SOBHA Aranya at Karma Lakelands – a Sustainable Living Haven in Sector 80

April 22nd, 2024

SOBHA Aranya at Karma Lakelands – A Sustainable Living in Sector 80

With a penchant for perfection, real estate giant SOBHA and the pioneer of eco-living in the national capital, Karma Lakelands, unite in a project like no other. SOBHA Aranya at Sector 80 Gurgaon offers urban sophistication in the lap of nature’s verdant greens at Karma Lakelands.

At SOBHA Aranya, modern living fuses with nature’s perfection in an eco-luxe address for the select few, crafted by a deep-rooted passion for extraordinary experiences. Each element is imagined and crafted in accordance with nature’s design in the Pursuit of Perfection. With attributes like balance, precision, harmony, detailing, and interconnectedness, nature’s elemental existence is brought alive in the intricate craftsmanship of SOBHA Aranya.

Green Suburbia at Sector 80

While being close to nature, Sector 80 is well-linked to downtown Gurgaon. SOBHA Aranya is near the awe-inspiring golf course at Karma Lakelands. Quick access to Dwarka Expressway reduces the travel time to South and Southwest Delhi. What’s more, the drive to Indira Gandhi International Airport is signal-free, saving valuable time.

Located as a gateway to current and future developments, SOBHA Aranya is situated near reputed schools, hospitals, industrial & commercial hubs, shopping malls and key locales in the city. This is why there is always public interest in Sector 80 Gurgaon apartments for sale.

The Preference for Green Living

Propelled by environmental concerns, government regulations, and market demands, sustainable living has become imperative in modern real estate developments across NCR. With buildings contributing substantially to global carbon emissions, data underscores the urgency of integrating eco-friendly practices. Policies also encourage the adoption of green features, aligning with broader efforts to mitigate climate change.

In response to market demand, developers increasingly prioritise sustainable features and amenities to attract eco-conscious consumers. Beyond environmental concerns, sustainable living fosters healthier and more productive communities. This lifestyle enhances residents’ well-being by improving air quality, enhancing access to natural light, and incorporating green spaces.

In densely populated urban areas like Delhi and Gurgaon, where air pollution poses significant health risks, the emphasis on sustainability in real estate development emerges as a major advantage for residents, and a vital strategy for fostering healthier and more resilient communities. SOBHA Apartments in Gurgaon offer all the above, as well as world-class quality and luxury.

The Vision Behind SOBHA Aranya, Sector 80

As Gurgaon wakes up to the daily bustle, a bio-diverse paradise awakens amidst migratory birds, 2 lakh plants & trees, and wildlife. Located in Sector 80, the eco-responsible golf resort established in 1989 is known for its curation of nature-first experiences and culinary delights.

Its piece-de-resistance is an award-winning 9-hole golf course. Karma Lakelands has carved a name in sustainability – prohibiting honking while promoting water restoration, rainwater harvesting, solar utilisation and bio-composting.

Ashwani Khurana, CEO of Karma Lakelands Gurgaon, envisioned and crafted a transformative journey where luxury and sustainability intertwine seamlessly. At the heart of Karma Lakelands lies a steadfast dedication to sustainability, which is evident in every aspect of its design and operations.

Its culinary philosophy is core to the Karma Lakelands experience, placing the farm-to-table concept at the forefront. Here, food isn’t just sustenance but a celebration of locally sourced, authentic ingredients – as menus brim with organic vegetables, A2 milk, ghee, eggs, herbs, and honey. This commitment reflects a modern culinary trend and fosters a genuine connection to nature, enriching the overall guest experience.

Apart from the resort, the highly foliaged acres also host the most sought-after apartments for sale in Karma Lakelands. SOBHA Aranya at Sector 80 Gurgaon lies amidst this canvas of sustainability, where a world-renowned builder of SOBHA’s repute is creating an ode to perfection in nature’s wonder.

Sustainable Design and Architecture at SOBHA Aranya, Sector 80

As one enters Karma Lakelands, nestled beside the beautiful sacred forest are SOBHA apartments. True to its name, SOBHA Aranya feels like a forest retreat. The nuances of perfection are reflected in SOBHA’s methodology and craftsmanship.

