Chennai – the Detroit of India due to its large automobile manufacturing base provides the perfect place to own a home. One of India’s top metro cities and southern India’s largest industrial and commercial centre, Chennai features some of our best-known Residential Apartments/Flats.

Flats in Chennai, Luxury Apartments & House for Sale in Chennai. All SOBHA Apartment Projects are Gated Community & RERA Registered.

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Pudupakkam, Chennai | 622 Sq.ft to 3397 Sq.ft |

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200 Ft, Pallavaram - Thuraipakkam Rd, Chennai | 652 to 2807 Sq.ft. | 1, 2 & 3 BHK

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Tambaram Kishkinta Road, Chennai | 604 to 2384 Sq.ft. |

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Nandambakkam - Kundrathur, Chennai | 2583 to 5037 Sq.ft. |

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Near Ramachandra Hospital, Chennai | 1315 to 1739 Sq.ft. | 2 & 3 BHK


Family-Friendly Flats in Chennai: Proximity to Schools, Parks, and Amenities

In the bustling city of Chennai, where the rich tapestry of culture and tradition thrives alongside modernity, families seek to establish their roots in this vibrant metropolis. One of the foremost considerations is finding the perfect home – a place that not only provides comfort & convenience, but also offers a welcoming & safe environment for all family members.

Explore the world of family-friendly flats in Chennai, where the city’s diverse neighbourhoods cater to the needs & aspirations of families with varied needs. Whether you are a new parent searching for a peaceful nest, a couple with school-going children, or a multi-generational household needing a spacious abode, the Chennai real estate market has something for everyone.

The Ideal Neighbourhood for Families

The ideal neighbourhood for families is where safety, education, and community take centre stage. Safety is paramount, with low crime rates and well-lit streets being critical factors. Families often seek flats in Chennai with good schools nearby and excellent access to educational resources. This makes proximity to quality educational institutions a top priority. Additionally, neighbourhoods with parks and recreational facilities are highly sought after, to promote children’s physical and social development.

Affordability of apartments in Chennai plays a significant role in the decision-making process, as housing costs, property taxes, and overall living expenses need to align with a family’s budget. Access to essential services, like healthcare and libraries, contributes to convenience and overall quality of life. Diverse amenities, friendly neighbours, and family-oriented events enrich the family experience.

Additionally, accessible transportation options and a pollution-free, peaceful environment can enhance the well-being of family members. The ideal family neighbourhood varies by individual preferences, but these general criteria help guide the search for a family-friendly community.

Proximity to Schools

This is a crucial factor when considering a family-friendly neighbourhood, and Chennai is home to many reputed educational institutions. The city boasts of a rich educational landscape with several renowned schools, both public and private, that provide high-quality education. Some well-known schools in Chennai include The Doon School, Sishya School, Chettinad Vidyashram, and Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan (PSBB). With a legacy of academic excellence, these schools place strong emphasis on holistic development.

The importance of schools in the vicinity of luxury apartments in Chennai cannot be overstated. Having a good school nearby reduces commuting time and stress for parents & children. It allows for a more balanced daily routine, and ensures students can focus on their studies & extracurricular activities.

Schools are hubs of community activity. They bring together families and foster social connections among parents, which can lead to a stronger sense of belonging & support. Living in flats in Chennai near a reputable school provides children access to quality education – potentially enhancing their academic & extracurricular opportunities. It also makes it easier for parents to be deeply involved in their children’s education.

Access to Parks and Recreational Spaces in SOBHA Apartment Complexes in Chennai

SOBHA Limited has been creating well-planned and aesthetically pleasing residential apartment complexes in Chennai, that include a range of amenities including parks & recreational spaces. The specific amenities & facilities at SOBHA apartments in Chennai can vary from one project to another.

Typically, SOBHA’s luxury flats for sale in Chennai are designed with a focus on providing high-quality lifestyle to residents. Landscaped greenery and recreational areas are often part of these luxury gated communities, in order to promote outdoor activities and community engagement. These spaces may include gardens, children’s play areas, jogging tracks, sports facilities, and more.

SOBHA Flat Amenities for Family Living in Chennai

SOBHA Limited is known for its commitment to providing a high standard of living for its residents. Regarding SOBHA flat amenities for families residing in Chennai, you can expect a combination of essential conveniences and family-oriented amenities for recreation.

Essential Amenities

Healthcare Facilities: SOBHA projects often consider healthcare needs, with proximity to hospitals or clinics being a key factor. You can expect nearby access to healthcare services, ensuring that medical assistance is readily available in emergencies.

Grocery Stores and Retail: SOBHA apartments are typically located in areas with easy access to grocery stores, supermarkets, and retail outlets, making it convenient for residents to fulfil their daily shopping needs.

Community Spaces: These may include landscaped gardens, walking paths, and open areas for community gatherings – providing a pleasant environment for residents to socialise and relax.

Security: SOBHA prioritises the safety & security of its residents, with features like 24/7 security personnel and CCTV surveillance.

Family-Oriented Amenities

Children’s Play Areas: SOBHA projects often feature well-designed play areas for children, with various equipment and spaces for recreational activities.

Swimming Pool: Many SOBHA complexes include swimming pools, providing a place for residents to cool off and engage in fitness activities.

Clubhouse: A hub for social activities, clubhouses are equipped with spaces for events, indoor games, and more.

Sports Facilities: These options include tennis courts, basketball courts, & fitness centres to promote an active lifestyle.

Multipurpose Hall: This can be used for various functions & gatherings, enhancing the community experience.

Landscaped Gardens: Well-maintained gardens and green spaces provide a serene environment for senior residents to relax and connect with nature.

Local Infrastructure and Transportation

Local infrastructure and transportation are crucial aspects to consider when evaluating the liveability of luxury flats for sale in Chennai. Here is an overview of these two factors:

Local Infrastructure

Roads and Highways: The quality of road networks and highways in an area can significantly impact transportation and connectivity. Well-maintained roads and efficient traffic management contribute to ease of travel.

Public Services: Access to essential public services such as healthcare facilities, schools, and government offices is critical. The availability and quality of these services can vary between neighbourhoods.

Utilities: Reliable access to electricity, water, and sewage systems is vital for daily life. Modern, well-maintained infrastructure ensures uninterrupted services.

Retail and Grocery Stores: The presence of grocery stores, markets, and retail outlets near residential areas makes daily shopping and running errands more convenient.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Access to quality healthcare services, hospitals, and clinics is a fundamental consideration for residents’ well-being.


Public Transportation: Availability and reliability of public transport – including buses, trains, metro, or subways – make commuting more accessible for residents, reducing the need for personal vehicles.

Road Network: A well-connected road network with minimal traffic congestion and efficient transportation options is desirable. This includes options for both personal & public transport.

Airport and Connectivity: Proximity to an airport and good connectivity to other cities or regions is essential for business and leisure travel.

Tips for Choosing the Right Family-Friendly Flat in Chennai

–  Choosing the perfect family-friendly flat in Chennai is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration. To make an informed choice, it is essential to define your budget and prioritise your family’s needs.

–  Location is paramount, as it impacts daily life – consider proximity to schools, workplaces, healthcare facilities, and other amenities.

–  Safety should be a top priority, with low crime rates and well-lit streets crucial for family well-being.

–  The amenities within the flat complex play a vital role in family life. Look for features like parks, play areas, swimming pools, and security measures that align with your family’s lifestyle. Neighbours and the local community can influence your living experience, so take the time to gauge the friendliness and compatibility of the neighbourhood.

–  Inspecting the sample flat in person is essential to get a true sense of its condition and environment. Additionally, consider factors like future development in the area, resale value, and the reputation of the real estate developer.

–  Legal and financial aspects, as well as any potential development plans in the vicinity, should also be thoroughly examined.

The right family-friendly flat should cater to your family’s unique needs, values, and long-term aspirations.

Spotlight on Chennai’s Family-Friendly Localities

Chennai offers a range of family-friendly localities, each with unique appeal and amenities. Adyar and Besant Nagar are well-known for their proximity to the beach, green spaces, and good schools.

