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Channel Partners

Personal Details

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Communication Address :
Work Profile
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Region of operation in India :
If applicable, SOBHA Consultant Sales Team Member Name :

Company Details

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Date of Incorporation :
Organization Type :
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Type of Business :
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PAN Details :
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Channel Partner needs to adhere to the below guidelines:

  • Have a registered office address
  • Provide details of PAN card, and service tax number
  • Mention "realty" name during any communication with their prospective customers
  • Significantly influence in the closing of a sale as evidenced by accompanying the prospective customer to the project site, introducing the prospective customer to the sales team member/relationship manager and bringing the prospective customer to SOBHA Corporate Office for booking the unit
  • Communicate project related details to the prospective customer as per SOBHA guidelines, for instance with respect to payment time-lines, project completion dates, project details. The booking form, Home Buyers guide, Project pricing and payment schedule, Sale and Construction agreements are good references
  • Not misuse the "SOBHA" brand name for personal benefit, for example SOBHA may have privilege offers which the channel partner must not use for their advantage
  • Abide by the SOBHA brand guidelines on advertising materials and clearly mention their own company name, contact details on all marketing collateral's developed and/or used
  • Not indulge in sharing of channel partner fee with customers / SOBHA personnel nor attract prospective customers through sharing of fee or similar offers
  • Not unnecessarily interfere with the day to day functioning at project sites, Marketing and Sales offices, Corporate office

As part of the relationship with SOBHA, the Channel Partner is expected to follow the below in their role:

  • Communicate and share details about SOBHA's projects with prospective customers
  • Indulge in bringing up new market opportunities to SOBHA
  • Document each discussion with prospective customer
  • Influence the prospective customer to take quick informed buying decisions
  • On conclusion of a deal, ensure that the appropriate booking form is filled by the customer in complete and the customer is introduced to the channel partner's sales team member
  • Follow up with customer to collect the dues with respect to the initial Payment Request Letter or 30% (whichever is higher)
  • Keep the sales pipeline busy with a steady stream of new customers


I, hereby, declare that all the above mentioned information provided by me is true to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I am submitting this on-boarding form to register with SOBHA as a Channel Partner and I have read and shall abide by the organization's notes provided below.


  • Appointment of channel partner is at the absolute discretion of SOBHA. SOBHA may accept or reject the application without providing any reason
  • Incomplete application and not accompanied with appropriate documents (such as Constitution documents and Registration certificates issued by Commercial Taxes Department/Service Tax Authorities) will not be processed
  • The Applicant confirms that he/she is not involved in any economic offences, tax default or moral turpitude