Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonials

Mr. Vijay Shanker Singh Flat No: B2-3034, SOBHA Orion, Pune

I just wanted to take a moment and share my experience of purchase of an apartment at SOBHA Orion. From the day of purchase I have been remotely connected to mainly three people who made this purchase go very smooth and pleasant. All in all, this has been very pleasant journey and I think other builders have a lot to learn from SOBHA CRM team. Kudos to you guys.

Mr. Shivasubramani Flat No: 3025, SOBHA Orion, Pune

I would like to appreciate Pune team of SOBHA Limited. Their timely communication with me and my bank helped me to complete the formalities to get the possession on time. They always pick up the call and were very supportive. SOBHA understands customers' perspectives and views.

Mrs. M.S. Shobha, Flat No: 03061, SOBHA Dream Acres, Bengaluru

Very good project and the excellent construction quality impresses everyone.

Mr. Srivathsan GS, Mrs. Anitha GS, Mrs. Prabha, Flat No: 5034, SOBHA City - Santorini 2

Very courteous staff right from Sales, CRM and Projects - good team work. SOBHA team was very helpful.

Mr. K.C. Lath Flat No : 1112, SOBHA Chrysanthemum, Bangalore

"We can now buy apartments from SOBHA without even seeing it. This is because of the 'trust' they carry in the housing development.
We can contact the concerned Staff at SOBHA, if there are any clarifications or issues to be sorted out, unlike other builders who tells us bluntly to contact a grievance cell. This brings in us, as an investor, the confidence that we are dealing with a transparent company. I and my investor friends will always be with SOBHA Developers & being a Delhite we shall also buy a unit in their Gurgaon project."

Mr. & Mrs. Sandhya Aggarwal Flat No : B 052, SOBHA Magnolia, Bangalore

"Being in the business for the past 4 - 5 decades, we have never seen such a nice place to live in. We came to live on rentals & gradually it so happened that we wanted to own one in SOBHA Magnolia. Finally our dream came true. We did not negotiate the demanded price at all, because we knew the price is for the quality they offer."

Mr. Saurabh Kaushal Flat No : 1071, SOBHA Carnation, Pune

"My experience with the CRM as well as the site team is exceptionally well. I have been served professionally during the sales and handover process and it was up to my satisfaction. All statements were clear, thorough and timely. The quality of apartment is the best."

Mr. Vishal Desai Flat No : 3111, SOBHA Amethyst, Bangalore

"I am aware that SOBHA is known for product quality, but did not know that they implement 'eco-friendly' concepts too! It is good to know that SOBHA is also the founder member of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)."

Mr. R.S. Murthy & Mrs. Gheeta Rao Flat No : 1081, SOBHA Classic, Bangalore

"SOBHA's is a premium name in the Real Estate. I frequently hear about SOBHA's award winning spree in engineering field - of which I am well read/informed. Mock up display at site & plans of the apartment is excellent. This shows that designers have kept in mind the needs of a customers. It is noticeable that all the staff members, whom we have dealt with, are very courteous & there is 'warmth' the office - a sure indicator of SOBHA's work Culture. More interestingly, when we approached the bankers for a loan – they readily accepted to disburse, just by telling them that we are buying from SOBHA. All these points, shows the amount of trust that the name of SOBHA carries in the business. Keep up the good show."

Mr. MSN. Rao Flat No : 3124, SOBHA Althea, Bangalore

"Going by the general standards of construction & maintenance, I am sure of having a comfortable living in the apartment to spend my post - retirement. This is the type of home, I have been looking for living. The personnel deployed to interact with me are courteous and thoroughly professional in their approach. Eager to play my second innings here."

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