Alwarpet, with its rich cultural heritage, provides a blend of residential and commercial areas. Velachery, a rapidly developing locality, offers convenience and connectivity. Nungambakkam stands out for its upscale atmosphere and accessibility to international schools and healthcare facilities.

Ekkatuthangal caters to working professionals with families, thanks to its proximity to IT and business districts. Thiruvanmiyur is a coastal locality known for its friendly community and green surroundings. Mylapore, rich in tradition and history, offers a unique family-friendly experience.

Perungudi is an emerging hub with various housing options and good accessibility. Sholinganallur, in the southern suburbs, is developing into a family-friendly area with schools, healthcare facilities, and housing choices.

Collectively, these localities reflect the diverse options Chennai has to offer for families, considering their preferences and requirements.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are paramount when choosing luxury flats in Chennai. It is crucial to research the crime rates in the neighbourhood, as lower crime rates indicate a safer environment. Well-lit streets, controlled access in gated communities, and security measures such as surveillance cameras enhance security. Proximity to police stations and emergency services can ensure rapid responses during critical situations.

Moreover, community and neighbour involvement plays a significant role in maintaining safety. A vigilant and friendly community can provide an additional layer of security. It is advisable to visit potential neighbourhoods at various times of the day to gauge safety. You can engage with current residents and local authorities to address any specific concerns. Prioritising safety & security in your living environment is essential for your family’s well-being & peace of mind.

Community and Social Aspects in Chennai

Community and social aspects play a pivotal role in creating a fulfilling living experience for families seeking apartments for sale in Chennai. A strong sense of community engagement, cultural diversity, and recreational opportunities are vital for fostering social connections. Families benefit from being part of neighbourhoods that offer proximity to schools, where children can form friendships with local classmates, and parents can connect through school-related activities.

Participation in social clubs, organisations, and local events is another way to establish a social network. Supporting local businesses and markets not only contributes to the local economy but also serves as a hub for social interactions. Access to community services, such as community centres and healthcare facilities, can enhance the sense of belonging & mutual support.

Final Thoughts

Finding the ideal place in Chennai that your family can call home, involves more than just the physical aspects of a flat or locality. It is about joining a thriving, interconnected community where your family can grow and flourish. From vibrant neighbourhoods that celebrate cultural diversity to large schools that build lasting friendships, Chennai offers a variety of settings to choose from.

Engaging with community events, social clubs, and local businesses not only enriches your life but also contributes to the vitality of your surroundings. Choosing a family-friendly flat in Chennai is not solely about four walls and a roof; it is about forging connections, sharing experiences, and creating memories.

As you embark on this exciting journey, consider the warmth of community, depth of cultural diversity, and opportunities for social engagement in the neighbourhoods you explore. It is in these intangible aspects that you will discover the true essence of family living in this vibrant city.

Is buying a Flat in Chennai a good investment?

Purchasing a flat in Chennai might be a lucrative prospect for individuals wishing to make a wise real estate investment. The housing market in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is solid and stable, with consistent growth rates over time. The growing demand for apartments in desirable areas has been influenced by the city’s vital infrastructure development, burgeoning IT industry, and increasing urbanisation.

Chennai’s efficient road networks and growing metro train system provide excellent connectivity, making it very convenient for inhabitants. Properties in the city are further enhanced in value by the presence of reputable healthcare facilities, shopping malls, and entertainment centres.

The growing interest in real estate investment in Chennai can be attributed to several key factors. First off, Chennai is a fast-growing metropolis with a solid infrastructure foundation, making it a desirable location for businesses and people wishing to relocate.

Moreover, compared to other major cities in India, affordable property prices in Chennai have captured the attention of investors seeking lucrative opportunities. Furthermore, the recent growth in the hospitality and retail sectors has increased demand for commercial spaces, adding rental income potential for real estate investments.

With its encouraging growth trajectory and favourable investment climate, it is no surprise that Chennai has caught the eye of prudent investors looking to diversify their portfolios with real estate holdings.

But before committing to purchase an apartment in Chennai, as with any financial decision, doing extensive research on location, developer reputation, and legal documentation is crucial.

Overview of Chennai’s Real Estate Market

Currently, the real estate market in Chennai is experiencing a mixture of challenges and opportunities. With a growing population and thriving IT sector, the demand for housing has significantly grown over the past few years. This has resulted in an upward trend in property prices, especially in prime locations near Poonamallee Expressway, Anna Nagar, Nungambakkam, etc.

Chennai has experienced a steady appreciation in real estate prices, making it an attractive destination for investors and homebuyers. Infrastructural developments such as metro rail projects and highway expansions have enhanced connectivity. Furthermore, the emergence of IT hubs has also contributed to this growth.

The cost of renting a luxury property in Anna Nagar increased from Rs 55,000 per month in 2019 to Rs 64,000 per month in 2022, a noticeable 16% increase, while the cost of renting a luxury home in Kotturpuram increased from Rs 75,000 per month to Rs 85,000 per month, a 13% increase. The average rent in Perambur’s mid-segment areas increased by 13% to Rs 18,000 per month in 2022 from Rs 16,000 in 2019. At Pallavaram, the monthly rent increased by 17% to Rs 17,000 from Rs 14,500 in 2019.

Factors Favouring Investment in Chennai Flats

1.  Economic Factors

In 2023, Chennai’s GDP is anticipated to witness a significant increase due to several factors that have the potential to drive economic growth in the region. Firstly, the city’s strategic location as one of India’s major trading hubs and well-developed infrastructure positions it favourably for attracting investments and fostering industrial activities. Additionally, Chennai’s thriving automotive industry, powered by established companies and a highly skilled workforce, will likely contribute substantially to the city’s GDP growth.

Furthermore, renowned educational institutions and research centres create a robust knowledge-based economy that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship. The government’s focus on promoting sustainable development initiatives such as renewable energy projects also indicate well for Chennai’s economic expansion in 2023. With its conducive business environment and diverse economic sectors, Chennai is poised to experience an impressive surge in GDP next year.

According to figures compiled by the State’s Department of Economics and Statistics, in cooperation with the State Planning Commission, Tamil Nadu’s economic growth improved to nearly 8% at constant prices in the post-COVID-19 years of 2021–22 and 2022–23.

As per The Hindu’s figures, Tamil Nadu’s GSDP in 2022–2023 was $14,53,321 at constant prices and $23,64,514 at current prices. In 2022-23, its GSDP growth was 8.19% at constant prices and 14.16% at current prices. India’s GDP growth was 16.06% at current prices and 7.24% at constant prices throughout that time.

2. Demand and Supply

The city of Chennai has witnessed a substantial surge in the demand for residential properties over recent years. This increasing demand can be attributed to various factors. Firstly, Chennai is a prominent IT hub, attracting numerous professionals from across the country who seek accommodation close to their workplaces. The city’s booming industrial and commercial sectors have also generated employment opportunities, further driving the need for housing.

Additionally, Chennai’s burgeoning population, coupled with a rising middle-class segment and increased urbanisation, has created heightened aspirations for home ownership. Moreover, improved infrastructure developments like better road connectivity and transportation facilities have made previously inaccessible areas more desirable for residential properties, thereby augmenting the demand.

Furthermore, Chennai’s reputation as an educational hub and its effervescent cultural heritage further contribute to its appeal as a residential destination. As such, developers and investors eagerly capitalise on this opportunity while constantly striving to meet the growing demand by creating innovative and affordable housing solutions to accommodate this surge in interest from potential buyers.

The supply of flats and housing projects in different areas of Chennai is diverse and influenced by various factors. One prominent factor is the demographic composition and lifestyle preferences of the residents in each area. For instance, places like Nungambakkam, T. Nagar, and along the Poonamallee Highway are known for high-end residential complexes catering to affluent individuals seeking luxurious amenities and upscale living standards.

On the other hand, localities like Anna Nagar and Tambaram offer a mix of mid-range affordable apartments suitable for families with moderate income levels. Additionally, many government initiatives, such as Tamil Nadu Housing Board projects, aim to provide affordable housing options for economically weaker sections of society across different parts of Chennai.

