CSR Testimonials
CSR Testimonials


Dr. T.P.Jayaraman MDConsultant Pediatrician Consultant
Palakkad, 9447029609

An unforgettable experience
It's really amazing
So lucky to get an opportunity to visit you CSR centre,
May God bless you.

Dr. Sushama.MPathologist
Dane Diagnostics, Palakkad

A truly amazing and wonderful experience. Knew about the work earlier (had heard) but on seeing it was beyond my imagination and thought. May God Bless you all for doing such fine work and continue this.


Mr. C.C. SasidharanAdministrator (Retd), Guruvayoor

Visited The SOBHA Academy, SOBHA Healthcare and SOBHA Hermitage and was very lucky to meet and discuss with Kutty Sir. Truly fantastic effort on his part, ably assisted by Murali Sir and others. Let God give strength to Kutty Sir and his lieutenants to carry out the ideas and visions of the great missionary, PNC Menon Sir.

Mr. David Twist, General Manager - QA/QC, SOBHA LLC, Dubai

A truly inspirational visit and one that will never be forgotten. What SOBHA is doing throughout this project is nothing short of astounding. It makes me so proud to be a part of the SOBHA family.

Everybody involved during my trip welcomed me and ensured an extremely humbling experience. My dream visit to this beautiful country of India could not have started on a more inspiring manner.

Mr. Rakesh BhatAVP - Sales, SOBHA Limited

A truly inspiring place doing great work for the humanity in general and underprivileged section of the society in particular. My respect to Mr. PNC Menon and his team for starting this trust. Great work for the society in terms of education, food, shelter and helping the disadvantaged section of society. The infrastructure is super and there are a number of great people around, who have been helping people in need.

It was a pleasure to talk and interact with the students. Very enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable. Very impressive. Blessed to be a part of SOBHA.

Wishing all the best to all the people associated with this noble cause.

Dr. Lakshmi RaviDirector, Asan Memorial Dental College, Chennai

Never seen a place of this standard. I have been in the field of education for the last 18 years but The SOBHA Academy has set new standards in schools in terms of design, creativity, cleanliness and discipline. Keep up the good work.

Mr. Bamashish Paul Mumbai

Very impressed by the facilities and the organization. People working here are very dedicated and hardworking. Wish the entire team all the success and best wishes!

Mr. Dev Bhavan SantaniMumbai

Inspiring to see the work & ethics behind it. Cleanliness is excellent. Staff is smiling and superb. Children are amazing. They are innocent and they are the future. Keep it up.

Ms. Munthas Bhai. S.K, Principal & Mr. Sanjeevan KHeadmaster, GHSS School, Perassannur, Malappuram

Visited the institution today from GHSS School, Perassannur (Malappuram). Experience and hospitality is great. We got great inspiration from here and we would like to follow your advice and deeds.

Justice Ashok MenonJudge, High Court of Kerala

Heard about this great institution, but it is only now that I got this opportunity to visit this wonderful place. SOBHA Hermitage takes care of elderly people to make them feel at home. The students who are moulded and bred in this educational institution are going to pass out from here this year to face the world full of challenges. I am sure, that with the upbringing that they had, they are going to be responsible citizens of this country. This institution takes care not only the students and the people who work here, but also takes good care of the entire family. So, there is a general upliftment of the entire area around this place. I wish SOBHA all the very best in all their future endeavour and keep it up!

Mr. Abdul Majeed A.AHead master, GHSS Cheruthuruthy

We visited the SOBHA Academy, SOBHA Icon and SOBHA Healthcare. We are all very excited. The workers are very devoted and everyone here is happy to serve the community. Cool, calm and clean place. We get some values from here.

Mr. Alok NandaCEO, Alok Nanda & Co

It is a pleasure to see the ‘giving back to society’ work that SOBHA Hermitage and Sri Kurumba Educational & Charitable Trust are doing.

The vision, the commitment, the passion and the detailing are to be admired. This is a model that is so unique in the world of CSR and it needs to be adopted by many.

I leave this place humbled and impressed both in equal measure. I wish all those involved the very best. May you be even more successful in adding value to society.

Mr. JeetendraAirline Coordinator

Great experience. Best educational institute I ever visited. Great service to society.

Mr. PatrickPilot

Thank you very much for hosting us. It is great to see what you give back to your community. Best wishes.

Mr. Shyjan PMSenior General Manager, Sales & Marketing, SOBHA Limited, Calicut

This is something unique, I would say. I have been fortunate enough to visit this great place and being part of this. The society is being brought up through education and overall service. God bless all those involved in this especially our Chairman Emeritus, Mr. PNC Menon and his family for this great and blessed work.

