SOBHA offers a fabulous range of new flats, luxury apartments, and villa projects for sale in Thrissur, Kerala. All our Apartment Projects are Gated Community & RERA registered.

Popularly known as the cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur is the commercial and financial hub of Kerala and the largest center for Gold Jewellery. It is also a major academic hub with some of the finest Educational Institutions. Our presence in Thrissur is adorned by some of our Iconic Luxurious Residential Apartment Projects that stand tall in its skyline.

Flats in Thrissur, Luxury Apartments & Villas for Sale in Thrissur

200 Apartments Available


Luxury Apartments

Ollur Road, Kuttanellur, Thrissur | 1529 to 2842 Sq. ft. | 2, 3 & 4 BHK

22 Villas Available


Super Luxury Villas

Attore, Thrissur | 2741 to 3633 Sq.ft. | 3 & 4 BHK

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Super Luxury Apartments

Puzhakkal, Punkunnam, Thrissur | 3313 to 3325 Sq.ft. | 4 BHK


Luxury Living in Thrissur Flats with Modern Amenities

With a rich history from 1995, SOBHA has earned sterling reputation as a real estate developer. Our unwavering dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and innovative design has set us apart in the industry. Thrissur, a city steeped in culture and heritage, serves as the backdrop for our premium residential projects. Whether you are a discerning homebuyer or an enthusiast of luxury living, this blog is your gateway to discovering a world where comfort, style, and innovation converge to create an unparalleled living experience in Thrissur’s most sought-after flats.

Thrissur – the Cultural Capital of Kerala

The city has a rich tapestry of history and tradition that captivates residents & visitors alike. Thrissur stands testament to Kerala’s cultural heritage. Its historical significance is marked by vibrant festivals, including the famous Thrissur Pooram, where grandeur and tradition blend seamlessly. As this cultural hub continues to evolve, its real estate landscape is also flourishing – offering a spectrum of modern amenities that cater to luxury living.

Thrissur’s upscale apartments with contemporary amenities provide an attractive option for those looking for the perfect fusion of comfort & tradition. The city’s unique charm is its ability to offer residents a luxurious lifestyle against the backdrop of its rich cultural heritage, providing an unparalleled living experience. As it continues to thrive and attract those who appreciate the finer things in life, Thrissur stands as a testament to the art of preserving tradition while embracing the luxuries of the modern world.

SOBHA Ltd – a Legacy of Luxury

A name synonymous with luxury living, SOBHA has a rich history and an impeccable reputation as a distinguished luxury developer in Thrissur and beyond. SOBHA has consistently raised the bar of luxury real estate development, making a mark with its unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovative design. The company’s steadfast emphasis on quality ensures that the projects are not just homes but expressions of luxury & perfection.

Our attention to detail and use of the finest materials result in abodes that are not only aesthetically stunning but also built to stand the test of time. With an exceptional track record of delivering ultra-premium projects, we have established a legacy of luxury living. Our successful luxury projects in Thrissur and across India – such as SOBHA Metropolis, SOBHA Silver Estate, SOBHA Lifestyle, SOBHA Oakshire – serve as testaments to our commitment to excellence.

An Overview of SOBHA City Thrissur

A name synonymous with opulence and innovation, SOBHA City Thrissur has indisputably redefined the landscape and definition of luxury living in this culturally rich city. Nestled amidst Thrissur’s bustling neighbourhoods, SOBHA City is spread across 55 acres. This township offers residents easy access to key locations, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and transportation hubs.

SOBHA City has set a new standard of luxury living, making life remarkably convenient for its residents. The emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, and innovative design is evident in the smallest of spaces here. State-of-the-art amenities – including tennis court, clubhouse, and swimming pool – cater to both recreation and relaxation. SOBHA City has not only redefined the landscape of luxury real estate in Thrissur, but also set new benchmarks for quality, innovation, and opulence in this culturally vibrant city.

Luxury Flats for Sale in Thrissur

Experience opulent living in the heart of Thrissur with a range of luxury apartments, each offering an ultra-luxurious lifestyle. SOBHA presents a wide array of remarkable residential projects in Thrissur, such as SOBHA Metropolis and SOBHA Silver Estate. SOBHA Metropolis features spacious 2, 3, and 4 BHK luxury apartments, crafted with Roman architecture and top-notch amenities. SOBHA Silver Estate offers a contemporary lifestyle with 3 and 4 BHK super luxury villas.

Modern Amenities in Flats in Thrissur

In the world of luxury living in Thrissur, our projects stand out for their exceptional modern amenities, redefining the meaning of opulent living. Our flats in Thrissur are equipped with an array of upscale features that cater to the needs of the most discerning homeowners.