The availability of flats also depends on ongoing urban development in each area, with upcoming infrastructure projects often attracting real estate developers who contribute to the housing supply chain.

3. Infrastructure Development

This capital city of Tamil Nadu has witnessed a surge in ongoing and upcoming infrastructure projects aimed at enhancing connectivity and modernising its urban landscape. One of the key projects is the Chennai Metro Rail Phase II, an expansion plan that will add new lines and increase the reach of this rapid transit system.

Additionally, plans are to construct a 10-lane expressway connecting Chennai with Tirupati, reducing travel time and boosting economic development by improving accessibility to important commercial centres. The project, which will create a 17.5-km stretch of the Chennai-Tirupati Highway (NH 205) from Tiruvallur to Thiruninravur, is slated for completion in September 2024. This road is a component of a brand-new configuration leading to Thiruninravur and the Tiruvallur bypass.

The Chennai Outer Ring Road project aims to decongest traffic by providing a 62-kilometre lifeline around the city, diverting vehicles from its core. Furthermore, the proposed Chennai-Bangalore Industrial Corridor promises to transform the region into a hub for manufacturing and trade with dedicated infrastructure and logistics support.

These initiatives reflect Chennai’s ambitious vision for sustainable growth and improved quality of life for its residents, making it an attractive destination for investment and raising its profile as a prominent metropolis in India.

4. Connectivity and Location

Chennai boasts of excellent connectivity through road, rail, and air networks. The city’s road infrastructure is well-developed, with a network of national and state highways connecting Chennai to major cities and towns nationwide.

This includes the Chennai-Bangalore highway (NH4) and East Coast Road (ECR), offering easy access to neighbouring states and picturesque coastal areas. Additionally, Chennai Central Railway Station is a major transport hub with several express trains connecting it to various destinations nationwide.

Moreover, the city is served by two airports: the domestic terminal at Chennai International Airport and Kamraj Domestic Terminal for regional flights. These airports cater to domestic and international travellers with various airline options.

The interconnectedness of these transportation modes ensures convenient accessibility within Chennai and seamless connectivity throughout India and beyond, making it an ideal destination for professionals seeking smooth travel experiences.

Challenges and Risks

Investing in flats in Chennai presents challenges and risks that must be considered carefully. One primary concern is the need for proper infrastructure, such as inadequate water supply, poor roads, and insufficient sewage systems.

There is also a risk of fraudulent activities by unscrupulous developers or brokers who may misrepresent property details or fail to deliver on promised amenities.

Moreover, legal complications and bureaucratic hurdles can prolong the time required for completing transactions or obtaining necessary permits. Lastly, factors such as changing government policies or environmental hazards like flooding are external risks that could negatively impact the value and appeal of flat investments.

Overall, careful due diligence coupled with understanding these challenges can help mitigate potential risks associated with investing in Chennai flats.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Flat in Chennai:

Potential purchasers should consider several critical criteria before purchasing a property in Chennai.

–  Firstly, the property’s location is paramount as it determines convenience, future market value, and investment prospects. Factors such as proximity to schools, workplaces, hospitals, and transportation hubs should be sufficiently evaluated.

–  Secondly, potential buyers must consider the credibility and reputation of the builder or developer responsible for constructing the flat. A thorough background check should include assessing their track record, experience, financial stability, and adherence to regulatory norms.

– Thirdly, prospective buyers must scrutinise all legal documentation related to the property, including title deeds, encumbrance certificates, building approvals, municipal clearances, and occupancy certificates, among others. Careful examination of these documents can help avoid legal disputes or complications in the future.

–  Finally, essential amenities and facilities within the project, such as power backup systems, water supply arrangements, security provisions, and maintenance services, should be verified for adequacy and reliability.

By meticulously considering these factors before purchasing a flat in Chennai, a buyer can make an informed decision that aligns with their needs while minimising risks associated with real estate investments.

Investment Strategies

Before diving into this venture, potential buyers must analyse their financial goals and resources. Conducting thorough research on the property market is crucial to making informed investment decisions.

In Chennai, investing in flats located near major commercial hubs or upcoming infrastructure projects can yield significant returns in the long run. However, consulting with experts and professionals with local market expertise is essential.

Buyers should also assess factors such as proximity to essential amenities, accessibility to transportation links, and the reputation of the developer or builder. Additionally, it can be beneficial to diversify one’s investments by considering areas that show potential growth in terms of capital appreciation and rental income prospects.

Finally, it is prudent for investors to secure a loan at low-interest rates and opt for feasible payment schemes offered by reputed banks or financial institutions while keeping an eye on associated legal formalities such as title deeds and necessary permits.

By adhering to these investment strategies and tips, individuals considering purchasing a flat in Chennai can maximise their potential returns while minimising the risks in this real estate market.

Best Places to Buy a Flat in Chennai

Chennai has become one of the most sought-after cities due to the influx of individuals seeking IT and financial services. Some of the top areas to buy residential property are in West and South Chennai.

While Guduvanchery and Pallikarnai in the south are popular locations, house buyers appear to be particularly drawn to the west. The need for residential opportunities is rising in places like Ambattur, Oragadam, Mount Poonamallee, and Senneerkuppam.

Despite being removed from the bustle of the city, Senneerkuppam’s tranquil setting provides excellent access to some of the best educational institutions, SEZs and IT parks, reputable hospitals, and more. Given that Chennai has experienced severe water shortages in the past, this is one of the few locations in the city with a consistent water table, which is an essential factor for home buyers to consider. These all help to increase the value of properties in this area.

Final Thoughts

The Chennai real estate market is expected to grow in 2023. The city has long been a popular place to invest in real estate, and current patterns suggest this tendency will continue. Chennai’s real estate market is expanding due to several factors, making it a desirable location for investors.

The city’s growing population also supports the growth of Chennai’s real estate sector. As more students and job seekers move to the city, there is an increasing demand for housing. As a result, the development of various housing options is now given top priority by Chennai’s developers. Several projects are currently being created to suit the needs of individuals wishing to invest in real estate in Chennai.

SOBHA Arbor is one such project that ticks all the boxes of a homebuyer’s needs. Mount Poonamallee High Road is conveniently accessible from SOBHA Arbour, tucked away in Senneerkuppam and situated off the Chennai-Bengaluru Highway. Everything that would enhance an opulent living is smoothly integrated into the project.


1. Is it worth buying flats in Chennai?

Yes, it is worth buying flats in Chennai. Since the value of both land and built homes is positively changing, now is the ideal moment for buying apartments in Chennai. The city features top-notch educational institutions, a strong social infrastructure, and a wealth of employment prospects.

2. Is it wise to buy a flat as an investment?

Yes, it is wise to buy a flat as an investment. Real estate investment is more stable over time than other kinds of investments. Mainly, apartments have the potential to increase in value. This appreciation can aid in wealth creation and provide a safe financial safety net.

3. Is it worth investing in real estate in Chennai?

An excellent investment choice is to purchase an apartment in Chennai. The rapid infrastructural development, business investments, and more employment prospects are some of the primary elements influencing Chennai’s real estate.

4. Is it a good time to buy an apartment in Chennai?

Yes, investing in a home now in Chennai has a lot of potential benefits. The rising demand for rental homes in various parts of the city will significantly impact future real estate prices due to the migration of individuals from around the country.

A Home Buyer's Guide to Flats for Sale in Chennai- SOBHA Ltd

Understanding Flats for Sale in Chennai

Chennai has become a hot favourite among investors and homeowners because of its thriving IT industry, expanding automobile industry, and infrastructure development plans. With numerous flats for sale in Chennai, the residential real estate sector has witnessed a significant increase in demand.

In recent years, a progressive movement towards gated communities with cutting-edge facilities and top-end infrastructure has occurred. The city’s advantageous location alongside the Bay of Bengal increases its appeal to investors.

Overall, experienced investors would be wise to keep a close eye on this market’s development, as it offers lots of potential for expansion and profit.

