.

Flat No : 12094, SOBHA Elite, Bangalore

"Delivered 'before' deadline. 'Great work', please keep it up!!! Excellent quality of the project & 'response' on our queries."

Mr. Gururaj Shrinavas Terdal & Mrs. Ramya Gururaj

Flat No : 8012, SOBHA City : Mykonos, Bangalore

"Excellent experience on project delivery/commitment on completion & transparent transactions. 'Very good' client interface!!"

Mr. AVS. Sreenath & Mrs.Meena Sreenath

Flat No : 7012, SOBHA City : Mykonos, Bangalore

"Very good!! Looking forward to buy houses again from SOBHA!! Excellent 'quality' standards, excellent project layout/design."

Ms. Sarala Haridas

Flat No : 2024, SOBHA : Marvella, Bangalore

"This is just to let you know that we have completed the registration of our apartment. I must thank you and the concerned SOBHA team for the support and co-operation. We were quite happy with the overall preparatory work and the arrangements, which were well coordinated. We were able to complete the entire registration process in about 45 minutes which I think is quite commendable. Please convey our appreciation to all concerned professionals of SOBHA"

Mr. Srinivasa Shettigar

Flat No :1193, SOBHA Forest View : OAK, Bangalore

"Happy to see that project is being delivered on time. We have always loved SOBHA's quality work and now I have loved the process of home buying with SOBHA. Special thanks to the whole team"

Mr. Ramkumar Pavothil & Mrs. Meenu Ramkumar

Flat No : 2161, SOBHA City : Casa Paradiso, Bangalore