Smart home technology takes centre stage in these apartments, allowing residents to control lighting, ventilation, and security systems with a few taps. Each flat is built with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, creating an ambiance of elegance and sophistication.

–  Tennis Court: Discover the privilege of having a well-maintained tennis court close to your abode. Whether you are a seasoned tennis player or a beginner looking to pick up the sport, having a tennis court within the premises ensures that you can practise at your convenience.

–  Children’s Play Area: For families with children, luxury flats in Thrissur offer a thoughtfully designed kids’ play area. This amenity is a sanctuary for them, providing a safe and enjoyable space to run, play, and let their imagination soar. Equipped with age-appropriate play structures, the play area is designed to keep kids entertained while ensuring their safety. Parents can relax, knowing their children have a dedicated and secure space to have fun and make new friends within the community.

–  Clubhouse: From hosting private parties & events to unwinding with a book in the library or breaking a sweat in the gym, you can indulge in a wide array of interests & needs at the clubhouse. This amenity fosters a sense of community by providing a space where residents can interact, build relationships, and enjoy a host of amenities under one roof.

–  Swimming Pool: One of the most sought-after modern amenities in luxury flats is the swimming pool. Residents can take a refreshing dip, swim laps for exercise, or simply lounge by the poolside to unwind.

–  Multipurpose Hall: A versatile venue for luxury flats, the multipurpose hall serves a range of purposes. It can be used for gatherings, celebrations, events, and meetings. Whether it’s a birthday party, a community event, or a business meeting, the multipurpose hall offers a spacious and well-equipped setting.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our eco-friendly initiatives. These flats incorporate energy-efficient systems, rainwater harvesting, and green spaces that contribute to a healthier and more environmentally conscious way of living.

Location and Connectivity in Apartments in Thrissur

The location and connectivity of luxury flats in Thrissur play a pivotal role in the allure of these residences. Our projects in Thrissur are at strategic locations, such as Attore and Ollur Road, ensuring easy accessibility to educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and transportation hubs.

Residents can enjoy the convenience of having renowned schools, colleges, and hospitals within close proximity, making daily life a breeze. Additionally, well-connected roads and transport options provide effortless access to the city’s major landmarks. What truly elevates the experience of luxury living in Thrissur is the proximity to cultural and entertainment hubs. The city offers a vibrant tapestry of festivals, art, and traditions.

Financing Options Available to Buy SOBHA Apartments in Thrissur

There are various financing options available to own a SOBHA flat in Thrissur. Many financial institutions offer specialised luxury home loans that cater to the requirements of premium real estate purchases. These loans often come with competitive interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and personalised assistance to help you navigate the financial aspect of your investment.

To make the process even more convenient, most banks and financial institutions provide online tools such as EMI calculators. These allow you to estimate the monthly instalments based on the amount of the loan, interest rate, and tenure – which gives a clear picture of the financial commitment needed.

For a more personalised and tailored approach to financing your SOBHA flat in Thrissur, you can request consultations with advisors at financial institutions. They can provide guidance on loan options, eligibility criteria, and the application process – helping you choose the solution that best aligns with your financial goals & preferences.

Get in Touch with SOBHA

Ready to embark on the journey towards experiencing luxurious living in Thrissur’s finest flats with modern amenities? Getting in touch with us is your first step towards realising this dream. For inquiries, site visits, or booking appointments, you can reach out to SOBHA Limited via the following options:

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Streamline your journey to luxury living by scheduling your site visit. From project exploration to handing over the keys to your new apartment in Thrissur, SOBHA representatives provide exceptional customer service and guide you through every step of the process.

Final Thoughts

With an impeccable reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, SOBHA’s projects in Thrissur have redefined opulent living. The meticulously designed flats offer a blend of elegance and convenience, with modern amenities that cater to every facet of contemporary living. Excellent location, seamless connectivity, and top educational & healthcare institutions in the vicinity make these residences ideal for families.

Recreational facilities, well-planned living spaces, and eco-friendly features create an unmatched living experience. Moreover, proximity to cultural and entertainment hubs ensures that every aspect of life is enriched in these luxury flats.

SOBHA’s commitment to quality and innovation is not just a promise but a reality that our past successful projects affirm. When you choose us, you choose a lifestyle that exemplifies modern luxury and enduring value. These flats are more than just homes; they are an investment in a life of comfort, sophistication, and prosperity in the culturally rich and dynamically evolving city of Thrissur.


Why Should You Invest in Flats in Thrissur?

The cultural capital of Kerala – Thrissur – is also known for its immaculate landscapes, mesmerising waterfalls, majestic wildlife at the Thrissur Zoo, the Guruvayur Temple, Vadakkunnathan Temple, and its world famous Pooram that captures the state’s rich cultural heritage. These are not only distinct tourist attractions, but also a local delight for those living in this famed city. The place offers the best of city life with the freshness of the countryside.