In the first half of 2023, the residential market in Chennai had a 3% year-over-year rise. According to Knight Frank India’s most recent report, India Real Estate: H1 2023 (January to June 2023), the city sold 7,150 housing units during the first half of 2023 compared to 6,951 housing units sold in H1 2022.

In India, SOBHA has created over 500 landmark projects totaling around 120 million square feet over the course of its almost three-decade history. With contractual work for Infosys in a well-known location, Mahindra World City, Chengalpattu, we first arrived in Chennai in 2003. We have created more than 6.5 million square feet of commercial and residential space in this city alone.

German engineering and in-house design and production capabilities at SOBHA allow us to provide on-time delivery of products of the highest quality to our clients. SOBHA completes 1456 quality checks before delivery. These are a few of the factors that have made over 1300 clients in Chennai and over 25,000 families across India proud owners of SOBHA houses.

Benefits of Buying a Flat in Chennai

The possibility of significant returns on investment is one of the main advantages of purchasing an apartment in Chennai. The city’s booming economy and quick urbanisation have caused property values to rise steadily.

Apartments provide hassle-free living thanks to various facilities, including gyms, swimming pools, and security systems.

The city has a solid connection to its major areas through its well-developed road and rail networks. Maduravoyal, a prominent locality in Chennai, offers a significant locational advantage for various reasons.

Its proximity to key business districts like Guindy and Porur makes it an attractive destination for professionals seeking convenient access to their workplaces.

The region’s excellent connectivity through significant roadways, such as the Chennai Bypass Road and Mount Poonamallee High Road, allows for smooth commutes within the city and easy access to other parts of Tamil Nadu.

Furthermore, Maduravoyal’s strategic location near major industrial areas like Sriperumbudur further enhances the locational advantage by offering numerous employment opportunities.

Poonamallee, a suburb in the western part of the city, benefits from several locational advantages that puts it on the map for businesses and residents. Its strategic positioning along the Chennai-Bangalore National Highway provides exceptional connectivity to both cities.

It enhances accessibility for transporting goods and services. Additionally, Poonamallee is close to crucial industrial clusters such as Sriperumbudur, Oragadam, and Irungattukottai, which house major automobile manufacturers and multinational corporations. This proximity to industrial hubs ensures easy access to a skilled workforce and supply chains, attracting companies looking for cost-effective production facilities and efficient logistics.

Researching the Chennai Real Estate Market

There are several options for real estate investing in Chennai. The city has a lot to offer its citizens and investors. While researching where and what to invest in, do consider the following points.

Key Neighbourhoods

Buying homes near Maduravoyal, Poonamallee, Porur etc., will give you an edge over investing elsewhere. These localities ensure you are conveniently closer to IT parks, automobile industries, reputed educational institutions and healthcare facilities.

Another neighbourhood is Adyar, known for its upscale residential properties and proximity to Chennai’s IT corridor. With abundant parks, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, Adyar offers residents a high quality of life.

These key neighbourhoods offer excellent investment opportunities due to their strategic locations, amenities, and robust infrastructure, making them ideal choices for those looking to buy flats in the city.

Current Property Prices and Trends

The current property prices and trends in Chennai are experiencing steady growth backed by various factors. The city’s booming IT and manufacturing sectors have attracted a large influx of professionals seeking employment opportunities, increasing the housing demand.


The city’s infrastructure development, including the expansion of metro lines and the construction of new roads and highways, has significantly enhanced connectivity, making certain areas more favourable for real estate investments.

Chennai’s property market remains dynamic, with the potential for good returns on investment primarily driven by economic growth and infrastructure developments.

Exploring SOBHA Flats for Sale in Chennai

In Chennai, SOBHA has successfully launched several iconic residential projects that have transformed the city’s skyline. These projects are not only aesthetically pleasing but also incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly features.

SOBHA Arbor is a meticulously planned residential project situated in Chennai, India. Developed by SOBHA Limited, one of the leading real estate developers in the country, this project offers an unparalleled living experience.

The architecture and design of the development are modern and contemporary, catering to the needs of today’s urban dwellers. With an array of housing options available, including spacious apartments and luxurious villas, SOBHA Arbor provides residents with various choices that suit their preferences. T??

The project boasts state-of-the-art amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness centre, landscaped gardens, and a dedicated play area for children. Additionally, safety and security are prioritised, with 24/7 CCTV surveillance and well-trained personnel ensuring peace of mind for occupants.

Located near the fast-developing Poonamallee-Avadi High Road corridor, SOBHA Arbor enjoys excellent connectivity to critical commercial hubs and social infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and restaurants.

This exceptional project exemplifies quality construction standards synonymous with the SOBHA brand while offering a harmonious blend of serene surroundings and contemporary lifestyle elements, all within close proximity to key facilities – making it an ideal choice for discerning homebuyers.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Flat in Chennai

Several factors need to be carefully considered before buying a flat in Chennai. First and foremost, the location of the apartment is of utmost importance.

–  Chennai is a vast city with diverse neighbourhoods. Factors like proximity to essential amenities like schools, hospitals, markets, and transportation facilities should be considered.

–  Secondly, the size and layout of the flat must suit your preferences and lifestyle needs. It is important to assess if the flat has enough rooms for your family or if additional modifications can be made within a budget.

–  The quality of construction materials used and adherence to safety norms must be evaluated to ensure the longevity and durability of the property.

–  One must recognise legal aspects such as clear title deeds and necessary permissions from local authorities, making it crucial to verify all relevant documentation before finalising any purchase.

–  Understanding the reputation and credibility of the builder is essential for a hassle-free buying experience.

–  Finally, analysing financial implications, such as budgeting for the down payment and understanding loan options, are vital steps in ensuring affordability while purchasing a flat in Chennai.

Amenities Offered by SOBHA Ltd.

SOBHA Limited provides numerous amenities to meet the demands and preferences of modern individuals. Superior workout facilities, swimming pools, and precisely planned manicured gardens are just a few of the ways SOBHA Ltd makes sure residents have plenty of opportunity for rest and rejuvenation.

With cutting-edge surveillance systems and staffed security officers on duty around-the-clock, the business also prioritises security, assuring its clients’ constant safety. In addition to these material conveniences, SOBHA Ltd recognises the value of comfort and offers a lot of parking places, playgrounds for kids, gaming rooms indoors, and even community halls for social events. For those looking for comfort and luxury in their homes, these value-added facilities set SOBHA Ltd apart and provide a setting favourable to holistic living.

SOBHA’s Quality Construction and Design

SOBHA Limited demonstrates a commitment to excellence and quality. The company’s years of experience and unwavering dedication to offering top-notch work and meticulous attention to detail have helped it build an impeccable reputation.

The company’s commitment to excellence begins with the design process when meticulous consideration and in-depth research ensure that each apartment is aesthetically pleasing, pragmatic, and timeless. The best materials are used by SOBHA and are acquired via its backward-integrated system. Strict quality controls are used at various stages of construction to keep the commitment to high standards further.

Highly skilled professionals and architects continually explore innovation to ensure that every project exceeds expectations in terms of architectural brilliance and lavish living quarters. This commitment goes beyond the completion of the project as the business also offers significant after-sales services, ensuring homeowners an enhanced standard of living for years to come.

How to Visit SOBHA Flats in Chennai?

You can experience SOBHA’s quality first-hand if you visit the site. Call us on 080-46464500 or email us at [email protected] to book a site visit to SOBHA Arbor, located close to Poonamallee.

Final Thoughts

You’ll receive more significant and quicker returns on your investment if you invest in residential real estate in Chennai, which is one of the main advantages. The value of your investment will only rise over time because of its ongoing expansion and infrastructure improvements.

The advantages of purchasing a flat in Chennai are numerous since it has the most remarkable infrastructure rate among all major cities. The city is already entirely constructed and furnished with contemporary conveniences. The national infrastructure continues to receive significant investment from the government.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  What is the Average Price of SOBHA Arbor in Chennai?

The starting price of SOBHA Arbor is INR 1.4 Crore* onwards.

