Home is Where the Heart Is: Choosing Kerala Over the Middle East!

February 12th, 2024

Home is Where the Heart Is: Choosing Kerala Over the Middle East!

Choosing Kerala Over the Middle East!’ feels like a warm embrace of possibilities with a hint of nostalgia. From the challenges of relocation to the promise of a vibrant future, each word is a step towards understanding why one is drawn to the heartwarming landscapes of Kerala, making it more than just a destination—truly a place where the heart finds its home.

Home is Where the Heart Is – abbreviates the profound meaning of this blog as it defines the personal narratives of the individual who has chosen Kerala over the Middle East. Home is not just an escape but a place where emotional bonds and a sense of belonging are cultivated. The narratives shared in this blog are diverse, ranging from professionals seeking a better work-life balance to families yearning for a closer connection to their roots.

It’s not just about a location change; it’s about finding a place that feels like home, where the heart is truly content. This exploration defines various factors influencing the decision to relocate, emphasising the significance of personal well-being, cultural affinity, and a more enriching lifestyle. This blog serves as a collective reflection on the shifting dynamics of expatriate life.

Reason for Considering Kerala Over the Middle East

Kerala boasts a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and traditions, providing its residents with a unique and deeply rooted sense of identity. The allure of a quality of life that embraces a slower pace instead of the bustling and fast-paced lifestyle of the Middle East.

  1. Lifestyle and Cultural Factors

    Equally compelling are the considerations rooted in the natural beauty and environment of Kerala, acting as a magnet for those seeking respite from the arid landscapes of the Middle East. Its lush greenery, backwaters, and serene landscapes create a picturesque backdrop, establishing a connection with nature. The verdant beauty of the state provides not only a visual delight but also a therapeutic escape.

  2. Natural Beauty and Environment

    Choosing Kerala over the Middle East means embracing a lifestyle rich in culture and traditions and a yearning for the peaceful beauty it provides. It’s about shifting towards a more balanced and fulfilling life, finding joy in its cultural richness and calm landscapes. For those looking for a genuine sense of ‘home’ Kerala becomes a compelling choice.

  3. Career Opportunities and Entrepreneurship

    The state is witnessing a surge in professional opportunities, a contrast to its historical narrative, as the state diversifies its economic landscape. Its burgeoning entrepreneurial ventures and booming start-up culture have become a beacon for those who want to make their career while being connected to their homeland.

    The state’s supportive ecosystem for start-ups, coupled with government initiatives, has fueled innovation, which provides them a firm ground for career growth and opportunities to contribute to the economic development of their home state.

  4. Entrepreneurship Ventures & Start-up Culture

    Individuals are finding that they can pursue their careers and entrepreneurial ventures in Kerala without sacrificing the cultural and familial ties deeply rooted in the region. As this embraces the dynamics of the professional world, it becomes an attractive destination for those who wish to build successful careers and thriving businesses while maintaining a solid connection with their homeland.

    EducationKerala boasts a diverse landscape of educational institutions known for their academic excellence, ranging from schools to prestigious universities. Families with children find a magnetic pull toward Kerala due to the exquisite quality of education.

    The state’s commitment to education extends beyond just imparting knowledge. This state has become an ideal choice for those seeking academic brilliance and a smart approach to education.

    This unique blend of academics and cultural immersion creates an educational experience beyond textbooks. This makes it an appealing destination for families looking to provide their children with quality education and a foundation rooted in a deep sense of identity and cultural understanding.

    In choosing God’s own country, families are not just opting for educational institutions but investing in an educational journey that shapes the heart and mind, aligning with the essence of ‘home’.

  5. Healthcare and Well-being

    Kerala stands out for its accessible healthcare facilities and holistic wellness practices, providing residents with a robust support system for their health. The contrasting healthcare systems between Kerala and the Middle East play a significant role in decision-making.

    Contrast Healthcare System:

    In Kerala, a focus on comprehensive and personalised healthcare often contrasts with impersonal systems in the Middle East. Personal anecdotes define the sentiment of prioritising health and well-being in this place, where individuals share experiences of a healthcare approach encompassing traditional and modern practices.

    In choosing Kerala, individuals find solace in a healthcare landscape that aligns with their values, emphasising the importance of health as a service and an integral part of the journey to make Kerala their cherished home.

  6. Family and Community Ties

    Kerala, with its lush landscapes and vibrant culture, sets the stage for a narrative deeply intertwined with the importance of family. The close-knit family structures in Kerala have become a magnetic force, where families often face the challenges of distance and cultural assimilation.

    In this state, nurturing family bonds is not just a cultural norm but a way of life, providing individuals with a sense of belonging and a support system that weaves through the fabric of daily existence.Kerala exudes a strong sense of community, where social connections and support networks are integral to the tapestry of daily life.

    This communal spirit fosters a sense of shared identity and collective well-being. In choosing Kerala, one seeks to strengthen family ties and become part of a community that shares in their joys and supports them through challenges.

Therefore, the decision to make this state one’s home is not just a choice of geographical location but to embrace the family-centric values and a thriving community spirit that resonates with the heart’s deepest yearnings for connection and belonging.