With Thrissur becoming the hub for housing, the city has witnessed a spurt in the demand for real estate. Now, homebuyers are in pursuit to buy the flats that are for sale in Thrissur. This only guarantees the best results from investing in Thrissur, and here, we have highlighted a few:

Top Reasons To Invest in Flats in Thrissur


Thrissur is an ever-growing locale and boasts of some of the finest infrastructures. The city is a hub for IT companies, premium educational institutions, and medical facilities. Surrounded by Palakkad and Malappuram to the north, Ernakulam on the south, Coimbatore on the east, and the Western Ghats on the west, Thrissur is nestled in the historical Malabar Coast.

The Best Lifestyle

Striking the perfect balance of leading a nature-oriented lifestyle with modern infrastructure, Thrissur has become an excellent investment location for homebuyers from across the globe. While there are options to live close to nature, the city also proffers landmarks and other utilitarian places. Home to the Kerala Kalamandalam, Kerala Sahitya Academy, the Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy, and the Kerala Lalitakala Academy, Thrissur, is a true testament to cultural preservation. These academies not only offer employment, but also reiterate the state’s rich legacy.

Thrissur, a Tourist Hub

Thrissur attracts scores of global tourists during Thrissur Pooram, an annual temple festival held at the Vadakkunnathan temple. Surrounded by abundant greenery and vegetation, Thrissur is home to the Athirappilly waterfalls, and the Vilangan hills, and also offers the best of city life. Tourists from far and near throng the Punnathur Kotta elephant sanctuary and the Peechi dam throughout the year. The city is also a hub for most of the famous temples, churches, and mosques. Kodungallur is an area of great archaeological importance since the Chera Empire, as it served as a strategic entry point for naval fleets.

Weather Conditions

The weather in Thrissur is largely pleasant. While the summers can get humid and hot, and the monsoon brings heavy rains, the winters make up for them both. Tourists make the most of this cool and comfortable time of the year to experience the best of Thrissur. Given that there is abundant natural greenery surrounding Thrissur, there is never a dearth of a restful escape any time during the year. The sounds of birds chirping fill the air every morning, the cool breezes whizz past you every evening and the distant gurgle of waterfalls, all contribute to the city’s tranquillity.

Emerging IT Hub

The IT industry is booming in this part of Kerala as well, paving the way for techies to enjoy a fruitful life. The city is home to one of Kerala’s largest IT hubs and continues to show potential for housing more. IT professionals are constantly on the lookout to make an investment in this promising locale to reap maximum benefits in a short time. With this thriving industry in Thrissur, it is only a matter of time before more IT professionals migrate to the city, promising a brighter real estate sector with every passing year.


Thrissur and its excellent connectivity are worthy of mention. With easy access to not one, not two, but three airports, the city is a traveller’s haven! The Kochi Airport is a mere 58 km away, the Kozhikode Airport is just 80 km away, and the Coimbatore Airport is only 115 km away. So, you can pick where you want to fly from, with these many options. Needless to say, the Thrissur railway station is of great significance to frequent travellers and travelling by road, too, is not a difficult feat.

Better ROI

The real estate sector across India is seeing a massive transformation in recent years and Thrissur is no different. The city’s real estate sector is one of the fastest growing in the country and it already seeing a surge in the demand for houses. Over the years, Thrissur has grown exponentially and consistently. The major conurbations of the city have attracted IT hubs, pedagogic institutions, and much more, paving the way for higher employment. Homebuyers are sure to reap better returns on their investment in just a few years. Investing in flats in Thrissur is a convenient and brilliant way to garner a secure future.


It is no doubt that Thrissur is one of the most preferred cities to live in, among many homebuyers. It provides a perfect balance of traditional life in the modern world. The education system in Thrissur is commendable, thanks to premium institutions lining the city. Thrissur also stresses the importance of culture and tradition. From renowned Kathakali academies to other institutions preserving the artistic heritage of the state, Thrissur is the chosen home.

The property rates are on a steady rise and investing here will be a wise decision for generations to come. With fabulous returns guaranteed soon, Thrissur is one of the most sought-after cities in Kerala.

Some of SOBHA’s landmark projects in Thrissur are SOBHA Metropolis, SOBHA Silver Estate, and SOBHA Lake edge. Located in various parts of Thrissur, these hot favourites among homebuyers globally are fast selling out.