Rudra Shankar RoyGeneral Manager and Thought Leader Industrial Products from IBM CBDS - Watson IoT & Industry 4.0 Practice - CIC

Mr. PNC Menon and his leadership team have set up a benchmark on term of the CSR practice. Soon this village will have the prominent mark in the world map by creating budding icons of our nation.

I am truly motivated, inspired and blessed for giving the opportunity to join my hands to the mission of this noble initiative which our world leaders never thought for.

My humble salutation to Mr. PNC Menon and his team for converting the vision of noble thought "Devotion at Work" into a real action. The modernised Gurukul concepts, food and healthcare for all, empowering our young widows and home for old age will turn the society, followed by our nation.

I am totally devoted to this mission and would like to come and serve again & again. I will be just a call away for anything!

Mr. Nebu AbrahamManaging Director, ‘Construction Philosophy’, Redine Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Palarivattom, Kochi

It was a totally different experience here. We are just surprised to experience the atmosphere of SOBHA Hermitage. Thank you so much Mr. PNC Menon and SOBHA Ltd. for taking the lead to change the society. We wish you all the best. God bless.

Mr. Sandeep SathianHead - Sales & Marketing, ‘Construction Philosophy’, Redine Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Palarivattom, Kochi

It is truly amazing to see SOBHA Hermitage. Really, we have not expected such a project till the drive from our place. All the best team SOBHA.

Mr. N. R. Parameswaran, Mr. J. Subramony, Mr. M. Ramachandran, Mr. P.S. RamanZonal Secretary (Central), President (City Unit), Joint Secretary (City Unit), State Committee Member (State Council)) Kerala Brahmana Sabha, Ernakulam

We the following members from Kerala Brahmana Sabha visited this institution and we are highly impressed about the sanctity maintained here. It resembles a temple and all the inmates and workers found as deities. The founder’s concept about their employees exhibited on the Notice Board highlights his thoughts and visions. He makes his concept workable and indeed we are proud of it. May God bless the founder and his teams to reach greater heights.

Mr. M. RamachandranJoint Secretary Kerala Brahmana Sabha, Ernakulam City Unit

At the outset, we really thank you very much for the courtesies extended to the undersigned and our team during our visit yesterday at your office there and also taking us into deep insights of SOBHA Hermitage along with the warmth and affection bestowed by your team.

It in fact gave us a deep insight of the vision which Shri PNC Menon and team have taken too much of pain to the microeconomic level to have SOBHA Hermitage rise up to international standards while maintaining the asset quality & charitable service to the ultimate needy.

We feel really blessed with positive thought processes after visiting the place.

Ms. Kusum JhamSenior Physiotherapist, Dubai

I had the absolute good fortune to visit this fabulous set up today. It is such a great combination of selfless work and contribution to society without any ulterior motives.

It has been a truly heart rendering experience and I hope and pray to the Lord Guruvayoor that it grows from strength to strength scaling new heights of success in this honourable path of Seva and Devotion.

Dr. Nandini GokulamErnakulam

I came here without realising what I am in for. It is such a wonderful place. Great work done by Mr. PNC Menon. Selfless contribution to the local people. Impressive.

I am looking forward to working in this place. I will be here soon.

Capt Unni Gopala KrishnanFounder CEO, Abacus Education Services, Bangalore

The most amazing place I have seen, just unimaginable.

Mr. Mohan RajamaniVice Chairman, Indo - American Chamber of Commerce, Bangalore

In God’s own country, I was a little short of seeing God Himself. As the saying goes, nobody remembers what you did to them but they always remember how you made them feel.

Thank you for all the kindness and hospitality.

Ms. YunSales Head, SOBHA LLC, Dubai

Really appreciate all of you to take care of my family here. We really enjoyed visiting the school, hospital and SOBHA Heritage. As a member of SOBHA family, I’m really appreciative about all the social work. Mr. Menon and the trust is providing to the people.

I’m very grateful to visit SOBHA properties and the stay was wonderful. The staff kept our trip a very memorable one.

Ms. Sneha Kumari, Mr. Murthy, Ms. Tulsi, Mr. ChrisProgramme Manager for Undergraduate Programme, Physics faculty, Maths faculty, Azim Premji University, Bangalore

For the few of us privileged to see the amazing ecosystem SOBHA CSR has built over many years, it’d be an experience to remember. We do hope to spread the word and come again!

Ms. Smita NairAVP - Channel Relations, SOBHA Hartland, Dubai

When I was planning my annual leave to Thrissur after 1 year of service with SOBHA Hartland, Dubai, I was very sure that I will drop by to SOBHA Academy, Hermitage and Healthcare as I had heard a lot about it when in Dubai. But after coming here, what I saw and experienced was much more amazing than what I had heard and imagined. This is such a wonderful place and such a great deed is being carried out here for the BPL families. I am so proud of being a part of SOBHA group and to be associated with Menon Sir.

