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CSR Testimonials

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  • Good ambience
  • Wonderful hospitality
  • Nature friendly
  • Good humanity works
  • Overall well-structured staffs
  • Love to visit again
  • Hats off to Sri Kurumba Educational & Charitable Trust

Mr. Sunand Varma S.
Ms. Anjali S.
Mr. Balasubrananiya

Dear Heritage team,

It was a great experience today as we witnessed the functioning of the SOBHA Academy, SOBHA Heritage and the Health Care Centre. SOBHA Icon was equally impressive. Very impressed with the way the entire maintenance of the place and its functioning.

Kudos to Menon Sir & his ideology and the team for uploading his vision. Highly impressed and would love to visit again!

Mrs. Manvitha Boyareddigari

Not just impressed but also inspired!

It was a day filled with amazement. SOBHA Heritage, SOBHA Health Care and the SOBHA Academy. Each of these institutes strived for excellence and maintained its highest levels of professionalism.

As my wife and I are set to become a part of SOBHA, it gives us pride and hope to be a part of this organization.

We look forward to being a small part of the inspiring story of Menon and his organization.

Mr. Sarath Chandra Reddy

GM- CMOs office, Dubai

I, Mohanakrishnan of SOBHA City Thrissur, had the privilege of visiting SOBHA Hermitage with Mr. Nisanth of SOBHA Limited. I have no proper word to say about the level of this unique complex, facility and the maintenance. Everything is taken care of on par with world standards.

Hats off to Sri. P.N.C. Menon and all his team for making a world class complex which takes care of many needy Keralities.

I felt i am not in Kerala when I entered this complex, such a great honest work done Sri. PNC Menon.

God bless you him and all who are with him.

Mr. Mohanakrishnan T P
SOBHA City, Thrissur

It was a blessed day for me as I had the opportunity to visit SOBHA Hermitage and the allied institutes which are world class in every respect. The English medium higher secondary school starting from KG1 is accommodating about 1500 students coming from the adjacent three panchayats. The students are selected through a lottery from applicants belonging to BPL category. With the growth of these children, it is only natural that their respective families will also be uplifted along with them.

I came here to seek the support of Shri PNC Menon for preparing and implementing a master plan for the development of a temple and properties of Guruvayoor Devaswom. Mr. AR Kutty, Advisor and other staff members extended all help and support to me and my friend Mr. Vijai Hari, MD, Lord Krishna Builders who accompanied me in showing the various establishments functioning here. I feel that a visit here may inspire and motivate Guruvayoor Devaswom Managing Committee to provide similar facilities free of cost to the downtrodden community around Guruvayoor. May Lord Guruvayoorappan bless Shri PNC Menon and this establishment.

Adv K B Mohandas

Chairman. Guruvayoor Devaswom

Extremely happy to be in this divine complex of excellence, sharing love and service. Wishing all the very best.

Be happy and make others happy.

Kummanam Rajasekharan

Governor of Mizoram

Namaste and Pranam to all,

It was a great experience visiting SOBHA Hermitage. There are no words to express the way this place is contributing to nation building. There are a number of marvellous examples to be adopted from this great institution in bringing a social change in our society. The ease at which each department works with great co-ordination and commitment towards a great goal set by the founder, Shri PNC Menon is worth mentioning. I dont think that there is any other institution in Bharat which is well established and working for a social change. I also found that the children of the school are healthy and they look agile unlike any other schools. This shows that this institution is looking after the overall development of the students.

I wish this institution all the very best. I also wish a long and healthy life to Shri. PNC Menon and all his team. The following persons visited this place along with me.

  • Shri M.C. Valsan (State Organising Secretary)
  • Shri Gireesh Kumar (Joint Organizing Secretary)
  • Shri R. Babu (State MUT Mandir)
  • Shri Prathesh

S.J.R. Kumar

Vishwa Hindu Parishad Kerala State President

It is another world being here. It is everything and an inspirational learning experience. Its Gods kindness to permit me to visit here.

We, the Balaga family, would love to visit here again with many more of us.

Mr. B. Sankara Rao

It was a delight to visit SOBHA Academy and others institutions associated with the philanthropic project of SOBHA Ltd. It was an extremely nice experience. The school and others institutions are well maintained. Kudos to the management.

Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan, Chief Sub Editor
Mr. Pramod Madhav, Chief Marketing Officer
Ms. Anu P.M, Deputy General Manager
Mr. Jees John

Future Kerala Business & Financial Daily

It is an amazing thing done over here for the upliftment of the families in terms of education, medicine and other social causes. There was feeling of happiness and positivity around here. Was wonderful to experience it and be a part of all these activities.

Mr. Manoj Popli

Dubai, UAE

An extremely different experience. I came to see, learn and understand the CSR concept. But, I leave with entirely different perception. What is happening here is 'giving with no bondage'. Nothing in return is expected or wanted. No words to describe the feeling. May the founding father and all the associated members be rewarded by the God Almighty - only he can bless you. May this programme flow like 'Ganges in its purity' forever. JAI HIND!

Commodore (Retd.) A.T. Lucose

Indian Navy

It's a nice and really worthy experience. The cleanliness is the most striking thing that I noticed here. It is an eco-friendly environment here. I wish the very best to this organization. It's a very refreshing experience.

Dr. Sreejith K.P

Chief Physician, Aryadatham Ayurveda Chikithsalayam, Karingalathani

Mrs. Arya B

Assistant Professor, M.E.S. Medical College, Perinthalmanna

Thank you for your time the facilities and more importantly, the activities in them are remarkable, life changing and full of hope and spirit. What a wonderful endeavour. Thank you for sharing.

James & Cindy Cook

Chief Executive Officer Emeritus, Children International Kansas City, USA

Thank you so much for showing us your facility. We are totally impressed and see Gods blessing has placed you to help mankind. Mr. Menon, we have the same passion. God bless.

Rahul & Rita Doshi,

Los Angeles, California, USA

To be honest, I would say, I have no words to describe what I saw here at SOBHA today. My sincere thanks to Sri. T.P. Seetharaman for having called me over to this place. I think I have seen one of the most wonderful places in my 56 years of life. I think it is beyond words, the place as a whole the concept the service being offered to the poor and the ambience. Keep up the good work God Bless!

DR. J. Sunil Kumar

Professor of Surgery Trivandrum, India

A particularly impressive example of CSR with not only a grand vision but also rendered with the essential principles of quality, standards of excellence as well as passion and devotion.

Nina Nayar

Thekke Ambady Poonithura Kochi, India