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Our Logo


Our SOBHA logo has been designed so thoughtfully that it captures and exudes all the innate elements of optimism, energy, balance, perfection, passion, use of technology and above all character that our company stands for. Our logo symbolizes the company attributes and endows us with a distinctive visual image which is close to the principles of the Golden Rectangle, said to be in vogue from the Pythogorean era.

Golden rectangle is one whose side lengths are in the golden ratio, which is 1: Φ (the Greek letter phi), where Φ is approximately 1.618. Undoubtedly, it represents highest perfection and exactness.

If one looks at the elements of our logo, it is clearly evident that the rectangular logo proportions represent 'Balance'. The yellow background signifies 'Energy' and 'Optimism'. The black dots represent state-of-the-art technology employed to achieve Progress and finally, the red dot is symbolic of being 'Auspicious' and represents the 'Pinnacle of Success'.Through consistent use of our brand identity we express our intrinsic qualities fully and create an impactful Group image. This undoubtedly, enhances our corporate profile among all our internal and external stakeholders uniformly.

Our logo thus represents the very soul of our corporate entity and signals the common values and beliefs that guides our behaviour and the manner we conduct ourselves. It instils a sense of immense pride, unity and belongingness in all of our 10,000 strong people within the folds of the Group. Our logo is our identity to the world outside.