2. What Makes SOBHA Ltd. Stand out from Other Developers?

SOBHA Ltd. stands out among its contemporaries because of its steadfast approach in delivering quality and innovation. With a rich legacy of close to three decades and an extensive portfolio of successful projects, SOBHA has established itself as a trusted brand in the industry. One distinguishing factor that sets it apart is its relentless pursuit of excellence in every aspect of the projects—architectural design, construction techniques, or selection of premium materials.

3. How Can I Apply for a Home Loan for a Flat in Chennai?

When applying for a home loan for a flat in Chennai, it is essential to follow a thorough process to increase your chances of success. Firstly, it is advisable to research various lenders, then compare interest rates, fees, and eligibility criteria.

Once you have identified the most suitable lender, gather all the relevant documents, such as identity proof, address proof, income proof, bank statements, and property-related documents like ownership deeds and tax receipts.

Carefully fill out the loan application form with the correct information and submit it with the required documents to the chosen lending institution. Be prepared for a detailed verification process to examine your financial stability and credit history.

In addition, professionals often suggest maintaining a good credit score before applying for a loan. Upon approval, carefully review the terms and conditions of the loan offer before signing any agreements.

By paying attention to these details throughout the application process, potential applicants can streamline their efforts towards securing a home loan for a flat in Chennai efficiently and professionally.



Disclaimer: This guide is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or financial advice. All information is subject to change, and readers are encouraged to conduct further research before making any real estate decisions.

Luxury Apartments in Chennai - An Investment in a Prestigious Lifestyle

Tamil Nadu’s capital, Chennai, is an essential southern metropolis. The cost of real estate, especially luxury apartments, is rising dramatically in this industrial hub and rapidly expanding city.  Chennai’s thriving manufacturing sector is the city’s economic backbone, followed by trade, transport and storage, business and public services, information and communication, etc.

Also known as the “Detroit of India”, Chennai is home to leading automobile manufacturers like Hyundai, Nissan, Renault, Datsun, Royal Enfield, and many more. Asia’s largest IT park, Tidal Park, and more than 4,000 technology companies are located here, making it one of the most ideal locations for IT professionals. Since there is a large influx of students and job seekers across industries, investing in real estate in Chennai is an excellent idea for homebuyers.

From 50 units in January–March 2022 to 250 units in January–March 2023, Chennai saw a five-fold rise in the sales of luxury apartments, according to latest reports. After a successful 2022, the luxury residential industry continued to see growth in sales and new launches. This proves that real estate investing in Chennai is one of the safest and most profitable investments for homeowners.

SOBHA Limited – one of the nation’s most prominent and only backward-integrated real estate businesses- has also forayed into Chennai. Since its inception, the company has consistently pursued benchmark quality, a customer-centric strategy, solid engineering, in-house research, unwavering business ethics, traditional values, and transparency in all areas of business conduct, all of which have helped to make it a preferred real estate brand in India.

German engineering and in-house design and production capabilities at SOBHA allow us to provide on-time delivery of products of the highest quality to our clients. 1456 quality checks are completed by SOBHA prior to delivering each and every house. These are a few of the factors that have made over 1300 clients in Chennai and over 25,000 families across India proud owners of SOBHA houses.

Prestige and Status of Luxury Apartments in Chennai

There are several advantages to living in a luxury flat that make them a desirable choice. From rooftop infinity pools to cutting-edge fitness centres, the amenities provided in these residences are unsurpassed. Luxury apartment residents have a sense of exclusivity and status unmatched by inhabitants of conventional flats. In addition to the physical advantages, luxury apartments provide excellent security, privacy, and customer service.

Another exciting aspect is the high-end technological advancements within the luxury apartments that draw many people. Given that the present generation is tech-savvy, people are heavily impacted by the luxurious lives they observe online since they have extensive exposure to worldwide standards through numerous social and satellite channels. They search for luxury homes with incredible architectural designs and top-notch amenities.

Unparalleled Amenities and Facilities in Luxury Apartments in Chennai

Finding a luxury flat requires knowing what qualities to look for. While there are many ways to define a luxury facility, some standard features include a 24-hour concierge, on-site exercise facilities, high-end fixtures and appliances, and commanding views of the area.

More coveted amenities include rooftop swimming pools, exclusive outdoor spaces, and cutting-edge multimedia theatres. Consider your lifestyle and what will enhance your daily routines when choosing the most crucial amenities. With so many luxury options available, finding a flat that meets your needs should be a breeze.

Residents of these opulent homes are treated to an astounding selection of facilities that appeal to people of all ages. Modern fitness facilities with state-of-the-art training equipment and occasionally even personal trainers offer the ideal environment for upholding a healthy lifestyle. Luxurious spas and wellness facilities make it simple to unwind and revitalise while providing a haven of peace in the middle of a busy urban area.

Luxury apartments have special lounges and entertainment spaces ideal for organising meetings and events for individuals seeking entertainment and socialisation. Watch the newest movie in the private theatre or challenge your pals to a game of pool in the chic gaming area. Outdoor areas are carefully planned to offer people a tranquil haven in the middle of the metropolitan environment. Huge rooftop terraces provide breathtaking views, and carefully maintained gardens give an idyllic setting away from the bustle of the city.

Luxury flats redefine the idea of sumptuous living by providing unmatched amenities and services. These villas offer an outstanding living experience that exceeds expectations, with luxurious spas and cutting-edge fitness centres.

Architectural Excellence and Design of Luxury Apartments in Chennai

  The unique architectural brilliance of luxury apartments is a testament to architects’ skilled craftsmanship and innovative design principles in creating these extraordinary living spaces. These opulent dwellings exhibit a seamless blend of contemporary aesthetics and functional layouts, resulting in a truly luxurious experience for residents.

The striking facades boast of intricate detailing, with cutting-edge materials like glass, metal, and stone harmoniously combined to create visually stunning exteriors that capture the attention of passersby. Inside, every aspect exudes elegance and sophistication, from high ceilings adorned with exquisite chandeliers to luxurious finishes such as marble flooring and bespoke cabinetry. Additionally, the floor plans are thoughtfully designed to maximise space utilisation while offering breathtaking views of the surroundings through large windows or balconies.

With meticulous attention to detail and an emphasis on providing unparalleled comfort and prestige, luxury apartments embody architectural brilliance that exemplifies the epitome of upscale living. High-quality materials and finishes in luxury apartments are pivotal in creating an environment of opulence and exclusivity. These apartments are designed to cater to the discerning tastes of affluent individuals who seek nothing but the best. From luxurious marble or hardwood flooring to state-of-the-art appliances, every element is carefully selected to exude elegance and sophistication. Fine craftsmanship is evident in details such as custom-made cabinetry, designer lighting fixtures, and crown moulding that add a touch of grandeur.

Chennai’s Location Advantage

Investors seeking to profit from Chennai’s economic growth and commercial prospects now regard it as an attractive location. To earn the maximum returns on your investments in Chennai, you must know which area to invest your money in. We’ll discuss the best places in Chennai to invest in for 2023 and what makes them appealing as investment prospects.

Apart from the chemical industry, Porur serves as a critical centre for several industries, particularly chemical companies like “micro chem”.  Being close to Koyambedu allows Porur to carry tonnes of produce and fruit straight from the farmers’ market. Porur observes a rapid expansion of the IT industries. MNCs abound in the DLF IT cluster. Porur’s population is expanding, and so are residential areas there. It is anticipated that the forthcoming Metro Phase 2 would improve connectivity and contribute to the appreciation value of nearby properties. Furthermore, the numerous IT Parks now being built in and near Maduravoyal and Porur would greatly expand work prospects.

Velachery is one of Chennai’s most sought-after neighbourhoods and a great investment spot. In addition to being close to important IT centres like Tidel Park and DLF IT Park, it is renowned for having outstanding infrastructure. The neighbourhood is a favourite among IT professionals since it offers excellent connectivity to other city areas. Additionally, several schools and hospitals are in the region, and a healthy rental market exists.

Tambaram, one of Chennai’s neighbourhoods with the most remarkable growth, is well-known for being close to the city’s international airport. It has a solid infrastructure and is well-connected to other city areas. The region is a popular choice for families because it also has a lot of schools and hospitals.