Flats for Sale in Thrissur: Understanding the Real Estate Market

Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, has always been a favourite among potential home buyers. From NRIs to senior professionals working in different parts of India, many families look forward to booking the perfect luxury home in Thrissur. Understanding the real estate market is an important step in this journey. Fluctuations in market trends can impact this key decision.

By taking time to research the market, buyers can better understand the current market scenario and make correct decisions about their investments. Typically, the research can include factors such as location, amenities, connectivity to landmarks, price trends – leading to a better investment decision and a more satisfying buying experience.

Factors Influencing the Real Estate Market in Thrissur

Like any other city, the real estate prices in Thrissur are influenced by various factors, such as:

–  Demographics: Factors such as population growth, age distribution, and income levels influence the demand for housing, hence demographics of the city can have a significant impact on the real estate market.

–  Infrastructure: The quality and availability of infrastructure in Thrissur, including roads, transportation, water supply, and sanitation, can affect the value of the real estate. Areas with good infrastructure tend to be more desirable and can command higher prices.

–  Economic factors: The real estate market in Thrissur is influenced by the demand for housing and the availability of financing, which in turn depends on factors such as interest rates, inflation, and job growth.

–  Government policies: Taxation, zoning regulations, and land use policies can affect the real estate market in Thrissur. For example, changes in zoning regulations can impact the availability of land for development, while changes in taxation can influence the affordability of housing.

Overall, the real estate market in Thrissur is impacted by a complex interplay of factors, including demographics, infrastructure, economic factors, and government policies. Understanding these factors can help buyers and sellers make informed decisions, as they look for flats in Thrissur.

Types of Flats for Sale in Thrissur by SOBHA

One of India’s leading real estate developers, SOBHA has brought international quality standards to Thrissur with SOBHA City. This luxury township has revolutionised Thrissur residents’ perception of a luxury lifestyle. Spread across 450,000 sq ft, SOBHA City Mall is the first commercial project of SOBHA in India.

The 6.5 acre artificial lake constructed by SOBHA has won Platinum rating from CII-IGBC for water conservation. After the stellar success of SOBHA City, the developer is now offering luxury flats for sale in Thrissur. Read on to know their key features, amenities, price range, and more.

SOBHA Metropolis

A fusion of classical Greek and Modern Roman architecture styles, this project offers 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments with sizes ranging from 1,529 sq ft to 2,842 sq ft. The key amenities at SOBHA Metropolis include clubhouse, outdoor gym, event plaza, tennis court, cricket pitch, and children’s play area. The price range for these luxury apartments in Thrissur starts from INR 1.30 Cr.

SOBHA Lake Edge

Located in the scenic Puzhakkal area, SOBHA Lake Edge offers 4 BHK super luxury apartments that are priced INR 2.8 cr onwards. Overlooking the pristine waters of a 6.5-acre manmade lake, SOBHA Lake Edge is equipped with modern amenities such as swimming pool, tennis court, party lawn, basketball court, multipurpose hall, and more.

SOBHA apartments for sale in Thrissur offer an international lifestyle, with thoughtful design, high-quality materials, and unique amenities. These luxury projects are situated in prime locations and provide easy access to various conveniences. Residents can enjoy a comfortable and sophisticated lifestyle, with ample options for relaxation, entertainment, and recreation.

Understanding the Real Estate Market in Thrissur

Thrissur has experienced swift growth in recent times. It is a popular destination for homebuyers and investors, due to its booming tourism, cultural heritage, and rapidly developing infrastructure. Anyone interested in flats in Thrissur would benefit from analysing various factors such as supply-demand dynamics, rental yield, best time to invest. The table below shows price trends of apartments for sale in Thrissur:

Locality Flats – Avg price per sq ft Villas – Avg price per sq ft
Punkunnam 4477  
Pullazhi 3033 3593
Jyothi Nagar 4599
Kolazhy 2346 3530
Archery 4603 2980
Puzhakkal 6322  
Nellikunnu 5129  
Vadookara 4729  
Puthurkkara 3483  
Poothole 3501  
Veliyannur 9786  

What is Rental Yield?

It is the amount of rental income generated by a property as a percentage of its value. For real estate properties in Thrissur, the rental yield varies depending on the location and type of property. Generally, real estate properties in Thrissur’s prime locations – like Puzhakkal, Ayyanthole, Thrissur town – yield higher rental returns than properties in other areas. Apart from location, favourable government policies and infrastructure development have a positive impact on rental yield.

Best time to Invest in the Market

India’s real estate market is witnessing significant growth, with a turnover of INR 65,000 cr and GDP contribution expected to reach 13% in the next 3 years. With a favorable economic outlook, positive investor sentiment, and job opportunities for senior professionals on the rise, Thrissur is all set to experience a significant upswing in luxury real estate.