Special thanks to Mr. Kutty for facilitating my visit here and to Mr. Murali for the amazing tour of this awesome place and for the memorable experience.

Mr. Jyoti Kumar AgarwalDirector Finance, JSW Energy Limited, Mumbai

Truly amazing place and hard to believe that it exists amidst lush green wilderness true to the motto of the SOBHA Group, there is service “devotion to work” from the SOBHA team to keep this place spic & span. I am really impressed by the high standards of philanthropy that the SOBHA group monitors and it is a reflection of the ethics and values of the founder Mr. Menon. I wish the group the very best in their endeavours and congratulate them for their magnificent work.

Ms. Archana SinhaEditor, CSR Mandate

The place is a temple of service where the concept of philanthropy is actually practiced to the core.

It is indeed a good fortune to see this place where the not so affluent children break barriers of poverty and raise their bars of excellence with only a little support in the right direction.

It is heartening to see these children burning with ambition to do something in society and make their presence counted. Brimming with hope they are sure that they are riding the right boat to success, prosperity and wellbeing of the society.

The commitment of the staff, the management and the rest is something to learn from.

Samantha AbrahamManager - Outreach, Ashoka University

Thank you, a million times over! Thank you for such a comfortable stay and such eye-opening exposure - but also for such kind hearted service! The warm smiles of every staff member made this such a special experience.

I have learned so much from all the wonderful initiatives here, as well as all the dedicated people. I very much hope to be back and learn more from you all soon!

Mr. SajitFord Motor Company, USA

Blown away. Just amazing. The quality, ethics, standard, excellence, values and most importantly, the people. To me, SOBHA is the shining light or hope for a better future in this world.

Dr. Umeno NaotoshiProfessor, Osaka University of Commerce, Japan

Wonderful and amazing CSR initiatives. Japanese companies should learn a lot from SOBHA. Thank you so much.

Mr. Vimal ChandranAsst. Manager HR, Nitta Gelatin India Ltd, Kochi

Unique thinking and conceptualisation of CSR that we have experienced from SOBHA. It is purely and out-of-the-box thinking and it is beyond all the benchmark in the Indian scenario. Happy to get the opportunity to know about SOBHA CSR.


Adv K B MohandasChairman. Guruvayoor Devaswom

It was a blessed day for me as I had the opportunity to visit SOBHA Hermitage and the allied institutes which are world class in every respect. The English medium higher secondary school starting from KG1 is accommodating about 1500 students coming from the adjacent three panchayats. The students are selected through a lottery from applicants belonging to BPL category. With the growth of these children, it is only natural that their respective families will also be uplifted along with them.

I came here to seek the support of Shri PNC Menon for preparing and implementing a master plan for the development of a temple and properties of Guruvayoor Devaswom. Mr. AR Kutty, Advisor and other staff members extended all help and support to me and my friend Mr. Vijai Hari, MD, Lord Krishna Builders who accompanied me in showing the various establishments functioning here. I feel that a visit here may inspire and motivate Guruvayoor Devaswom Managing Committee to provide similar facilities free of cost to the downtrodden community around Guruvayoor. May Lord Guruvayoorappan bless Shri PNC Menon and this establishment

S.J.R. KumarVishwa Hindu Parishad Kerala State President

Namaste and Pranam to all,

It was a great experience visiting SOBHA Hermitage. There are no words to express the way this place is contributing to nation building. There are a number of marvellous examples to be adopted from this great institution in bringing a social change in our society. The ease at which each department works with great co-ordination and commitment towards a great goal set by the founder, Shri PNC Menon is worth mentioning. I don’t think that there is any other institution in Bharat which is well established and working for a social change. I also found that the children of the school are healthy and they look agile unlike any other schools. This shows that this institution is looking after the overall development of the students.

I wish this institution all the very best. I also wish a long and healthy life to Shri. PNC Menon and all his team. The following persons visited this place along with me.

  • Shri M.C. Valsan (State Organising Secretary)
  • Shri Gireesh Kumar (Joint Organizing Secretary)
  • Shri R. Babu (State MUT Mandir)
  • Shri Prathesh

Mr. Sunand Varma S., Ms. Anjali S., Mr. Balasubran-

  • Good ambience
  • Wonderful hospitality
  • Nature friendly
  • Good humanity works
  • Overall well-structured staffs
  • Love to visit again
  • Hats off to Sri Kurumba Educational & Charitable Trust

Mrs. Manvitha Boyareddigari

Dear Heritage team,

It was a great experience today as we witnessed the functioning of the SOBHA Academy, SOBHA Heritage and the Health Care Centre. SOBHA Icon was equally impressive. Very impressed with the way the entire maintenance of the place and its functioning.

