Apartment Vs Independent House: Which One is a Better Choice?

November 17th, 2021

Apartment Vs Independent House: Which one is better choice in Bangalore?

A city like Bengaluru attracts professionals and entrepreneurs alike, thanks to the year-round pleasant weather and booming tech industry. In this article, you can get a thorough understanding of both these property types so that you can make an informed decision about your investment.

What is an Apartment?

What Americans call an apartment, is what the British call a flat, and is a popular type of property in Bengaluru. Apartments are nothing but a residential space inside a building. They are designed to house a large community and offer modern-day amenities. They also come with a well-rounded security system that monitors the property 24×7. An owner/management is often the one to take charge of the building’s maintenance and upkeep.

What is an Independent House?

An independent house is constructed over a piece of land. The owner of the land has the authority to construct a house based on his/her choice and preference. This could be self-occupied or be leased/rented out. It could also be partially occupied and partially rented out. The owner oversees the maintenance and upkeep of the property.

Apartment Vs Independent House

Bengaluru is now seeing a surge in demand for apartments, but that doesn’t imply there are no takers for independent homes. Land prices are soaring at a faster rate than an apartment built in the same period. Hence, they also offer a better return on investment.

However, plots and independent homes do not offer the benefits that apartments do. Here we list out the differences in the lifestyle that each of the property offers:

1. Maintenance:

Apartments come with minimum hassles of maintenance. Most apartments are equipped with an in-house maintenance team to fix leaky faucets or faulty doors. With designated staff taking care of filling up the overhead tanks, mowing the garden lawns, and for a host of other chores, it is a carefree way of life.

However, in an independent home, the owner must go through the hassles of finding plumbers or carpenters, and even take it upon him/herself to manicure the lawns.

2. Amenities:

Apartments come with an array of amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, and a designated play area for children. These aspects make living in an apartment very convenient as opposed to an independent home.

Although some of these amenities can be built into an individual house, the financial implications are quite huge.

3. Safety:

All entrances and exits are monitored 24×7 through CCTV and security guards. Hence, apartments are ideal for couples whose children return from school earlier than their parents do from work, for senior citizens or for anyone who is living alone. In fact, the close proximity of neighbours in an apartment is a comforting benefit.

Apart from that, apartments are installed with fire extinguishers as well, providing safety. Independent homes do not offer these safety measures.

In an independent house, owners may install CCTV cameras or burglar alarms for monitoring the property, which is an additional expense.

4. Finance:

Banks sanction loans to verified apartments. Often, builders tie-up with banks to ease the process.

However, for independent properties, banks conduct a thorough check before lending money, which is a time-consuming process. Often, the buyer loses out on the property due to delays caused by lengthy approval processes.

5. Investment:

A first-time home buyer can confidently invest in an apartment after conducting basic research on the builder and their projects. With everything available at the click of a button, a first-time buyer can even read reviews of existing properties to get an understanding of the quality of the apartment.

However, independent houses come with the risk of title disputes, and sometimes these can only be resolved by a court of law.

6. Social Life:

Although independent housing neighbourhoods also bring in a sense of close community, the chances of developing better social skills are much higher in apartment complexes. Community gatherings, celebrations of festivals, and parties at the clubhouse or garden area in an apartment bring people together and inspire living in harmony.

One might argue that in an apartment, the design and décor of the house are decided by the builder, and the owner doesn’t have much role to play. Yet, the numerous other advantages of owning an apartment outweigh this area of concern.

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Apartment or Independent House?

Today’s generation of homeowners is more focused on optimising time and living a hassle-free life. Hence, several people prefer apartments with spectacular views of the tech city while being able to access numerous amenities. Apartments are best suited for people looking for more free time, away from the worries of maintenance. This type of property is also ideal for senior citizens who can spend their retirement in tranquillity. Two of the most crucial reasons behind choosing an apartment are amenities and the security it provides.

If you’re looking at it from an investment perspective, apartments are far more beneficial than an independent home. As a homeowner, you can rent/lease out your property to tenants. Working professionals and growing families would choose this type of property because of the hassle-free lifestyle it offers.

Why Do Some Prefer Independent Houses ?

Independent houses are preferred by those who want to buy their own plot of land and build a home according to their liking. These houses can be customised and reconstructed as per the owner’s preference, with the necessary permissions. The plot of land can be optimally used to create a front yard/backyard or even be used as a parking area.

