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Sobha Restoplus - Spring Mattress

SOBHA Restoplus - Spring Mattress

Redefining the Art & Science of Sleep

'Restoplus' brand of spring mattresses was launched in 2007, keeping in mind the demand for the latest in sleeping solutions: comfortable, durable, hygienic, scientifically designed and aesthetically better mattresses.

With 275 franchises nationwide, Restoplus has been growing at a rapid pace. The volume of sales is split 30:70 between institutions (hotels and big projects) and franchisee outlets. Restoplus products cost between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 4 Lakh for customized orders, depending on size, thickness, shape, type of foam and choice of fabric. The top markets for SOBHA's mattresses are Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh, in that order. Between fiscal 2009-10 and 2013-14, revenues rose 100%.

So what goes into Restoplus spring mattresses? High quality steel is used to make the springs, coils and the shell. Once ready, a couple of layers of insulating mesh, some imported from Spain, and protective felt are attached. Then comes a layer of foam, differing in thickness and density to give "soft" or hard" sleeping surfaces. This is clothed in fabric. Once all this is stapled together, the final (outer) quilted fabric goes on.

Bonell spring mattresses are the most commonly used the world over. Shaped like an hourglass, the steel springs are wrapped around the top and bottom circular portion of the coil. Pocketed spring mattresses are hand-assembled, pre-compressed, patterned on honeycombs to reduce spares between coils. Restoplus packs in up to 1,000 such coils in a mattress, more than that of any other premium mattress.

SOBHA sources its steel wires from South Africa and India, insulating mesh from Spain, foam from prominent producers in Chennai and world-class fabrics from Coimbatore. All components are periodically checked at random in certified government and in-house laboratories. At SOBHA, each mattress is subject to Cornell type accelerated life tests on a Leggett & Platt (US) machine before dispatch to dealers or customers. It is the only such testing machine with a manufacturer in all of Asia.

Dream on!