Comparative Analysis of Kerala vs Middle East

Key Aspects


Middle East

Cost of Living
  • Affordability is a key advantage here as compared to the Middle East.
  • The Middle East is known for its high living costs; Kerala offers a more budget-friendly lifestyle, including reasonable prices for daily essentials and services.
  • Housing and living expenses are generally lower here, providing a cost-effective alternative for individuals and families.
  • The Middle East is often associated with a higher cost of living, influenced by housing prices, education, and healthcare.
Climate and Weather
  • Kerala boasts a favourable climate in contrast to the harsh conditions in the Middle East.
  • The tropical climate of this state contributes to a more pleasant and diverse weather experience throughout the year, offering a more comfortable living environment.
  • The Middle East is known for its extreme temperatures, scorching summers, and limited rainfall.
  • This challenging climate can affect daily life, making outdoor activities less appealing and potentially impacting the overall well-being of residents.
Real Estate & Living Spaces
  • It has various real estate choices, from traditional homes to modern apartments.
  • Its housing trend shows a blend of cultural aesthetics and contemporary designs.
  • Comparatively, the Middle East showcases luxurious and modern architecture, but the cost of real estate can be higher.
  • It provides a sense of belonging and satisfaction.
  • In the Middle East, the real estate landscape is marked by grand and opulent structures.
  • Living spaces often reflect a luxurious lifestyle, but the associated costs can be substantial.
  • The Middle East offers modern amenities, and one can find a sense of fulfilment and connection to their roots by settling in Kerala, where they have homes that align with their vision of a dream residence.

Challenges and Considerations

Challenges of Relocating to Kerala – Adapting to a different lifestyle in this state requires a mindset shift, as the pace of life, cultural differences, and daily routines may differ significantly. Balancing cultural expectations becomes crucial, particularly for those who want to integrate seamlessly into the vibrant community.

Mitigating Challenges – Strategies like language immersion, cultural exchange programs, and involvement in social activities contribute to a smoother transition. Making genuine connections with locals establishes a sense of belonging and helps embrace the richness of its heritage. The state’s economic growth, educational opportunities, and healthcare facilities make that place desirable for settling down.

Final Words

Choosing Kerala over the Middle East is a decision that requires thoughtful consideration keeping in mind both potential challenges and opportunities. Here, the prospect is to present a promising picture for one seeking a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle. The key lies in embracing Kerala’s unique blend of tradition and modernity in the vibrant local culture.

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Whether you are drawn to the tropical serenity of Kerala or navigating the vibrant pulse of the Middle East, these FAQs serve as a roadmap for making an informed choice, ensuring that your chosen place truly becomes where your heart belongs.


Q1: What factors make Kerala an attractive choice over the Middle East for living?

A: This green state offers a rich cultural heritage, lush landscapes, close-knit communities, growing job opportunities, and an increasingly favourable environment for remote work, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a change from the Middle East.

Q2: How does the cost of living in Kerala compare to living in the Middle East?

A: The state is generally more affordable than the Middle East. The cost of living, including housing and everyday expenses, is often perceived as lower in Kerala, contributing to its attractiveness as a place to call home.

Q3: What are the key educational opportunities in Kerala compared to the Middle East?

A: Kerala boasts renowned educational institutions, providing quality education and opportunities for holistic development. The blog explores and compares these educational options to what the Middle East offers.

Q4: How do individuals balance professional opportunities and the desire to live in Kerala?

A: The blog delves into the growing job market and entrepreneurial opportunities in God’s own country, along with the rise of remote work culture, to show how individuals can balance their career goals with the appeal of living here.

Q5: Are there challenges associated with relocating to Kerala, and how can they be mitigated?

A: The blog addresses potential challenges, such as adjusting to a different lifestyle and cultural expectations and provides strategies for overcoming these hurdles. It aims to offer practical advice for a smooth transition.

Q6: Can individuals find a strong sense of community in Kerala compared to the Middle East?

A: Yes, the blog discusses the strong sense of community in Kerala and how it contrasts with the expatriate experience in the Middle East. It explores the importance of family and social connections in making Kerala a welcoming home.

Q7: Is remote work culture prevalent in Kerala, and how has it influenced the decision to move?

A: The blog explores the rise of remote work culture in the state, examining how it has influenced the decision-making process for individuals considering a move. It discusses the impact of this trend on career choices and lifestyle.

Q8: What are the real-life experiences of individuals who have chosen Kerala over the Middle East?

A: The blog includes personal stories and testimonials from moved individuals, providing insights into their decision-making process, experiences, and the positive aspects of choosing Kerala as their new home.

Q9: How does the future of living in Kerala look, and what are the potential prospects?

A: The blog looks ahead to the prospects of living in Kerala, considering factors like economic growth, infrastructure development, and the evolving lifestyle trends that may impact the region's desirability as a place to live.

Q10: What are the critical considerations for someone contemplating a move to Kerala from the Middle East?

A: The blog summarises key considerations, including cultural adjustments, lifestyle changes, and building a support system. It aims to provide a comprehensive guide for those contemplating a life-changing move to Kerala.

Q11: Why is Kerala a Better Place to Live?

A: This is often considered a better place to live due to its lush landscapes, rich cultural heritage, close-knit communities, and generally lower cost of living. The state's focus on quality education, healthcare, and a more relaxed pace of life contributes to its appeal as a desirable residential destination.

Q12: Is Kerala a Good Place for Jobs?

A: Yes, it offers a growing job market with opportunities in various industries. The state's economic development, emphasis on education, and the rise of remote work culture make it a good place for job seekers. However, the suitability of Kerala for a particular individual depends on their field of expertise and career goals.

Q13: Why are People Migrating from Kerala?

A: Migration from Kerala can be attributed to various factors. Some individuals may seek job opportunities and career growth in other regions or countries. Others might migrate due to economic reasons, seeking better living standards. The blog could explore the diverse reasons behind migration from here.

Q14: Is Kerala a Good Place to Start a Business?

A: Yes, the state has seen increased entrepreneurial opportunities and a conducive environment for starting businesses. The state's economic growth, educated workforce, and government initiatives make it favourable for specific industries. However, challenges such as bureaucratic processes and specific market dynamics should be considered when evaluating this as a business location.

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