Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonials

Mr, Karthik P. Nayak Flat no.: 2201, SOBHA Indraprastha

Overall quality of construction and material used is very good.

Mr. Marcus Andrew Terry Flat no.: 114, SOBHA Grandeur, Bengaluru

Thanking everyone who stepped in to finally fix the snags particularly the common area flooring especially the CRM team.

Mr. Amit Tandon Flat no.: 2203, SOBHA Silicon Oasis

Great quality, great help by CRM team during handover.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Srivastava Flat no.: 3063, SOBHA Silicon Oasis

Awesome experience. Nothing more to add on quality and professionalism. It’s superb.

Mr. Viju George Flat no.: 3205, SOBHA City - Casa Paradiso

Pleasant experience, very professional.

Mr. Mohit Kanodia Flat no.: 2204, SOBHA Indraprastha

The CRM team was too good to co-ordinate with us. Above excellent service provided by them. Keep it up!

Mr. Debendra Kumar Das Flat no.: 42136, SOBHA Dream Acres, Bengaluru

The CRM team is always helpful and very efficient. The Sales team was also very efficient and helpful.

Mrs. Meghna Pradhan & Mr. Achal Puranik Flat no.: 42026, SOBHA Dream Acres, Bengaluru

Liked the handover process very much. The CRM team helped us go through the process in detail and was extremely patient in providing the details.

Mrs. Geetanjali Mohanty Villa 156, SOBHA Lifestyle Legacy, Bengaluru

Overall very happy with the experience. Great work by the team, they deserve a big appreciation.

Mr. Pavan Kumar Nema Flat no: 42147, SOBHA Arena, Bengaluru

Excellent experience.

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