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Sobha Concrete Products

SOBHA Concrete Products

Superior construction was the need of the hour when SOBHA began its operations in the country. Introducing high quality construction to the Indian real estate industry, the organisation began setting new industry benchmarks. The Concrete Products Division (CPD) of SOBHA is a continuation of the SOBHA Group's journey of excellence. Set up in Jigani Industrial Area, Bangalore, with the same philosophy, vision and business ethos, CPD manufactures Concrete Blocks, Pavers, Kerbs, Water Drainage Channels, Paving Slabs and related landscape products of international quality in large scale volumes. Its hi-tech, full-fledged manufacturing facility, spread over 8 acres, contains fully automated plant that produces world-class products of the highest quality. This unit has also taken massive steps towards a sustainable future. The entire campus is surrounded with lush green trees and strict measures are taken to minimise the carbon footprint.

Some of the unique advantages of SOBHA’s CPD factory are:

  • The concrete products have very high compressive, flexural and tensile strengths.
  • They are designed for high dimensional accuracy which reduces the plaster required.
  • They provide excellent sound and thermal insulation making them ideal fora variety of applications.
  • They are ready to use and easy to install concrete pavers, thus, saving time and effort.
  • They have high resistance to weather and corrosive elements and sustain for a longer period of time.
  • They are designed not just for functionality but also add to the aesthetic value.
  • Easy replacement of pavers is possible.
  • All products conform to IS, BS and ASTM standard.

Today, the division not only meets the organisation's internal demands, but also caters to some of the largest real estate players in the country. It is one of the standalone and self-sufficient revenue generating entities for the Company.

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