Sustainable Living Practices in Chennai’s Luxury Apartments

Sustainable living practices have become more common in upscale flats in recent years. Developers are becoming more aware of how critical it is to lessen their environmental effects and satisfy the needs of customers who care about the environment.

Luxury flats incorporate sustainable elements like solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and innovative home technologies to reduce energy use and support renewable energy sources. To encourage residents to embrace eco-friendly lives, amenities, including communal gardens, recycling facilities, bicycle storage, EV charging outlets, etc., are being introduced.

These eco-friendly living techniques lessen the carbon footprint of opulent apartment buildings and allow tenants to live more sustainably without compromising their comfort or taste. Luxury flats adopting these practices distinguish themselves as forward-thinking and responsible options.

Investment Potential and Returns in Chennai

Luxury apartment returns and investment possibilities are incredibly alluring for several reasons. Firstly, you’ll find most luxury flats in desirable locations like city centres or exclusive neighbourhoods with solid demand from wealthy renters and purchasers. This increases the chances of getting consistent rental income or a high resale value by ensuring a continual pool of possible buyers or renters.

Luxury apartments can include a wide range of first-rate features and services, such as cutting-edge facilities, generous living space, luxurious finishes, and spectacular vistas. These features make the property more desirable and allow landlords to demand greater rent or purchase costs compared to regular flats.

More importantly, luxury flats frequently maintain their value well during economic downturns due to their uniqueness and limited availability. Consequently, investors in these properties can count on consistent, long-term profits while enjoying future capital growth. As a result of reliable rental income and the possibility of significant capital development, investment in luxury flats offers an excellent financial return.

SOBHA’s Legacy in Luxury Apartment Development

With a three-decade history, SOBHA has created over 500 landmark projects totaling around 120 million square feet all throughout India. With contractual work for Infosys in a well-known location, Mahindra World City, Chengalpattu, we first arrived in Chennai in 2003. In Chennai, we have created more than 6.5 million square feet of commercial and residential space so far.

SOBHA Limited exemplifies a consistent dedication to excellence and quality. With decades of expertise, the business has established an immaculate reputation because of its persistent commitment to providing superior workmanship and attention to detail.

The company’s dedication to perfection starts with the design phase when thorough investigation and careful planning guarantee that each opulent apartment is visually appealing, practical, and timeless. SOBHA uses the best materials, which are obtained via its backward-integrated system. At various phases of construction, strict quality controls further sustain the commitment to upholding excellent standards.

Furthermore, highly qualified experts and architects consistently pursue innovation to guarantee that every project surpasses expectations in terms of architectural brilliance and opulent living quarters. This dedication goes beyond project completion, as the company also provides extensive after-sales services, guaranteeing homeowners an improved quality of life for years to come.

Final Thoughts

For a number of reasons, buying a luxury flat in Chennai is a wise investment. The city’s real estate market has grown steadily over the past ten years, and luxury homes have become a popular and profitable investment choice. Luxury flats in Chennai provide excellent returns on investment due to rising local and international demand.

The amenities and high-end features these flats offer ensure that occupants have an improved quality of life. These homes’ advantageous positions also allow quick access to the city’s vital corporate centres, educational institutions, and entertainment venues.

The rapid economic expansion and infrastructure improvements in Chennai suggest that there is a good chance that property values will rise. Considering all of these aspects, investing in luxury flats in Chennai ensures a lavish and comfortable lifestyle and financial stability.

The Rise of Sustainable Apartments for Sale in Chennai: A Growing Trend

Across the world, the term ‘sustainability’ is gaining widespread popularity. In this article, we intend to provide information on the growing demand for sustainable apartments in Chennai. Individuals, communities, and countries are constantly in search of newer ways to live more and more sustainably. One of the most important aspects of a greener lifestyle is sustainable or eco-friendly homes. While there have been individual homes made sustainably, sustainable apartments are relatively a new entrant in the residential market. Creating sustainable apartments and encouraging sustainable living help in a big way as the volume is way more than independent homes – in terms of the number of units and people living in them, and hence the reduced impact on the environment.

Increasing Demand for Sustainable Apartments in Chennai

Chennai – one of the major cities in the country that is known for its rich tradition, industries, and beaches. Once known as the Detroit of South Asia, thanks to its automobile industry, Chennai is also one of the four metropolitan cities in India. Being a coastal area, Chennai has tropical wet and dry climate. For most of the year, the city’s weather is hot and humid. With its ever-increasing population, Chennai, like other cities, has countless high-rises. In recent years, Chennai has been witnessing higher demand for sustainable apartments, owing to increased awareness among consumers about the need to use our resources judiciously, reducing the burden on the environment, and lessening their carbon footprint.

Building a Sustainable Apartment

The first and foremost aspect of building an apartment is the sourcing of materials. The crucial questions here are: 1) What are the materials sourced? 2) And how? If the materials sourced contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and volatile organic chemicals, they are harmful for the environment. How the materials are sourced will have an impact on the environment depending on how far they come from. For instance, the farther they come from, the more the impact on the environment, considering the amount of fuel burned. In addition to these, SOBHA’s practice of precast construction methodologies keeps sustainability at the core. The advantages include reduced consumption of energy, water, and building materials.

Key Benefits of Living in Sustainable Apartments in Chennai

When you choose to live in a sustainable apartment in Chennai adopting methods which are sustainable, you do a great deal of good to the planet while saving considerable amounts of money and lessening your carbon footprint. You can save precious resources such as water and electricity, live in harmony with nature, and make sure that you remain eco conscious. Even though Chennai experiences water scarcity, a sustainable apartment, thanks to the efforts it takes such as rainwater harvesting, will have the provision for providing water throughout the year. All these together will have a positive effect on your health and lifestyle.

Energy-efficient Features in Apartments in Chennai

Some of the features commonly found in sustainable apartments in Chennai are solar panels, rainwater harvesting system, water-efficient landscaping, sewage treatment plant to recycle grey water, and efficient waste management system. In addition to these, a sustainable apartment uses energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, and smart home technologies.

Together, all these contribute to saving energy, lessening the carbon footprint, controlling emission of CO2 gas, recharging the ground water, and thus protecting the environment for the present as well as future generations.

SOBHA Arbor – An Ideal Sustainable Apartment in Chennai

SOBHA, India’s preeminent builder with over 25 years of delivering stupendous quality, is present across 27 cities in 14 states. Like its renowned quality standards, SOBHA is also known for its sustainability practices. SOBHA Arbor is a testament to SOBHA’s commitment to the environment besides its famed quality standards. Let’s get to know the ways in which SOBHA Arbor contributes to the larger good of the environment through sustainability practices.

Located at Senneerkuppam, near Poonamallee in Chennai, SOBHA Arbor is a universe that is self-sufficient, a sanctuary where sustainability and sophistication coexist. The rooftop solar panels generate 23,250 kWh power annually, catering to 30% of common area lighting load. When it comes to water management, SOBHA Arbor ensures that each drop that falls on its soil is harnessed, upcycled, and repurposed. The community harvests 5, 570 kL water every year and recycles 17,555kL water. In terms of waste management, SOBHA Arbor has an effective system in place. From segregation to disposal, SOBHA Arbor employs well-thought-out methods to manage the waste produced in the community – limiting its effects and nourishing the environment. The waste converter has the capacity to convert 400 kilograms of waste per day and generates 34,011 kilograms of manure in a year.

Key Differentiators at SOBHA Arbor

Energy meters to monitor consumption

Scientific waste segregation

Electric charging points

Solar panels

Staircase area lighting with in-built sensors

LED lights to reduce 45% energy consumption

Astronomical timers to reduce 50% of the energy used for landscape lighting

Eco-friendly Construction Materials for Sustainable Apartments

Leading a sustainable life requires taking conscious decisions as well as mindful consumption. While choosing materials to build an apartment, options are aplenty to replace traditionally used materials with eco-friendly ones. Let’s take a look at the options.

Recycled materials: Using recycled materials, whether it is wood, metal, or bricks is a great way to lessen the burden on the environment.