Tips for Buying Flats for Sale in Thrissur

–  Research and Comparison: Explore the available options of real estate properties in Thrissur. Compare their prices, amenities, location, and developer reputation. Look for reviews and ratings of the builders and their projects, to get an idea of their quality and reliability.

–  Legal Documentation: Make sure you check all the legal documents related to the property. Verify the property ownership, necessary approvals & clearances, and legal disputes if any. It is advisable to seek the help of a legal expert or a property consultant for this.

–  Choosing the Right Location: Consider factors such as proximity to schools, shopping complexes, hospitals, IT hubs, and public transport. Also, check the infrastructure development plans in the vicinity, as it can have an impact on the future property value.

–  Negotiating the Price: Aspects such as payment plans, interest rates, additional amenities, inclusion of furniture / fittings can be negotiated while purchasing a home. However, high quality projects often come at a premium, and it may not be wise to compromise on the quality for a lower price.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, the real estate market in Thrissur offers a wide range of options for luxury flat buyers. The demand for housing is high due to the city’s rapid growth and increasing job opportunities. Developers are also offering a range of amenities and facilities to attract buyers.

However, buyers should be cautious when investing in apartments in Thrissur, and should do due diligence to ensure that the property is legally sound and offers a good return on investment. With proper research and right advice, one can find the perfect home for their family in Thrissur.

Thrissur- One of the Fastest Growing City in Kerala You Should Consider Investing In!

The cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur’s population is 32,92,867, as per the Aadhaar card estimation and the UN report features this city in the 13th position. Thrissur is believed to be the oldest city on the west coast of India. Built around a hillock, the city is a popular destination for global tourists during the annual event called Thrissur Pooram – a magnificent festival that culminates the spiritual and cultural essence of the state.

The city is a hub for textile and jewellery industries and manufactures 70% of plain gold jewellery a day in Kerala. The tile industry, which is over a hundred years old in the region also employs a significant chunk of the population. All of these factors could contribute to the ever-growing population, securing it a spot as one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Kerala.

Flats for Sale in Thrissur - FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the price of SOBHA Apartments for sale in Thrissur?

–  The starting price of SOBHA Apartments is 1.30 Cr onwards in Thrissur.

2. What type of Flats/Apartments is available for Sale in Thrissur?

– At SOBHA, we have 2BHK, 3 BHK, & 4 BHK Flats available for Sale in Thrissur.

3. Is there any Villa Projects for Sale in Thrissur?

– Yes, at SOBHA we have a Super Luxury Villa Project named SOBHA Silver Estate available for sale in Thrissur.

4. What are the best residential areas to buy flats in Thrissur?

– Ollur Road, Attore, & Punkunnam are the most desirable residential areas to buy flats in Thrissur.

5. What are the popular luxury flats for sale in Thrissur?

SOBHA Metropolis is one of the popular luxury apartments for sale in Thrissur.

6. What are the amenities offered in SOBHA apartments in Thrissur?

– SOBHA flats in Thrissur are equipped with world-class amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, children’s play area, tennis court, cricket pitch, event plaza or multipurpose hall, etc.

7. Which are your under construction flats in Thrissur?

SOBHA Metropolis and SOBHA Lake Edge are the under-construction flats available for sale in Thrissur.

8. Do you have RERA Approved apartments in Thrissur?

– Yes, All SOBHA apartments are RERA Approved in Thrissur.


The Best Residential Areas in Thrissur to Buy a Flat

The city of Thrissur, formerly Thirussivaperoor, is regarded as Kerala’s cultural capital. The dazzling festival of Thrissur Pooram is a sight for sore eyes. In the kudamattom ceremony – a ritual of changing umbrellas – magnificently adorned elephants are lined-up while percussion fills the air. The rhythmic changing of vibrant parasols is one of the most awaited ceremonies. There is also the Ilanjithara Melam, a percussion performance that lifts the crowd to euphoria.

As one of the most desired places to live, Thrissur is known for its rich cultural history, friendly people, and picturesque landscapes. Many prestigious institutions are located in the city, such as the Kerala Sahitya Akademi, which promotes Malayalam literature and language, the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi, and the Kerala Kalamandalam, which trains students in classical dance and music.

Whether it is the Athirapally waterfalls, Punnathur Kotta elephant sanctuary, or the Vadakkunnathan Temple, there are abundant natural resources in this popular tourist spot. Since Thrissur is a major center for designing and manufacturing gold ornaments in South India, it is also known as the golden capital of Kerala.