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Investment Opportunities in the Tech City

Bengaluru’s realty scape has shown tremendous growth in the last decade, especially in the north and east regions. With a great network of roads, metro connectivity, upcoming malls, and premium educational institutes sprinkled around, the real estate sector is thriving in these two zones.

North Bengaluru

This region has garnered much attention after the inauguration of the Kempegowda International Airport in 2008. From affordable to luxury apartments, North Bengaluru caters to everyone’s needs. With elevated expressways, wide roads, and fewer signals, travelling from one place to another is a breeze in this locality.

An added bonus is that top IT Firms such as Manyata Tech Park, prominent schools, and reputed hospitals like Aster CMI Hospital, Columbia Asia, etc., are just a stone’s throw away. Malls, cafes, and restaurants are aplenty and perfect for when you want to unwind. The upcoming metro phase 2 will only be a boon to this locality that already comes with a host of other advantages. Hence, buying an apartment in North Bengaluru will prove beneficial.

East Bengaluru

Bengaluru East is ideal because of its ease of access to numerous tech parks, multinational companies, and railways stations. For those who wish to have beautiful scenic views and a regal residential property that is well-connected to the rest of the city, buying an apartment in East Bengaluru is ideal. With the metro line running through this part of the city, it is a boon for all those who want to cut short their travel time by a significant amount.


While there aren’t major setbacks in owning any kind of property, apartments do win the top spot in making life comfortable and stress-free. After the developer’s handover, the inhabitants take over to form a Residents’ Welfare Association to handle the maintenance of lifts, vendor contracts, and others.

Most reputed builders pay attention to design, décor and Vaastu, to make it a holistic living space for the homebuyers. From individuals and budding families to senior citizens, apartments seem to be the perfect choice to enjoy a serene, convenient lifestyle. Whether the buyer is looking for personal use or investment opportunities, the benefits are multi-fold. All in all, it is a safer option for you to invest in an apartment and set yourself free from the hassles of building your home from the scratch.

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Why Invest in a SOBHA Home?

SOBHA is known for its impeccable quality and finer attention to detail – a major differentiator in the industry. With over two decades of glorious experience in creating interiors of palaces and other architectural marvels in the Middle East, Mr. PNC Menon founded SOBHA in 1995 with a vivid vision to transform the way people perceive quality. Today, SOBHA is the most-trusted brand having a full-fledged backward integration model.

SOBHA has always set new benchmarks in quality, customer-centricity, robust engineering, uncompromising business ethics, and transparency in all spheres of business. These differentiating factors have contributed to making SOBHA the preferred real estate brand in India. The company went public through its initial public offering, an event that created history when the issue got oversubscribed by a record 126 times.

SOBHA has crafted iconic statements spanning 143 projects, covering 55.84 million sq. ft. area in the residential space – a portfolio that includes residential apartments, villas, row houses, luxury apartments, and plotted developments. The company has also forayed into the commercial space with SOBHA City Mall in Thrissur and also has 19 projects covering a 4.3 million sq. ft. area under this sector.

The latest venture is 1 SOBHA, an entertainment and shopping centre on St. Mark’s Road, Bengaluru. The contracts business at SOBHA boasts of an expansive portfolio of 324 projects covering 53.74 million sq. ft. area across India. Our turnkey projects include some of the global corporate giants – Infosys, Taj, ITC, Bosch, Biocon, Timken, and Dell.

Continuing the legacy, SOBHA has an array of apartments to choose from in Bengaluru. If you are looking for a new home, head to SOBHA Experience Centre to understand why a SOBHA home would be your best choice.

Owning a home is a milestone that many want to achieve – often spending a large part of time accumulating resources to make this dream a reality. But the real dilemma begins when deciding whether to invest in an apartment that comes with a host of amenities or an independent house that can be crafted according to your choice.


Is apartment better than independent house?

Apartments are an excellent investment for self-use, renting, and investing in real estate. As far as customization is concerned, apartments can be highly customized without altering the basic setup in any way. Apartments are on par with independent houses in every respect.

What is the difference between independent house and apartment?

Apartment properties come with added benefits, such as security, enough parking, backup power, water systems, and fire safety mechanisms in place, whereas independent properties need to take extra steps to establish these things.

Is apartment better than house?

Due to the smaller size of an apartment compared to a house, less gas and electricity will be used to heat it. Also, apartment building tends to be compact, which means you can spend less on heating during the winter, and newer buildings are more energy efficient.

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