Low volatile organic compound paints: Volatile organic compounds contain carbon, methylene chloride, benzene, and formaldehyde and hence cause environmental pollution. Low volatile organic compound paints on the other hand contain less harmful components and are environment friendly.

Sustainable flooring options: Opting for locally sourced flooring options instead of imported ones such as Italian marble is good for the environment as well as the local economy. A few of the sustainable flooring options include locally sourced natural stones such as Kadappa stone; limestone, a sedimentary natural rock made of calcium carbonate; linoleum tiles, which are made of linseed oil, wood flour, tree resin, jute, and cork powder; and bamboo – a recyclable as well as sustainable material.

In addition to these, precast construction practices are environment friendly for the following reasons: the slabs are built at the manufacturer’s site and whole sections are shipped to the construction site – transportation related environmental impact is less. The manufacturing and assembling of these slabs take less energy – thus they are more sustainable.

Water Conservation Measures for Apartments in Chennai

Water, the very source of life, is humanity’s most precious resource. Unfortunately, fresh water is depleting at an alarming rate. There are many ways to preserve this precious resource while living in apartments in Chennai. Let’s look at them in detail.

Rainwater harvesting: One of the best ways to conserve water while living in an apartment, rainwater harvesting effectively recharges the ground water.

Low-flow showerheads and faucets: Using low-flow showerheads and faucets in your apartment in Chennai will help you save huge amounts of water.

Fix leaky pipes and faucets: Fixing leaky pipes and taps in your apartment in Chennai will help you save thousands of litres of water annually.

Use a dual-flush system: Based on the simple insight that liquid waste takes less water than solid waste, a dual flush system in the toilet in your apartment in Chennai will help you save considerable amounts of water every day.

Recycle greywater: Commonly known as wastewater, greywater can be recycled at the sewage treatment plant and can be used for flushing or watering the plants.

SOBHA Arbor – the ideally located sustainable apartment in Chennai has taken all measures for water conservation. It has a rainwater harvesting system in place, through which the community saves 5,570 kL water every year. The amount of water recycled at the apartment complex stands at 17,555 kL per year.

Market Trends in Chennai and the Growing Demand for Eco-friendly Apartments

Chennai has an ever-increasing demand for housing. Of late, thanks to growing customer demands and awareness about sustainable homes among developers, the city is witnessing a growing interest in sustainable apartments. From the customers’ point of view, a sustainable apartment comes with a host of exclusive benefits that make it a great long-term investment. They are as follows: improved energy efficiency, reduced utility bills, and reduced long-term energy costs. Sensing the customers’ sentiments, developers, especially developers such as SOBHA that has been in the forefront of innovation and change since inception, are creating sustainable homes such as SOBHA Arbor in Chennai that are heralding a new era in sustainable living.

To encourage green buildings, government of India provides various incentives. If the project is certified by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), it is given fast-track environmental clearance. In addition to this, the government of Tamil Nadu has various schemes to promote sustainable homes including subsidy for solar panels.

Certifications and Green Building Standards

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is India’s premier body for green building certification. Obtaining a certificate is crucial as it helps the developer to attract attention from customers who prefer to own a sustainable apartment. For homebuyers, if the plan is to purchase a sustainable apartment, they can always look for green certifications and be assured that they get what they look for.

Sustainable Apartments and Cost Considerations

When it comes to building a sustainable apartment, the initial cost could go higher. For instance, setting up facilities for rainwater harvesting, recycling, waste management, installation of solar panels, sensors, timers, etc., can increase the expenses. However, in the long run, living in a sustainable apartment will be easy on the pocket, thanks to big savings on utility bills.

Embrace Sustainability

The world is going forward to a sustainable future. With individuals, communities, and governments across the world advocate and work for a cleaner and greener environment, it’s imperative for each of us to embrace the sustainability goals. Right from what we wear, to how we commute, and where we live, sustainability is integral to our lives.

If you prefer to own a sustainable apartment in Chennai, SOBHA Arbor is the right choice for you. These homes come with SOBHA’s famed quality standards and offer a sustainable lifestyle. To experience an environment-friendly lifestyle in an ecosystem designed to nurture and sustain every life that thrives in it, call 080 4646 4500 or write to [email protected]

SOBHA Arbor- 3 & 4 BHK Luxury Flats in West Chennai Near Poonamallee

Overview & Highlights of the Project

SOBHA Arbor – A luxury 3 & 4 BHK apartments project located in Senneerkuppam near Poonamallee, Chennai. The project comes with an arboretum, organic farm and plenty of open spaces that make it more unique.

The beautiful landscapes are effectively designed to experience an environment-friendly lifestyle in an ecosystem that nurtures and sustains every life that thrives in it.

It emphasises more on organic living that inspires you to do your best to live a healthy lifestyle, while also doing your part to take care of the environment.

To make the eco-difference, SOBHA Arbor has:
–  Energy meters to monitor consumption
–  Scientific waste segregation
–  Electric charging points
–  Solar panels
–  Staircase area lighting with in-built sensors
–  LED lights to reduce 45% energy consumption
–  Astronomical timers to reduce 50% of the energy used for landscape lighting

SOBHA Arbor Features & Amenities

Organic Living

–  It inspires a solution to create, nurture and sustain life. A serene world that embraces green living by building a sustainable ecosystem and a way of life that’s organic.
–  Green gateway – a graceful welcome to the beautiful landscape that is decorated with pretty blooms and delicate vines – come, explore the world of organic lifehood.
–  Take a walk into nature’s refreshing shade, feel the breathing beneath your feet and listen to the wind whispering in your ears.
–  An enriching space where you can create deep bonds with people and nature.
–  The aesthetically crafted double-height balcony is sprawling enough for the ardent nature lover to grow shrubbery. Escape the confines of routine at your soothing patch of green.


The wide range of amenities at SOBHA Arbor include the following:

Entrance Lobby | Fire Sprinklers | Herb Garden | Rainforest Plaza | Party Lawn| Aqua Fitness Bay | Outdoor Gym| Landscaped Gardens| Organic Farm | Jogging Track| Adventure Park | Multipurpose Hall| Play Area| The Arboretum | Seniors’ Pavilion| Reflexology Park | The Orchard | Power Backup | 24x 7 Water Supply | 24x 7 Security | Waiting Lounge | Indoor Games | CCTV | Amphitheatre | Clubhouse

Specification & Floor Plans

–  SOBHA Arbor is one of the finest sustainable luxury apartment projects in Senneerkuppam, Chennai.
–  The total area it covers is 3.38 acres. It consists of a total of 163 luxury flats for sale.
–  Towers & blocks: 7 wings & G+ 5 floors
–  Apartment unit sizes: 1539.00 sq. ft. – 2445.00 sq. ft.
–  3 BHK carpet area: 1077 sq. ft.
–  4 BHK carpet area: 1543 sq. ft.
–  Launch Date: Sept. 2021
–  SOBHA Arbor luxury flats average price: 6.83k / sq. ft.
–  Possession: June 2026


SOBHA Arbor is strategically located off Chennai-Bengaluru highway with easy access to Mount Poonamallee high road and is seamlessly connected to everything you will ever need.

The project is a short drive from the Chennai Airport and is in proximity to sought-after educational institutions, hospitals, and shopping centres.

Here are some of the nearby places with its distance from SOBHA Arbor:

–  Saveetha School of Law: 0.3km
–  Saveetha Dental College & Hospitals: 0.5km
–  Narayana e-Techno School: 0.7 km
–  The Pupil Saveetha Eco School: 0.5 km
–  ACS Hospital: 1 km
–  Aravind Eye Hospital:1 km
–  Velammal Vidyalaya CBSE School: 1 km
–  Poonamallee Bus Stand: 3.5 km
–  Christ Matric Higher Secondary School: 2 km
–  Apollo Specialty Hospital: 5 km
–  Sri Ramachandra Hospital: 6.5 km
–  Panimalar Medical College and Engineering: 7 km
–  Avadi Railway Station: 8.5 km
–  VR Chennai Mall: 9 km


1. What is the price range of 3 BHK luxury apartments for sale in SOBHA Arbor?

–  The price of 3 BHK luxury flats in SOBHA Arbor, Chennai ranges from 1.17 Cr. to 1.59 Cr.