The perfect blend of nature and modern lifestyle makes Thrissur an ideal place to live. There are a variety of luxury apartments and opulent villas available for sale in Thrissur, making it a homebuyer’s paradise. We have compiled a list of some of the most investment-worthy places in Thrissur, conveniently located away from the chaos of the city, but close to all social infrastructure

The Best Localities in Thrissur to Buy a Flat


The Punkunnam area is known for its temples and churches as well as being a residential and commercial area. A number of temples are located in this area, including Punkunnam Siva Temple, Kuttankulangara Sri Krishna Temple, and Punkunnam Seetha Ramaswamy Temple. There are several banks scattered throughout this town that has undergone a rapid transformation. Buildings that were dilapidated have been demolished, newer structures have been built, and widened roads are ending traffic jams. Further, this has led to excellent access to the railway station, commercial hubs, and premium healthcare facilities.

Ollur Road, Kuttanellur

Kuttenellur is a residential area six kilometers from Swaraj Round. This is the location of the Oushadhi, a government undertaking that manufactures Ayurvedic medicines. A popular suburb in Kuttenellur is Ollur – a major business center in Thrissur.

In 1718, St. Anthony’s Forane Church was established as the first recorded history of Ollur. In 1896, this church contributed to the establishment of the first primary school. A famous temple in Ollur is the Edakkunni Sri Durga Bhagavathy Temple, which is considered to be one of Parasurama’s 108 Durga temples.

During the first world war, Ollur’s wooden packing box units supplied wooden packing cases to the military. Currently, there are around 300 units in the suburb. Ollur, which has over 20 tile factories, exports tiles to the neighboring states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Kottekkad, Attore

Attore is located just 6.5 km north of Thrissur in the Kolazhy Grama Panchayat in Puzhakkal. According to James Rennell’s 1788 memoir of a map of Hindoostan, Attore is now home to many luxurious apartments and villas in Thrissur, and has seen a great deal of development in recent years.


In Thrissur, traditions and culture are harmoniously merged with modernity. Despite its centuries-old temples, this city is constantly adapting to technological advancements and futuristic developments.

Being the fourth largest city in Kerala, the economy in Thrissur is the epicentre of a variety of industries such as textiles, coir, fisheries, tiling and gold manufacturing, among others.

In the region, these industries generate a significant amount of employment. There are several premier healthcare facilities in allopathy and ayurveda in the city, as well as a number of excellent educational institutions.

To take advantage of the lifestyle in Thrissur, homebuyers are keen on purchasing apartments in the area. They realized that real estate would generate hefty returns for them. In the city, SOBHA Limited has some of its finest projects.

Set in 8.41 acres of lush land, SOBHA Metropolis is a fast-selling luxury apartment offering 2, 3, and 4 BHK homes on Ollur Road in Kuttanellur. The project combines classical Greece and modern Roman architecture to amalgamate traditional class and contemporary finesse.

SOBHA Lake Edge is designed to offer an alluring life hood by the lake. With 72 limited-edition residential townships overlooking the pristine waters of the 6.5-acre manmade lake, SOBHA Lake Edge is one of the most sought-after apartments in Puzhakkal, Punkunnam.

SOBHA Silver Estate is an expansive luxury enclave of super luxury villas in Attore. Located on 7 acres of verdant land, these 3 & 4 BHK homes are designed to provide the utmost conveniences and a one-of-a-kind experience.

These apartments are an excellent investment option for you or to even rent them out. They are unique and offer a better life for all its residents.

SOBHA Metropolis - 2,3 & 4 BHK Luxury Flats for Sale in Ollur Road, Thrissur

Overview of SOBHA Metropolis

– SOBHA Metropolis- A Luxury 2, 3, 4 BHK Flats for sale in Ollur Road, Thrissur, designed in a way to experience Classical Greece and Roman architecture, which combines traditional class and contemporary finesse. When the geniuses of classical Greece and the brilliances of modern Rome came together, a new chapter unfolded in the world of architecture – known as Neoclassical.

– Inspired by this quintessential style, we at SOBHA have reimagined the Palladian Neoclassicism to shape a distinctively new genre – Contemporary Classical. A true ode to those who admire the past and adore the present. The awe-inspiring structure follows the principles of balance & proportion in its geometric forms and grandeur in terms of scale & proportions.

– Symmetrical gardens leave a calming effect on the mind with its artistic balance. You will notice this unique arrangement of gardens and hardscapes right from the grand entrance gate to the tiniest seating nook throughout the project. Discover our new architectural masterpiece that’s sure to fascinate you and generations to come.

SOBHA Metropolis Specification & Floor Plans:

–   SOBHA Metropolis is a Contemporary Classical Luxury Apartments Project located at Ollur Road, Kuttanellur, Thrissur, Kerala-680014. The total area it covers is 8.41 acres. It consists of a total of 504 luxury apartments for sale.

