SOBHA Museum
SOBHA Museum

How your home works

At SOBHA, we design each home with a lot of thought. A considerable time is spent on thinking about the lives that our customers are going to lead, their safety, their happiness and the impact on the society and environment. Over the course of last two decades, we have focused on cutting-edge technologies and processes. Our philosophy is to provide an enriching lifestyle in a beautiful yet highly functional SOBHA home. We have come up with an experience centre - SOBHA Museum. This Museum showcases step-by-step process of building a home, explaining the work that goes behind the scene.

At this museum, you will see how your home works.

The ‘Back-end’ Experience
As one enters the Museum, one can see 9 bays. The first 3 bays give a deeper insight into the SOBHA way of doing things. Amongst SOBHA’s many strengths, the key remains its backward integration model. SOBHA’s in-house capabilities of conceptulisation to completion, makes it a truly revolutionary organisation. The bays here highlight SOBHA’s ability to produce concrete products, metal and glazing work and superb interiors of your dream home. The communication tools and the bays are designed to help the visitors glean the entire story easily and quickly.

The ‘How your home works’ Experience
The Museum was conceived to inform the customers of the single-minded thought that went into crafting each SOBHA home. The idea was to create bays around some key processes and spaces that are traditionally considered as ‘problem areas’, such as the bathroom and the kitchen. Through these, we explain the methodology adopted by SOBHA for homes that give a superior experience. Each bay is segregated into the most logical and an easy-to-digest format; from start to finish, from homes to basements.

The ‘De-coding’ Experience
Some of the processes explained at the Museum are technical. Therefore, it was important to break them down into easy-to-understand format – a flyer. Each visitor to the Museum is given a flyer, which describes all the bays and its contents in detail. Visitors are free to carry these flyers with them for revisiting the various aspects.

SOBHA also offers a wide range of home interiors, which include wardrobes and kitchens. Customers can consult a SOBHA Interiors expert for interiors that last long.

Trust between a buyer and a developer is paramount. At SOBHA, this trust is visible through its large base of happy and satisfied customers.


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