Coimbatore is the second largest city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is thickly populated and there is an intense need for residential facilities. Hence, luxury villas in Coimbatore are established by the much popular SOBHA Limited to meet the needs of people. Coimbatore is popularly known as the ‘Manchester of South India’ because of its widespread textile industry, which is fed by the nearby cotton fields. The city is a major hub of manufacturing, industries and health care in Tamil Nadu. It is also one of the fastest growing cities.
Coimbatore has also gained fame through its poultry and hosiery industries as these are the country’s largest. The city is also well known as an educational zone in South India. The realty market is also growing consistently in Coimbatore. With a population of over 35 lakhs, the city is quite crowded. There is also an increase in job opportunities and business enterprises in Coimbatore. The enhancement in the IT field has also helped a lot in the city’s development.
Being home to several super-rich people and the NRI community, there is an urgency for luxury villas in Coimbatore. SOBHA Limited, who never fails to bring up uber cool ideas while constructing homes, is ready with luxury villas in Coimbatore. The company believes that these luxury villas in Coimbatore shall turn to be happy, lilting homes for its occupants.
Set in the midst of nature, these luxury villas are located in the heart of the city which is very convenient for the residents. With these luxury villas in Coimbatore, SOBHA Limited is gifting you a contemporary lifestyle. The company also makes sure that its customers are having a green way of life in the luxury villas in Coimbatore. Excellency in design and infrastructure, these luxury villas in Coimbatore are a feast to the eyes and comes with all the luxurious amenities.
With uber cool facilities and a nature-friendly mode of living, these luxury villas in Coimbatore gives you an experience of luxury and comfort as they are built with heart and warmth.


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