–  SOBHA Metropolis has 2, 3 & 4 BHK Flats for sale in Thrissur.

–  Apartment Carpet Area: – 2 BHK– 1059 sq. ft. & 1283 sq. ft. | 3 BHK– 1217 sq. ft., 1456 sq. ft. & 1623 sq. ft. | 4 BHK– 1782 sq. ft. & 2033 sq. ft.

–  Launch Date: September 2021

–  SOBHA Metropolis luxury apartments average price: 6670 per sq. ft.

–  Possession: December 2026


SOBHA Metropolis has a wide range of world-class amenities such as-

24x 7 Water Supply | Fire Fighting System |Yoga/ Meditation Area |Rainwater Harvesting|

Sewage Treatment |Utility Shops | Power Backup | Gymnasium | Senior Citizen Site out|

Grandstand | Alfresco Dining | Topiary Garden |Community Lawn |Promenade |Orchard|

Terrace |Sunset Pavilion | Amphitheatre | The Plaza | Forest Trail | Avenue Park| Clubhouse|

Badminton Courts | Multipurpose Halls |Mini Theatre | Table Tennis |Pool Table Lounge |

Activity Field | Children’s Play Area | Half Basketball Court |Cricket Pitch| Tennis Court |Jogging

Track |Swimming Pool | Fountain Court | Welcome Well | Entrance Colonnade | Drop-off Area |

Scented Garden


SOBHA Metropolis is located in Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, and has a strong neoclassical influence on architecture. It is a city with a character that offers old-world charm and has everything that you would expect from a cosmopolitan city. The international airport is just about an hour’s drive from the property and some of the best educational institutions are nearby. Several malls, specialty stores, hospitals, and places of worship are near the project.

Here are some of the nearby places with its distance from SOBHA Metropolis:

–  Jude Public School- 1 KM | Sri Achutha Menon Government College- 1 KM

–  Proposed Hilite Mall- 1 KM | Seventh Day Adventist School- 3.9 KM

–  Bharatiya Vidya Mandir- 4.6 KM | Jubilee Mission Medical College- 4.6 KM

–  Selex Mall- 5.2 KM | Elite Mission Hospital- 5.8 KM

–  Thomas College- 5.9 KM | Swaraj Round- 6 KM | Mary’s College- 6.1 KM

–  General Hospital – 6.2 KM | KSRTC Bus Station- 6.8 KM

–  Thrissur Railway Station – 7 KM | Kalyan Hypermarket – 7.5 KM


  1. What is the Price Range of 2 BHK Luxury Flats for Sale in Thrissur SOBHA Metropolis?

–  The price of 2 BHK luxury flats in SOBHA Metropolis, Thrissur ranges from 68.54 L. to 83.02 L.

  1. What is the Price Range of 3 BHK Luxury Flats for Sale in Thrissur SOBHA Metropolis?

–   The price of 3 BHK luxury flats in SOBHA Metropolis, Thrissur ranges from 1.17 Cr. to 1.59 Cr.

  1. What is the Price Range of 4 BHK Luxury Flats for Sale in Thrissur SOBHA Metropolis?

    – The price of 4 BHK luxury flats in SOBHA Metropolis, Thrissur ranges from 1.72 Cr. to 1.94 Cr.

  2. What is the Total Area of 2 BHK Premium Apartments in Thrissur SOBHA Metropolis?

–  The total area of a 2 BHK premium flat in SOBHA Metropolis, Thrissur ranges from 1,059 sq. ft to 1,283 sq. ft.

  1. What is the Total Area of 3 BHK Luxury Flats in Thrissur SOBHA Metropolis?

– The total area of a 3 BHK luxury flat in SOBHA Metropolis, Thrissur ranges from 1,217 sq. ft. to 1,623 sq. ft.

  1. What is the Total Area of 4 BHK Luxury Apartments in Thrissur SOBHA Metropolis?

–  The total area of 4 BHK luxury apartments in SOBHA Metropolis, Thrissur ranges from 1,782 to 2,033 sq. ft.

  1. What is the Status of SOBHA Metropolis and When is the Possession Date?

– The status of SOBHA METROPOLIS is under construction; it will be available for possession from DEC 2026.

  1. Does the Project have a Registered RERA Number?

–  The project is registered on RERA & its registration number is K-RERA/PRJ/TSR/002/2021

  1. What are the Other Ongoing Projects of SOBHA Ltd. in Thrissur?

– The other ongoing project in Thrissur by SOBHA Ltd. is SOBHA SILVER ESTATE.

Flats in Thrissur- An Investment for A Lifetime!

The cultural capital of Kerala – Thrissur – is one of the most ideal destinations when it comes to real estate investments. Usually known as a popular tourist destination, Thrissur is also a thriving business hub with lavish malls and commercial establishments, and excellent infrastructure facilities.

