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CSR Testimonials

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"It was a privilege to visit this place where a real example of social upliftment is visualized. The work done by the whole team is great and cannot be explained in few words. I wish this place be a model for the country for social development in coming years. Pray Almighty to give health and wealth to the promoters to continue this forever."

Dr. A. Rajendra Prasad

Asst. Director – Administration, The Arya Vaidya
Chikitsalayam & Research Institute, Coimbatore

"It is heartwarming to know such great work is being done to bring positive social change. The place has an air of positivity, practicality and sincerity."

Hon. Dr. Justice Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud

Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court

"It has been an honour to visit SOBHA Hermitage. The warmth, hospitality and the vision of Mr. Menon is visible in every look and corner of the entire hermitage. I congratulate and wish all the best to your staff for taking care of the people and be part of their growth."

Mr. Pankaj Bali

Senior Executive, DLF, New Delhi

“Words are not enough for how I feel after our tour to SOBHA CSR. Each and every person involved in the CSR has made a special footprint on this earth.Love, Peace and Happiness.”

Mrs. Sally Pollard

Wife of Peter Pollard

"The place has an air of positivity, practicality and sincerity. Wow! I had no idea what to expect. This was much more than i had ever imagined. Mr. PNC Menon should be very proud at what he is putting back into the community - his own community. It has been a great experience, great facilities and great people."

Mr. Peter Pollard


"I am highly impressed. In the beginning is the idea and here the idea has been realized in practice. I wish more corporates and institution will learn from this model. Accumulating wealth is not the goal of life. Service to people, empowering people, the poorest of the poor has to be the idea."

Late Shri. A. B. Bardhan

Former General Secretary, Communist Party of India

"One of the state of the art project for humanitarian services I have ever seen so far. Everything is maintained, Neat and Tidy. This requires the 3 D’s devotion, dedication and discipline. If the peers in the industry can adopt one village each, India will prosper boundlessly. Hats off to PNC Menon and Team Sobha."

Mr. K.M.S. Mani

Ex-Head of Risk Management Division,Finance House, Abu Dhabi

"I feel privileged to be here. Such a noble cause and unmatched service to humanity. May god bless all the people involved in this."

Mr. Shahir

IT professional, Bangalore

"The motto ‘Devotion at Work’ is very apt for SOBHA Hermitage not just by words but indeed in real. The approach and actions of each and every staff reflects on this. We felt a divinity and an aura of love all around this place and was a good and unique experience."

Mr. Joseph MJ

VP- Planning, MS Construction, Dubai

"It was a novel experience visiting such a place of great humane activities for the down trodden in the society probably the first of its kind in God’s own country. A lot of effort has been put in to the formation and functioning of this great endeavour where social empowerment of families who are the poorest of the poor are being taken care of by a single individual. I take this opportunity to salute the humble human being who has taken the initiative to uplift the people of two villages."

Dr. Cyriac Mathew

Deputy medical director, Sunrise Hospital, Kochi

“A GREAT JOB! It is an impressive project for the benefit of deprived BPL people. Many have ample material wealth but how does one deploy it for the benefit of the poor should be the criteria to judge one’s wealth. Education is the sole tool for the upliftment of under privileged and we all should contribute towards eradicating illiteracy from the society.”

Mr. Hamid Taylor

General Manager, Finance House, Abu Dhabi

“This day is beautiful. Empirical. Role model of role models. Beyond what is heard and known. Words and sights filled my heart. Heartfelt wishes to the treasure of goodness.”

M. A. Samad

President, Thiruvegappura Grama Panchayath

“Life is a journey in search of the fulfillment of soul. A lot of sights and experiences have enriched (my life). Today, my heart fills with the delight in finding its fulfillment. May God bless Mr. PNC Menon and his team with good health and prosperity.”

Advo. K. C. Salman

Chairman Health Education Standing Committee>

Thiruvegappura Grama Panchayath

"I was fortunate to visit SOBHA Academy as part of CBSE inspection. I am amazed to see manifestation, divinity and perfection here. All the ideals taught have been put to practice. Nowhere else in the country one would find such a school. You are nurturing every child and fostering their inherent traits. You are truly raising a generation that will lead this world someday."

Noufal Puthanpeediakkal

Principal, Noble Public School, Manjeri, Malappuram

"I am surprised and thrilled to see such a wonderful place which takes care of not just the poor but also old people, young widows, and children. It is full of positive energy and I felt a joy that I have never felt before. I wish Shri PNC Menon and his team the very best in life as they continue to do great service to humanity."

Dr. K. Hari

Senior Consultant Physician,Dr. K Hari’s Aster Medi city Satellite Clinic, Kochi