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SOBHA Azalea


SOBHA Developers takes great pride in delivering international quality standards to its customers. Please find enclosed specifications for SOBHA AZALEA.

SOBHA Developers reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice, in the interests of quality and timely delivery. Please check with our Customer Relations personnel for the latest specifications and changes, if any.

  • While the specifications reflect the high quality standards that SOBHA Developers employs in the project, we would request our customers to note that many of the materials used in the project – including, but not limited to, marble, granite, wood, etc – are natural materials. Being natural materials these materials are subject to variations in tone, grain, texture, colour and other aesthetic features, which are beyond our control. Particularly in case of granite, which is pre-polished, when laid, may result in certain amount of unevenness, due to its inherent property. While we confirm that we will use the appropriate quality materials available, we are unable to guarantee that the products used in the building will exactly match the samples shown with regard to these features.
  • We also request you to note that certain manufactured materials such as ceramic/rectified and vitrified tiles, anodized/powder coated aluminum, sanitary ware, etc, are subject to colour variations and warping (in case of vitrified tiles) due to the inherent manufacturing process. The final product used in the building will therefore be subject to these colour variations, which again is beyond our purview.
  • SOBHA Developers relies on manufacturers and suppliers for its raw materials – such as marble, granite, timber, tiles, aluminum, sanitary ware, etc. There are possibilities that the materials specified and shown as samples may not be available at the time of construction. In such instances SOBHA Developers reserves the right to replace unavailable material with suitable alternatives. We request our valuable customers to note that any such changes made will not, in any way, be detrimental to the quality of the building. It is purely a substitution for unavailable materials.
  • We request our esteemed customers to note that SOBHA Developers will continue to exert maximum effort in ensuring that quality requirements are not only met but exceeded. SOBHA Developers will attempt to minimize variations to specifications, but customers are informed to expect variations within natural limitations.
  • SOBHA Developers has a professional team of designers which takes extreme care in design of all services, but at times, due to certain design constraints the common service lines may be taken through private garden/terraces. Customers are requested to allow for the laying and maintenance of the same.
  • Customers are also requested to obtain and study the architectural parameters for modifications to understand the scope of modifications that can be carried out from our CRM Executive. These parameters also define the options for various materials that are used in the project.

Architectural/Civil Specification

  • Exclusively designed 20 nos. of 3-Bedroom and 6 of 4-Bedroom Super-Luxury rowhouses.


  • Ground plus 1 storeyed RCC framed structure with concrete block masonry walls.
  • Semi covered (below pergola)/open car park.

Foyer / Living / Dining

  • Superior quality vitrified tile flooring and skirting.
  • Plastic emulsion paint for walls and ceiling.


  • Superior quality vitrified tile flooring and skirting.
  • Plastic emulsion paint for walls and ceiling.


  • Superior quality ceramic tile flooring.
  • Superior quality ceramic tiling upto ceiling.
  • Plastic emulsion paint for ceiling.
  • Supply of 20mm thick granite for cooking platform.

Toilets/Powder Room

  • Superior quality ceramic tile flooring.
  • Superior quality ceramic wall tiling upto ceiling/ false ceiling (as applicable).
  • False ceiling with grid panels
  • Plastic emulsion paint for ceiling.
  • Granite vanity counter in master bedroom toilet only.

Balconies / Utilities

  • Superior quality ceramic tile flooring and skirting.
  • Granite coping for parapet/MS handrail as per design.
  • Plastic emulsion paint for ceiling.
  • All walls painted in textured paint.

Servant's Room (if applicable)

  • Superior quality ceramic tile flooring.
  • Plastic emulsion paint for walls & ceiling.


  • Granite treads & risers.
  • MS handrail.
  • Plastic emulsion paint for walls & ceiling

Terraces / Patio

  • Superior quality ceramic tiles/terracotta tile flooring.


  • Superior quality water proofing


  • Main door and Bedroom doors of both sides masonite skin, with wood frame & architraves.
  • All other external doors to be manufactured in specially designed heavy-duty aluminium extruded frames.
  • Toilet door of wood frame and architraves. Shutter with Masonite skin on the external side and laminate on the internal side.
  • Servant toilet door to be manufactured in specially designed aluminium extruded frames.
  • High quality ironmongery and fittings for all doors.
  • Heavy-duty aluminium glazed sliding windows made from specially designed and manufactured sections.


Designer landscaping.

Common Facilities

  • Well-equipped clubhouse.
  • Swimming pool.

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