How to Invest in Real Estate in India?

Whether it was kings fighting wars and expanding their realm or modern-day millennial couples purchasing their dream house, there has always been a continual desire to acquire real estate. Prime real estate gives returns that are far higher than those of traditional investment options, and since its demand and worth never drop, investing in it […]


Possession Certificate – Everything You Should Know!

What is Possession Certificate? A possession certificate is a legal document that serves as evidence of ownership or possession of a particular asset or property. It is commonly used in real estate transactions to demonstrate that an individual or entity has rightful possession of a property. This certificate may include details such as the property’s […]


What is Real Estate? Meaning, Types, Characteristics!

Real estate includes all homes, buildings, and lands that are utilised for residential, commercial, or industrial reasons. One of the best investments someone can make is this one. A wonderful approach to ensure long-term financial security is by purchasing real estate. There are numerous factors to think about when it comes to real estate, whether […]


A Glossary of Real Estate Terms for Homebuyers

Each industry or area of work comes with a hatful of terms, sometimes called jargons. The financial world has its own, so has the legal fraternity, healthcare, IT… you name it. Unless and until you are working in a particular field or closely associated with one, you don’t necessarily need to have an understanding of […]

Chennai, SOBHA

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Chennai

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Chennai are important aspects of property transactions. Understanding these charges is crucial for property transactions in the capital of Tamil Nadu. Paying stamp duty and registration charges is a legal requirement. Failure to comply can lead to penalties, fines, or even invalidation of the property transaction. It is essential […]

Home Loan, SOBHA

CIBIL Score for Home Loan – How it Affects Your Application?

Credit score works as an indicator of the creditworthiness of the borrower. Nowadays, most people depend on loans to buy homes. While taking a loan, the lender considers different factors such as income, age, credit score, employment, and more. Out of these factors, credit score plays an important role in the approval process. The CIBIL […]


Flat Maintenance Charges: A Comprehensive Overview!

Most gated communities provide their members with a variety of amenities to support a comfortable and tranquil lifestyle. Residents get these benefits and services in exchange for a maintenance charge that is routinely collected, either monthly or quarterly, sometimes even annually. This charge often depends on the size of the unit. A buyer should also […]


NRI Investment in Indian Real Estate

A non-resident Indian, or NRI in short, is an Indian citizen who spends 182 days outside of India during a fiscal year but still has close links to their country of origin. An estimated 30 million NRIs live in different parts of the world, making up a dynamic and diversified community that includes people from […]

Gujarat, SOBHA

GIFT City: The Next Big Thing in Gujarat’s Economic Growth

GIFT City (Gujarat International Finance Tec-City) is a smart city and a financial hub located in the state of Gujarat, India. It was launched in 2007 as a joint venture between the Government of Gujarat and Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (IL&FS). The aim was to create a world-class financial hub that would provide a […]

Bangalore, SOBHA

Why Bangalore is the Ideal City for Apartment Buyers?

Bangalore has emerged as a popular destination for real estate investment in recent years. The city is synonymous with a thriving startup ecosystem, multinational corporations, and a strong information technology hub. Moreover, Bangalore is a melting pot of diverse cultures, offering a rich history, vibrant lifestyle, and picturesque greenery. With a steady appreciation of real […]

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