The rapidly growing real estate properties in the city offers an excellent value appreciation and higher profits, thereby garnering the attention of hawk-eyed homebuyers. Just an hour’s drive away from Kochi, Thrissur is ideal for IT and business professionals. The city offers excellent connectivity, thanks to its round-the-clock bus and train services.

The fourth-largest city in Kerala, Thrissur is growing at a rapid pace – witnessing a tremendous real estate boom. Builders are working towards providing a holistic lifestyle to the residents’ diverse expectations in both residential and commercial spaces.

The value of properties in Thrissur is estimated to bring in higher returns in a short span of time. This has encouraged investment from NRIs who understand the benefits that the properties offer in the city.

Homebuyers are in a dilemma on whether to invest in an apartment, a villa or an independent house. But this can be cleared by carefully weighing the advantages.

Advantages of Buying an APARTMENTS IN THRISSUR

–   Nuclear families prefer apartments since they offer heightened security 24×7.
–  Apartments come with a host of amenities and have something for every member of the family.
–  An apartment is less expensive than an independent house or a villa. Simply because it eliminates the material costs involved in constructing the house.
–  The biggest advantage in an apartment is that the maintenance of the property is taken care of. From mowing the lawns to fixing a light bulb in the corridor, one need not worry about it.

Advantages of Buying A VILLAS IN THRISSUR

–  Villas are ideal for those looking for a modern lifestyle.
–  For those who seek utmost privacy, villas are the right choice since it offers community living while providing privacy.
–  Villas in Thrissur always have a great appreciation value and therefore offer a better profit, making your investment worthy of every penny.
–  You have the freedom to modify your house as per your taste and preference. You have absolute control over the premises.

Best Apartment & Luxury Villa Projects for Sale in Thrissur


SOBHA Metropolis is the perfect amalgamation of classical Greek and modern Roman architecture. The awe-inspiring Neoclassical architecture is designed following the principles of balance and proportions. This unique project houses gardens and hardscapes from the entrance to nooks and crannies of the seating area. This architectural marvel is designed to fascinate you today and for generations to come.

A colosseum-themed amphitheatre, thoughtfully placed gazebos, and an ornate fountain is masterly planned to bring in positive vibes! The apartment features a grand clubhouse, a lavish swimming pool, a shopping arcade, a reading lounge, and a badminton court. The mini theatre is a ticket-free entry to the world of blockbuster entertainment!

All flats in SOBHA Metropolis have Vaastu-compliant entrances and come with panoramic views of the lush greenery outside. The bedrooms are designed to allow as much natural light as possible while creating a tranquil space for you to end your day on a peaceful note. The kitchen is designed to be ergonomic and classy so that you can whip up your favourite dishes in elegance. SOBHA Metropolis – imagined in Greece, perfected in Rome, and located in Thrissur.

If you are looking for a 2,3, or 4 BHK Luxury Apartment to Buy in Thrissur, then you must check out SOBHA Metropolis before taking a decision. To Book a Site Visit, please visit: SOBHA Metropolis


Innovation, insight, and integration – the three principles based on which these opulent villas in Thrissur at SOBHA Silver Estate were designed. Here are homes of exquisite proportions and detailing, perfectly created to house a world of your own.

Located in a pristine neighbourhood, you can look forward to a space that offers an exclusive lifestyle. Set amidst verdant pastures, this 7-acre project is for the privileged few who have earned their success and luxuries.

It comes with an 8500 sq. ft. clubhouse, an extravagant Swimming Pool, Gym, Badminton Court, an activity Centre and a Children’s Play Area.

SOBHA Silver Estate is strategically located close to Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Office Spaces, and much more. These exquisite Villas in Thrissur are under 24×7 surveillance so that you can enjoy your privacy.

If you are looking for a Villas or Independent House to Buy in Thrissur, you shouldn’t miss out on checking SOBHA’s Super Luxury Villas! To Book a Site Visit, please visit: SOBHA Silver Estate


Homebuyers look for safety, social life, and emotional well-being when it comes to finding the right place for their home and Thrissur is known for its hospitable community.

Surrounded by scenic views, verdant forests, and much more, homes here are close to all social amenities while being conveniently away from the hustle and bustle.

Premium flats in Thrissur ensure that you live a life that is laid-back and stress-free. The city that is known internationally for its festivals offers old-world charm while catching up with modern times.

The ever-growing real estate industry here brings in great profits and is an excellent opportunity for investors and those who want to buy and live in their ideal home.

This is the perfect chance for you to explore the ideal life. To book your site visit, share you details through the enquire form and we will get in touch with you.