Kudos to Menon Sir & his ideology and the team for uploading his vision. Highly impressed and would love to visit again!

Mr. Sarath Chandra ReddyGM- CMO’s office, Dubai

Not just impressed but also inspired!

It was a day filled with amazement. SOBHA Heritage, SOBHA Health Care and the SOBHA Academy. Each of these institutes strived for excellence and maintained its highest levels of professionalism.

As my wife and I are set to become a part of SOBHA, it gives us pride and hope to be a part of this organization.

We look forward to being a small part of the inspiring story of Menon and his organization.

Mr. Mohanakrishnan T PSOBHA City, Thrissur

I, Mohanakrishnan of SOBHA City Thrissur, had the privilege of visiting SOBHA Hermitage with Mr. Nisanth of SOBHA Limited. I have no proper word to say about the level of this unique complex, facility and the maintenance. Everything is taken care of on par with world standards.

Hats off to Sri. P.N.C. Menon and all his team for making a world class complex which takes care of many needy Keralities.

I felt i am not in Kerala when I entered this complex, such a great honest work done Sri. PNC Menon.

God bless you him and all who are with him.

Kummanam RajasekharanGovernor of Mizoram

Extremely happy to be in this divine complex of excellence, sharing love and service. Wishing all the very best.

Be happy and make others happy.

Mr. B. Sankara Rao

It is another world being here. It is everything and an inspirational learning experience. It’s God’s kindness to permit me to visit here.

We, the Balaga family, would love to visit here again with many more of us.

Mr. Lakshmi NarayananChief Sub Editor

It was a delight to visit SOBHA Academy and others institutions associated with the philanthropic project of SOBHA Ltd. It was an extremely nice experience. The school and others institutions are well maintained. Kudos to the management.

  • Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan, Chief Sub Editor
  • Mr. Pramod Madhav, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ms. Anu P.M, Deputy General Manager
  • Mr. Jees John

Mr. Manoj PopliDubai, UAE

It is an amazing thing done over here for the upliftment of the families in terms of education, medicine and other social causes. There was feeling of happiness and positivity around here. Was wonderful to experience it and be a part of all these activities.

Commodore (Retd.) A.T. LucoseIndian Navy

An extremely different experience. I came to see, learn and understand the CSR concept. But, I leave with entirely different perception. What is happening here is 'giving with no bondage'. Nothing in return is expected or wanted. No words to describe the feeling. May the founding father and all the associated members be rewarded by the God Almighty - only he can bless you. May this programme flow like 'Ganges in its purity' forever. JAI HIND!

Dr. Sreejith K.PChief Physician, Aryadatham Ayurveda Chikithsalayam, Karingalathani

It's a nice and really worthy experience. The cleanliness is the most striking thing that I noticed here. It is an eco-friendly environment here. I wish the very best to this organization. It's a very refreshing experience.

  • Dr. Sreejith K.P, Chief Physician, Aryadatham Ayurveda Chikithsalayam, Karingalathani
  • Mrs. Arya B, Assistant Professor, M.E.S. Medical College, Perinthalmanna

James & Cindy CookChief Executive Officer Emeritus, Children International Kansas City, USA

Thank you for your time – the facilities and more importantly, the activities in them are remarkable, life changing and full of hope and spirit. What a wonderful endeavour. Thank you for sharing.

Rahul & Rita DoshiLos Angeles, California, USA

Thank you so much for showing us your facility. We are totally impressed and see God’s blessing has placed you to help mankind. Mr. Menon, we have the same passion. God bless.

DR. J. Sunil KumarProfessor of Surgery Trivandrum, India

To be honest, I would say, I have no words to describe what I saw here at SOBHA today. My sincere thanks to Sri. T.P. Seetharaman for having called me over to this place. I think I have seen one of the most wonderful places in my 56 years of life. I think it is beyond words, the place as a whole – the concept – the service being offered to the poor and the ambience. Keep up the good work – God Bless!

Nina NayarThekke Ambady Poonithura Kochi, India

A particularly impressive example of CSR with not only a grand vision but also rendered with the essential principles of quality, standards of excellence as well as passion and devotion.

Mr. Vipul JainGM - CMO, SOBHA LLC Dubai

I am astonished to see what SOBHA Group, Mr. Menon and the entire team has created in the place.

This project is one of its kind, and I take with me learnings of passion, commitment, dedication and hard work from this place.

