Being home to the NRI community and numerous super-rich people is the reason behind the rising demands for super luxury villas in Coimbatore. Coimbatore is a crowded city in Tamil Nadu with a population of over 35 lakhs. With a magnificent growth in all fields, Coimbatore is one of the fastest growing tier two cities in India. An extensive expansion is visible in the educational, health care and manufacturing sectors in Coimbatore. The city is also popular for its wet grinders, auto components, poultry, and jewelry and is one of the largest exporters of these items in the country.
The city is nothing but a prime center for the textile industry and has thereby gained fame as ‘the Manchester of South India.’ Coimbatore has a widespread of small, medium and large scale industries with engineering and textile industries being the primary ones. The advancement in the IT sector and development in the industries and manufacturing have proliferated the real estate market.
With increasing demands in the market, SOBHA Limited is presenting super luxury villas in Coimbatore. The company has launched these super luxury apartments in Coimbatore targeting mostly the NRI section of the city as they are in need for these apartments. As the name suggests, these super luxury villas in Coimbatore are abundant in luxury. It is not just about the luxury in appearance or infrastructure of these villas, but also the luxurious lifestyle it offers to the customers. With an abundance of luxury and amenities, these super luxury villas in Coimbatore cannot be refused by the super-rich people and the NRI community in the city. SOBHA Limited has also offered all the world-class amenities in these super luxury apartments to meet the pleasures of the customers.
SOBHA limited believes in eco-friendliness while creating and constructing the buildings. This is an advantage to the occupants of the super luxury villas in Coimbatore. With international quality amenities and eco-friendly constructions, these super luxury apartments in Coimbatore offer an extraordinary experience for its occupants.


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