2. What is the price range of 4 BHK luxury apartments for sale in SOBHA Arbor?

–  The price of 4 BHK luxury flats in SOBHA Arbor, Chennai ranges from 1.72 Cr. to 1.94 Cr.

3. What is the total area of 3 BHK Premium Flats in SOBHA Arbor?

–   The total area of a 3 BHK premium flat in SOBHA Arbor, Chennai ranges from 1539.0 sq. ft. to 2079.0 sq. ft.

4. What is the total area of 4 BHK luxury flats in SOBHA Arbor?

–  The total area of a 4 BHK luxury flat in SOBHA Arbor, Chennai ranges from 2205.0 sq. ft. to 2445.0 sq. ft.

5. What is the status of SOBHA Arbor and when is the possession due?

–  The status of SOBHA Arbor is under construction; it will be available for possession from June 2026.

6. Does the project have a registered RERA number?

–  The project is registered on RERA & the RERA registration number is TN/02/Building/0297/2021.

7. What are the other ongoing projects of SOBHA Limited in Chennai?

–  The other ongoing project in Chennai by SOBHA Limited is SOBHA Gardenia.

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Top Residential Localities To Invest In West Chennai!

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, attracts thousands of people due to its booming IT industry. An automobile hub nicknamed the Detroit of the East, Chennai is also known as the cinema capital of South India and is acclaimed for its innate passion for music and the fine arts.

While towering gopurams of colorful temples are a way to solicit divine intervention, the city’s undying love for Chennai Super Kings is sure to reiterate the true sense of devotion. From dishing out dainty delicacies to revelling in the vast views of the Bay of Bengal, the city of Chennai has charmed its inhabitants and continues to lure more.

Despite the global pandemic, Chennai has witnessed a steady growth in real estate. This can be easily attributed to an urge to own a home and a lower home loan interest rate. The city of Chennai houses a vibrant economy creating abundant job opportunities and thereby leading to a vast residential development in the city. Since the city epitomises an amalgamation of modern technology and rich cultural heritage, it is a favourable investment opportunity for homebuyers to buy a flat in Chennai.

Read on to know where you must invest in your perfect home in the city of Chennai.

Growth Destinations In Chennai

Chennai is home to over 11 million people, as of 2021 and is the fifth richest city in the country. With the automobile industry contributing significantly to the city’s GDP, the economy is seeing corresponding growth. This also suggests that property prices will witness a stable rise and will continue to appreciate for many years to come. Even during the pandemic, there was a 92% rise in new project launches as compared to the previous year and sales reached the 50% mark as that of the pre-COVID-19 era. Hence, investing in your own home is a wise decision, but what are the emerging hotspots?

Residential Hotspots In West Chennai

There are quite a few options that are ideal for investment. Each of these localities offers a host of social amenities. Here, we’ve listed out the localities that have the highest appreciation:

Mount Poonamallee High Road And Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam Road

With IT and ITES sectors lining this part of the city, the locality is designed to house-wide, well-developed social infrastructure. The presence of tech parks is a great opportunity for those seeking a job and IT professionals to find apartments closer to work. Industrial hubs such as Ambattur and Avadi are just a stone’s throw away making it a clear winner for investors and end-users.

Must Check: Flats for Sale in Senneerkuppam, Chnnai


Areas close to Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) and GST Road are also seeing a rise in demand for commercial and residential spaces. The strong IT development and good connectivity will continue to rope in investments for years to come.

Where To Buy Apartments In Chennai

The influx of people for its IT and financial services has made Chennai one of the most sought-after cities. West Chennai and South Chennai are amongst the top destinations for residential property. While Gudavanchery and Pallikarnai in the south are preferred locales, the west seems to be a hot favourite amongst home buyers. Places like Ambattur, Oragadam, and Mount Poonamallee, and Senneerkuppam are seeing an increase in demand for residential opportunities.

Although set away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this serene locale offers brilliant connectivity to some of the city’s finest educational institutions, SEZs and IT parks, reputed hospitals, and much more. Senneerkuppam is one of the few localities in Chennai that has a steady water table, which is one of the main criteria that a home buyer would consider, given that the city has faced acute water crisis in the past. All of these contribute towards the appreciative value of properties here.

Excellent Investment Opportunity At SOBHA ARBOR

Nestled in Senneerkuppam, and strategically located off Chennai-Bengaluru Highway, SOBHA Arbor has easy access to Mount Poonamallee High Road. The project is seamlessly connected to everything that would accentuate a luxurious lifestyle. The 3.38-acre project has been designed around the theme of sustainable living.

The organic farm within the premises allows for the community to grow their own produce. Modern landscaping technique is used to cover the exteriors with native trees and lush greenery to mimic a rainforest. A microenvironment has been created to aid residents in leading a tranquil life that is away from the cacophony of the city. The project is a short drive from Chennai Airport.

The locale boasts of renowned hospitals like Be Well Hospitals, Prestige Medical Centre, DRR Eye Care & Ocuplasty, Vasan Eye Care Hospital, and much more. The project is close to sought-after educational institutions such as Vagisha Vidhyalaya, Aadhithya International Public School, Narayana E Techno School, Narayana Olympiad School, St Joseph Nursery, and Primary School.

Shopping Centres like Ampa Skywalk, Tirumalai Foto Mall, VR Mall, Chandra Metro Mall, Ten Square Mall, The Forum Vijaya Mall are peppered around Senneerkuppam.


Themed around eco-friendly and sustainable living, these 163 luxury apartments are ideal for those who are actively looking to live in pollution-free spaces. The core proposition of the project is to create an ecosystem where humans and nature coexist harmoniously. With scientific waste segregation, electric charging points, LED lights, and solar panels, SOBHA Arbor is crafted to make sustainability a priority while providing the finest luxury.


SOBHA Arbor intends to create an experience of an environment-friendly lifestyle. It is designed to nurture and sustain every form of life that thrives in it. From an organic farm to solar-powered outdoor fittings with motion sensor pathways, the property raises the bar in conservation.

The project intends to propagate a healthier lifestyle and hence is equipped with a wellness habitat by providing outdoor gym facilities, adventure parks, etc. Rainwater harvesting and effective waste management systems are some of the sustainable approaches adopted at SOBHA Arbor.


The amenities at SOBHA Arbor are thoughtfully designed to provide a wholesome, healthy lifestyle. These meticulously designed facilities cater to the needs of people across all walks of life. From embracing the glorious 7500 sq. ft. recreation arena to a wellness habitat, you can find a multitude of features to hone your skills while discovering newer ones.

SOBHA Arbor has state-of-the-art amenities such as a reflexology park, arboretum, Alfresco deck, herb garden, orchard grove, and much more. The children’s park is created to make them forget all about technology while embracing the real joy of the outdoors.


For 25 years, SOBHA Limited has made a mark as one of the most trusted real estate players in India. The company introduced the concept of backward integration intending to deliver superior quality products to all customers. This is not only SOBHA’s key competitive strength but also an elemental differentiator.

The company’s backward integration model brings together all the key competencies and in-house resources across departments – equipping it to independently conceptualise, implement, and complete a project on time. This ensures that the dependency on sourcing resources is reduced, while keeping a thorough check on the quality. SOBHA also has an interiors division with one of India’s largest woodworking factories, a metal works & glazing factory, and a concrete products factory.

Spread across 55,000 sqm, all SOBHA’s factories include state-of-the-art facilities and are furnished with the latest automated machinery that aids in manufacturing products with the desired finesse, durability, and precision. Additionally, the factories provide these premium quality materials to some of the largest real estate players in India, thereby making them self-sufficient, and revenue-generating entities for the company.


SOBHA Arbor – a residential enclave set amidst plenty of open spaces and away from the chaos of city life is perfect for environmental enthusiasts. With brilliant architecture, a multitude of amenities, and ample greenery, these residences are ideal for those looking for a sustainable yet luxurious and peaceful lifestyle.