I wish the entire team continued success in this endeavor. I look forward to coming to this serenity more often and explore the beauty that’s been created by SOBHA group.

Ms. Bhavana RamannaActor/Politician, Karnataka

This happens to be my most memorable trip to Kerala. Thanks SOBHA for being so wonderful and noble. Truly inspiring.

Mr. Amit ChabbraVice President - Finance, SOBHA LLC, Dubai

Amazing and inspiring institution built here. Positive energy and vision to give back to the society and impeccable execution. Humbled and inspired by this place. Wishing success and growth to this organization.

Mr. T.V. Mohandas PaiChairman, Manipal Global Education and Former Director, Infosys

An unbelievable place, fit for the Gods. For PNC Menon, an abode of the Gods - his own people. Very humbling, truly extraordinary and exemplary.

Mrs. Parul SonawaneSenior Manager, SOBHA

I had a wonderful experience here at SOBHA Hermitage & Academy. The kind of discipline and neatness that I found here have never been seen anywhere in the world.

The school, teachers & the staff members are really courteous & helpful.

It was very kind of Kutty Sir, Murli Sir, Thomas, Sreedevi Ma’am, Hari & Principal Ma’am to take out valuable time from their busy schedule and explain the entire process.

The best part is the smile on faces of everyone. Hats off to everyone!

Mr. Shreen R GuptaDirector – Development, SOBHA LLC, Dubai

I write with a heart full of pride that I belong to such a wonderful organization that has gone to such great length in contributing to the society and giving ‘CSR’ a whole new meaning.

Under the mentorship and leadership of Mr. PNC Menon, every facility created, service provided has been set up to be of the highest standard. There is only 100%. I am really honoured to be a part of such prestigious organization.

Mr. Ronak ParikGlobal Procurement Head, SOBHA LLC, Dubai

What we witnessed today is something beyond philanthropy. It is about giving back to the society, exactly what they went with utmost perfection and caring approach.

It’s not about, I care for you. It is about, I care for you, your family & your generations. The school, medical facility, old age home etc. are something beyond perfection.

I joined SOBHA group 6 months back, but today is the first time that I felt proud and fulfilled to be associated with a group that is involved in such noble acts.

Great, inspiring. Loved visiting Hermitage.

Ms. Sabeena Talwar, EA to CE

SOBHA Hermitage and other CSR projects are so impactful for the beneficiaries. Giving someone who is needy shows the generosity of the management. Only kind hearted people can do this so efficiently and selflessly.

It is my honour and privilege to be a part of the organisation, which takes care of the needy and is building such a great legacy.

Our children have so much to learn from this management - to be humble, caring and taking care of elders.

I would like to bring my son here and show him the ground reality.

Thank you for this wonderful experience.


Santhosh ThomasCEO, Securus Insurance Brokers (India) Pvt. Ltd, Cochin

“Felt like I am in a temple. All the very best.”

Rajkumar. MBranch Manager, Globe Detective Agency (P) Ltd, Coimbatore

GOD came through Chairman Sir. No words to say. Real CSR. Amazing Social Service. We wish you the very best. Thanking You.

Anna RohrExecutive Secretary to Chairman, SOBHA, UAE

A very special thanks to Mr. Menon for creating such a lovely, peaceful, great, indescribable place. It was my pleasure to stay here and I would love to come again. Being surrounded by love, peace, harmony and this greenery made me feel special and great. Keep on going with the awesome work. All the very best and success to the entire SOBHA family. See you again. Love.

Rishav GhoshSOBHA, UAE

Being born and brought up in Tatanagar, I was aware what CSR means but after visiting SOBHA Hermitage, Health care and Academy, I must say I am speechless. Our chairman is a visionary and a great human being. This is evident from the facilities provided in these institutes. It is truly and experience which will carry with us forever in our life.

Ashish ParakhSOBHA, UAE

I have always been inclined and motivated to do something for the society. Seeing our Chairman Sir’s work and his dedication towards giving back to the society is out of the world. I have never seen such a facility by anyone, to do something for the underprivileged part of the society. The entire environment created leaves the visitor in awe. After seeing his work, I feel immense proud to work for this institute and with a person who such a philosophy.

K. PadmakumarI.P.S

Visited SOBHA institutes today. Impressed by the scale, quality and services. Philanthropy at its best. Congratulations!

Dr. John ValliattuHead Of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Believers International Heart Centre, Thiruvalla, Kerala

This is a beautiful oasis of calm and serenity and high standards of efficiency and cleanliness. I must say I have not encountered such an environment in India or abroad. A most unique school and medical facility and senior facility. Congratulations to the genius who could imagine and execute such a project.

