Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonials

Mr. B.V. Krishnaprasad Setty Flat No: 8061, SOBHA Alder, Bengaluru

I write this to express my deep sense of gratitude to you for all the great help right from beginning to the end and for a smooth and successful registration of both SOBHA Alder 8061 & SOBHA Alder 8131. Your quick and positive response with attention to detail have helped overcome all problems!

Thank you again for all your excellent services!

Mr. Kshitish Pradhan Flat No: 49126, SOBHA Dream Acres, Bengaluru

Thanks a lot for your great customer support. Good job, keep it up. I understand why SOBHA is number one in customer satisfaction.

Mr. Srinivas Mogalapalli Flat No: 4071, SOBHA City - Mykonos, Bengaluru

Wanted to give feedback on the excellent customer service you have provided during the course of assignment of the agreement. There was never a doubt on expectations from our side, and also you have done proper follow-ups and reverts were mostly in time. The only delay we experience was related to legal once and again you have pushed for it to make it happen faster. Thank you for all the help.

Mr. SNP Devaru Flat No: B 1202, SOBHA Indraprastha, Bengaluru

We have done the house ceremony and I presume that I am the first to do the pooja. My sincere thanks to the team at SOBHA for their cooperation. Thanks to the CRM team for the smooth handover and the CMD for his vision. The quality standards are maintained by the construction team.

Mr. Varun Shimoga Prakash & Mrs. Madhuri Keshava Rao Flat No: 2193, SOBHA Indraprastha, Bengaluru

Excellent Overall. Looking forward to buy more SOBHA flats. Professionally managed and handed over. We are delighted.

Mr. Renganathan M & Mrs. Nithya Kalyani R Flat No: 04108, SOBHA Dream Acres Rain Forest, Bengaluru

The handover process went smooth. CRM & Project Engineer were more friendly & helpful.

Mr. Rahul Bhatia & Mrs. Shreya Chugh Flat No: 04124, SOBHA Dream Acres Rain Forest, Bengaluru

Overall very good service. The entire process is very smooth.

Mr. Aman Kumar & Mrs. Prashansa Kumari Flat No: 04104, SOBHA Dream Acres Rain Forest, Bengaluru

Quality of work done is superb. I am very happy with the way I got the transparency and site walk through.

Dr. S Shanagavalli Flat No: 03126, SOBHA Dream Acres Rain Forest, Bengaluru

Smooth ride with SOBHA ltd. Will recommend friends to take flats from SOBHA.

Mr. Vijay Shanker Singh Flat No: B2-3034, SOBHA Orion, Pune

I just wanted to take a moment and share my experience of purchase of an apartment at SOBHA Orion. From the day of purchase I have been remotely connected to mainly three people who made this purchase go very smooth and pleasant. All in all, this has been very pleasant journey and I think other builders have a lot to learn from SOBHA CRM team. Kudos to you guys.

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