Benefits of Buying an Under-Construction Flat

Buying a home is a top priority for most middle-class families. In a city, the most preferred choices when it comes to a home are apartments followed by rowhouses and villas. When you decide to buy a home, you normally have the option to choose an under-construction apartment or a ready-to-move-in one. What exactly is […]

Bangalore, SOBHA

North Bangalore vs. East Bangalore – Which is Better

When comparing North Bangalore and East Bangalore, it’s essential to consider various factors to determine the advantages of each area. North Bangalore is known for its robust infrastructure. On the other hand, East Bangalore has seen rapid development in recent years and is attractive to businesses with its proximity to the international airport. North Bangalore […]


Completion Certificate (CC) in Residential Building – All You Need to Know!

A completion certificate (CC) is a legal document given to a housing project once it is finished according to an approved building plan. The relevant authorities issue it after inspecting the site and reviewing all the paperwork. These certificates are essential because they assure potential buyers, tenants, lenders, and insurance companies that the building is […]

Hyderabad, SOBHA

Hyderabad Real Estate Market 2023 & Beyond

Driven by a thriving IT sector and excellent infrastructure, Hyderabad has become a hotbed for real estate, for both domestic and international investors. Let’s delve into the current state of the Hyderabad real estate market, explore the factors shaping its future, and get valuable insights to invest, buy, or sell properties. The Hyderabad real estate […]


Property Tax in India – Types, How to Calculate & Payment Option

From the different types of property tax to the factors that influence your tax liability, let us embark on this informative journey of property taxes in India – empowering you to take informed decisions and ensure compliance with the law. Property tax in India refers to the direct taxes imposed by local municipal authorities or […]


Floor Area Ratio (FAR): All You Need to Know

Floor area ratio, also known as FAR, is a widely used term in real estate. Foor area ratio is the ratio of a building’s total usable area and the total land area upon which the building stands. The FAR of a particular region is determined by the local municipal corporation. Floor area ratio – a […]


What is RERA ACT 2016 – Real Estate Regulatory Authority & RERA Rules

The RERA bill was passed by the Rajya Sabha on 10th March, 2016 and by the Lok Sabha on 15th March 2016. It was effective from 1st May, 2016. This bill aims to protect buyers and boost real estate investment. The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016, commonly known as the RERA Act, […]


Occupancy Certificate (OC) in Real Estate: All You Need to Know

An occupancy certificate (OC), sometimes referred to as certificate of occupancy, is issued by the local authority to the builder. The certificate guarantees that the building is made in compliance with the norms prescribed and is safe for occupancy. An occupancy certificate is a crucial document that is issued to the builder / developer by […]

Chennai, SOBHA

Chennai Real Estate Market Trends 2023

The real estate industry in Chennai, one of the most vibrant and quickly expanding in India, has seen a number of noteworthy trends and advancements in recent years. Demand for residential buildings and office spaces have been significantly influenced by the city’s thriving IT sector, home to numerous global firms and technology parks. Moreover, Chennai’s […]


What is IFMS (Interest-Free Maintenance Charge) in Real Estate? Definition, Meaning, & Full Form!

The Interest-Free Maintenance System in real estate is when property developers offer interest-free financing for necessary repairs and maintenance to potential buyers or tenants. This makes the property more attractive and ensures timely maintenance work. The Interest-Free Maintenance System in real estate refers to a strategy where property developers offer interest-free financing options for necessary […]

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