Dr. R. Suresh KumarSenior Consultant and Head of Paediatric and Adult Congenital Cardiology, Thiruvalla, Kerala

A remarkable experience. This is a unique place for rural upliftment and improvement, with a radiance of goodness. God bless this place and its founder.

Punit Malik, Group President & Akash Prasad, Senior PresidentYes Bank Ltd. India

We were impressed and very envied with the mission of P.N.C Menon. Such a marvellous contribution to the society can only be done by someone who is a true visionary and an honest human being. May this institution achieve great heights always and all through.


Fiona CottamPrincipal, Hartland, Dubai

Over the last two days, my family and I have had the immense privilege to have visited the SOBHA Hermitage and also the SOBHA Icon. Without doubt, we have been humbled by all that we have seen and touched by all we have met. There is an African proverb that states “It takes a village to raise a child”. The SOBHA village is indeed giving life, hope and possibilities to many children and because of the incredible vision and unwavering generosity of the Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Mr. P.N.C Menon, the future is brighter for so many. The focus and determination of all of the young people, supported by the skill and vocation of the Director and her staff, is uplifting. The dedication and hard work of all those who support the school, the young widows, the elderly and the hospital is astounding. We are forever in your debt for opening your doors and hearts to us. With much love and thanks, and every good wish and blessing.

Mr. Prakash JavdekarMinister of Human Resource Development

"SOBHA Hermitage is a very noble and a big contribution to the society. I must appreciate the thought process and research behind the project. I wish all the best!" - 8th July 2016

Ms. Sajida H. Shroff, CEOAltamont Group, Dubai

"It has been a privilege and a pleasure to visit the SOBHA properties: SOBHA Academy, Hermitage, & hospital. While the infrastructure is stellar, what is even more impressive is the ethos, love and commitment of the team. Mr. Menon - you inspire them and me to continue to give back." - 14th July 2016

Mr. Madhu Pandit Dasa, Chairman, Akshaya Patra FoundationISKCON - Bangalore

“Hare Krishna! We are thrilled to see this temple of knowledge, especially the spirit in every person involved in this noble work of Vidyadaana & Annadaana. The attitude of perfection is everywhere in the complex. It only reflects the mind of Sri. P.N.C. Menon who is a perfectionist and kind hearted to the downtrodden and underprivileged children. Sri. P.N.C. Menon and his wonderful team are bringing about a social transformation in this region. It is a model to be emulated by hundreds of corporate. If done, the country can change into a world leader in every field of human endeavor. May every child who is bestowed with wonderful gifts in their 12 year journey in this institution become agents to change their village, district, country and the world. My prayers to Lord Krishna and blessings. Hare Krishna!” - 15.10.2016

Justice R. K. Agrawal, honourable JudgeDelhi

“I really appreciate and admire the devotion of Mr. Menon in his endeavor to do something for the underprivileged people and those who really need it. My sincere gratitude and many thanks for the steps which he has undertaken for the country.” - 08th October, 2016

Mr. Majid AlghaslamBusinessman from Saudi Arabia

“I have been extremely impressed with what we witnessed in this blessed place. You can feel the passion at work and more importantly the devotion at work. I have travelled the world and nothing comes so close to what I have witnessed here.” – 7th Oct’2016

Mr. Nabil Al - NuaimBusinessman from Saudi Arabia

“I am very touched by the giving to society initiative. This society giving is very creative and very important for the world to learn from. I am very impressed with quality of facilities, equipment and cleanliness to the point I thought I am getting to a five star complex.” – 7th Oct’2016

Mr. D.N. Sehgal, Chairman, Sehgal DevelopersMumbai

“The visit here has been learning experience for me. Seeing tiny kids and interacting with the staff is a lesson and motivation for others. The passion and devotion of human resource is an example in itself. The visit here has positively changed the direction of my life. My best wishes and kind regards.”

Mr. P.N. Venugopalan DirectorSami Labs Limited Mumbai

“Your eloquence, through this incredible effort poses the greatest example of selfless love and care of the downtrodden. It motivate the visitor - both rich and middle class to check their pathways and able it the way for noble service. May God spread this concept to the rich and mighty of our society. Your contribution will remain eternal and passion to help spread every moment. Thanks for the visitor hospitality.” - 28th July 2016

Ms. Deepthi NairKhalij Times, Dubai

“This facility is a hidden gem. A commendable initiative that deserves to be publicized. The cleanliness, infrastructure, amenities and goodwill are comparable with the best in the world. Mr. PNC Menon and all others associated with the four facilities, from the trustees to the support staff, are truly noble souls whose service excellence and commitment to noble causes are unparalleled.” - 13th June 2016

Dr. Kurian John Melamparambil (Padmasree Awardee)Social Entrepreneur & Industrialist Kochi, Kerala

“I am deeply touched by the way SOBHA as an organization is working towards its CSR activities. I have visited many places in India and abroad but never come across a noble venture which aims at providing facilities of the highest standards to the weaker sections of the society. It is really amazing. GOD bless Mr. Menon for spearheading this initiative.”

Dr. M. SumenSacred Heart Hospital, Thodupuzha, Kerala

"I was pleased and impressed by the establishment of such a unique institution working for a noble cause of humanity. I was greatly moved by the way inmates, children and widows are taken care and protected by the SOBHA Trust. I bow towards the human cause it is working for. Moreover, it is all free for children studies, their marriage, food and after care. Life becomes secure for them. A great service towards humanity. May God bless this place and SOBHA Trust"

Dr. Lissy JoseMember, Kerala State Women's Commission, Ernakulam, Kerala

"Real social activities takes place here. This is a model for those children who would like to involve in social activities in future. My prayers and wishes for the great success of this organization."

Mrs. Thushara KAnalyst (CBSE) affiliation, CBSE Head Quarters, Delhi

"Extremely happy to see the SOBHA campus and experience the great vision of the trust for the mankind. This is a prestigious moment to realise that my village too has such a quality institution, just running for the needy and weaker section of society. My prayers and support for this organization to achieve its goal. Let all the dreams of the team SOBHA come true"

Mr. D.N SehgalChairman, Sehgal Developers, Mumbai

"The visit here has been learning experience for me. Seeing tiny tots of your staff is a lesson in itself. The passion and devotion of ‘human resource’ is an example in itself. The visit here has positively changed the direction of my life. Best wishes and kind regards!"

Mr. P.N. VenugopalanDirector, Sami Labs Limited Mumbai

"Your eloquence, through this incredible effort poses the greatest example of selfless love and care of the downtrodden. It motivate the visitor – both rich and middle class to check their pathways and able it the way for noble service. May God spread this concept to the rich and mighty of our society! Your contribution will remain eternal and passion to help spread every moment. Thanks for the visitor hospitality. Ideas tickled the industrialists, who accompanied to see this magnificent creation."

Mr. S. BasanthlalPresident, Vadakkencherry Block Panchayath, Kerala

“This is the human face of corporate responsibility. A very adoptable model for others wherein employees work with passion on a mission. A quiet yet magnificent place which offers new perspective and fortitude for those who could see and understand. Wishing all good wishes with love and respect.”

Mr. B. Mahender ReddyDirector, St. Mary’s Institutions, Hyderabad

“Just don’t have words to express wonderful work being done here. Hats off to SOBHA Group.”

Mrs. SujathaPrincipal, Navaneetha Public School, Nellore

“Very much touched by serenity, hygiene and congenial environment. Wishing all the very best for the future endeavors.”

Dr. Srividya NarayanMRCP (UK)

“Today was indeed memorable, a truly edifying experience. Be it the senior citizen home or the Academy or the health center, it reflects true devotion at work. I shall leave today with memories to cherish forever. Truly Inspiring!”

Dr. J.R. MosesC.E.O, Hubert Enviro Care Systems (P) Ltd., Chennai

A fantastic and rich experience! Was fascinated by the good efforts done in developing a good model of social upliftment a corporate can do. Wish this model is implemented by others in days to come.

Ms. StephanieTeacher, Harland School, Dubai

The work you do her is inspiring. You have made us feel so welcome!

Mr. Rudra Pratap SinghDirector Hospitality & GM, AVP's Arogyamrutham, Bangalore

"Truly impressed by the set up and the underpinning philosophy of SOBHA Hermitage and Sri Kurumba Educational and Charitable Trust. Have never seen such an extraordinary commitment to giving back to the community."

Shri H.E. T.P. SeetharamAmbassador of India to UAE

"It was indeed a privilege to visit the SOBHA Hermitage and related facilities to see a visionary project unfold through the joy of giving. For me, it was an eye opener, a transforming experience on the possibilities of a social responsibility that enriches the future of the people who are less privileged. Thank you for everything. Congratulations to all who are a part of this blessed enterprise."

Shri PK Hormis TharakanFormer Chief of R & AW and former DG of Kerala Police

“Truly impressed by what I saw. This motivation shows how one can give back to his home or village in ways that are monumental. Mr. P.N.C. Menon has shown the way. If those who have been fortunate enough to make a fortune can display a fraction of his magnanimity, many more villages in India would shine like Vadakkenchery and Kizhakkenchery.”


Dr. A. Rajendra PrasadAsst. Director – Administration, The Arya Vaidya, Chikitsalayam & Research Institute, Coimbatore

"It was a privilege to visit this place where a real example of social upliftment is visualized. The work done by the whole team is great and cannot be explained in few words. I wish this place be a model for the country for social development in coming years. Pray Almighty to give health and wealth to the promoters to continue this forever."

Hon. Dr. Justice Dhananjaya Y. ChandrachudChief Justice of Allahabad High Court

"It is heartwarming to know such great work is being done to bring positive social change. The place has an air of positivity, practicality and sincerity."

Mr. Pankaj BaliSenior Executive, DLF, New Delhi

"It has been an honour to visit SOBHA Hermitage. The warmth, hospitality and the vision of Mr. Menon is visible in every look and corner of the entire hermitage. I congratulate and wish all the best to your staff for taking care of the people and be part of their growth."

Mrs. Sally PollardWife of Peter Pollard

“Words are not enough for how I feel after our tour to SOBHA CSR. Each and every person involved in the CSR has made a special footprint on this earth.Love, Peace and Happiness.”

Mr. Peter PollardSOBHA LLC, Group CFO

"The place has an air of positivity, practicality and sincerity. Wow! I had no idea what to expect. This was much more than i had ever imagined. Mr. PNC Menon should be very proud at what he is putting back into the community - his own community. It has been a great experience, great facilities and great people."

Late Shri. A. B. BardhanFormer General Secretary, Communist Party of India

"I am highly impressed. In the beginning is the idea and here the idea has been realized in practice. I wish more corporates and institution will learn from this model. Accumulating wealth is not the goal of life. Service to people, empowering people, the poorest of the poor has to be the idea."

Mr. K.M.S. ManiEx-Head of Risk Management Division,Finance House, Abu Dhabi

"One of the state of the art project for humanitarian services I have ever seen so far. Everything is maintained, Neat and Tidy. This requires the 3 D’s devotion, dedication and discipline. If the peers in the industry can adopt one village each, India will prosper boundlessly. Hats off to PNC Menon and Team Sobha."

Mr. ShahirIT professional, Bangalore

"I feel privileged to be here. Such a noble cause and unmatched service to humanity. May god bless all the people involved in this."

Mr. Joseph MJVP- Planning, MS Construction, Dubai

"The motto ‘Devotion at Work’ is very apt for SOBHA Hermitage not just by words but indeed in real. The approach and actions of each and every staff reflects on this. We felt a divinity and an aura of love all around this place and was a good and unique experience."

Dr. Cyriac MathewDeputy medical director, Sunrise Hospital, Kochi

"It was a novel experience visiting such a place of great humane activities for the down trodden in the society probably the first of its kind in God’s own country. A lot of effort has been put in to the formation and functioning of this great endeavour where social empowerment of families who are the poorest of the poor are being taken care of by a single individual. I take this opportunity to salute the humble human being who has taken the initiative to uplift the people of two villages."

Mr. Hamid TaylorGeneral Manager, Finance House, Abu Dhabi

“A GREAT JOB! It is an impressive project for the benefit of deprived BPL people. Many have ample material wealth but how does one deploy it for the benefit of the poor should be the criteria to judge one’s wealth. Education is the sole tool for the upliftment of under privileged and we all should contribute towards eradicating illiteracy from the society.”

M. A. SamadPresident, Thiruvegappura Grama Panchayath

“This day is beautiful. Empirical. Role model of role models. Beyond what is heard and known. Words and sights filled my heart. Heartfelt wishes to the treasure of goodness.”

Advo. K. C. SalmanChairman Health Education Standing Committee, Thiruvegappura Grama Panchayath

“Life is a journey in search of the fulfillment of soul. A lot of sights and experiences have enriched (my life). Today, my heart fills with the delight in finding its fulfillment. May God bless Mr. PNC Menon and his team with good health and prosperity.”

Noufal PuthanpeediakkalPrincipal, Noble Public School, Manjeri, Malappuram

"I was fortunate to visit SOBHA Academy as part of CBSE inspection. I am amazed to see manifestation, divinity and perfection here. All the ideals taught have been put to practice. Nowhere else in the country one would find such a school. You are nurturing every child and fostering their inherent traits. You are truly raising a generation that will lead this world someday."

Dr. K. HariSenior Consultant Physician,Dr. K Hari’s Aster Medi city Satellite Clinic, Kochi

"I am surprised and thrilled to see such a wonderful place which takes care of not just the poor but also old people, young widows, and children. It is full of positive energy and I felt a joy that I have never felt before. I wish Shri PNC Menon and his team the very best in life as they continue to do great service to humanity."

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