The entire project is carved out in a living and breathing space. The design inspiration focuses on preserving the existing trees and vegetation by creating restored forestscapes around the towers. Inspired by nature, the buildings stand tall like the trees that ambitiously greet the sky.

The 5 towers are a seamless fusion of SOBHA’s trademark quality and finesse, amidst nature’s abundance. While the towers have double-height entrance lobbies, the living spaces are created with the detailing and craftsmanship offered by nature’s architects. Each floor has 2 to 3 residences, offering gorgeous views of forestscapes and the golf course. These large free-flowing spaces have abundant natural light and cross-ventilation.

There is a private garden in every unit, bringing the outdoors home. Just like a weaver bird creates a safe and secure haven of comfort, the master bedroom is designed with precision and care. It has an attached balcony offering stunning views. The master bedroom also has a dedicated vanity space, a generously sized walk-in wardrobe, and a master bathroom created with twice the meticulousness.

An ample central space hosts recreational amenities, celebration spaces, and a clubhouse. The eco-conscious clubhouse adheres to reduce, reuse, & recycle. 40+ thoughtfully curated amenities mesh the beauty of the great outdoors into your daily life.

The 75,000 sq ft eco-conscious clubhouse offers panoramic views. It includes a cafe, reading lounge, co-working space, mini-theatre, hobby room, indoor pool, multipurpose room, and indoor & outdoor games.

Features and Amenities of SOBHA Aranya, Sector 80

Premium homes offer configurations such as 3 and 4 BHK residences with sustainable amenities and community-centric facilities promoting eco-friendly lifestyles. The features and amenities of SOBHA Aranya Sector 80 are extensive in an expansive space.

  • The property is dotted with several eco amenities, such as Bamboo Walk, Ecological Deck, Camping Ground, and more.
  • The most vibrant section is the Park and Plaza zone with thematic gardens for leisure and social activities. Amenities here include Party Lawn, Amphitheatre, Seniors’ Park, Pet Park, Healing & Scented Gardens, and Hanging Garden, amongst others.
  • The property hosts expansive recreational spaces that foster community bonding, such as Picnic Grove, Leisure Pool, Alfresco Deck, and more.
  • There are multiple spaces for fitness enthusiasts, namely Jogging & Cycling Path, 6-lane Olympic Size Pool, Outdoor Fitness Deck, and Reflexology Pavilion.
  • A vibrant space for dreaming and doing is the Kids’ Zone, where the little ones can also socialise with peers while being closer to nature in the Play Plaza & Park, Kids’ Pool, Water Play Deck, and Fountain Deck.

Environmental Impact and Conservation Efforts

SOBHA Aranya stands as a beacon of sustainable development, by pioneering efforts to minimise its carbon footprint while prioritising water conservation and waste management practices. Leading its sustainability efforts, the organisation is focused on reducing carbon emissions by integrating innovative design and advanced technologies. From energy-efficient building materials to renewable energy sources such as solar panels, every aspect of construction at SOBHA Aranya Sector 80 is meticulously planned to minimise environmental impact.

Moreover, the community implements comprehensive water conservation initiatives to safeguard this precious resource. Through rainwater harvesting systems, efficient irrigation techniques, and water-efficient fixtures, SOBHA Aranya strives to optimise water usage while preserving the local ecosystem. Additionally, the community strongly emphasises waste management – implementing strategies to minimise waste generation, promote recycling, and ensure responsible disposal practices.

Community and Lifestyle

SOBHA Aranya Sector 80 embodies more than just sustainable living; it fosters a vibrant sense of community by providing a diverse range of educational and recreational opportunities. Beyond its eco-friendly infrastructure, the development cultivates a holistic environment where residents can engage in activities that promote healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices. From community gardens to recreational facilities and educational programs on environmental conservation, SOBHA Aranya serves as a beacon for fostering a thriving, interconnected community committed to well-being and sustainability.

The Future of Sustainable Living in Real Estate

The future of sustainable living in real estate is propelled by transformative developments like SOBHA Aranya Sector 80, which sets a precedent for eco-friendly design and practices. Its efforts in minimising carbon footprint, promoting water conservation, and enhancing waste management exemplify the potential for creating healthier, more resilient communities.

Sustainable living is increasingly integrated into urban planning strategies globally, addressing environmental challenges and enhancing residents’ quality of life. With the success of projects like SOBHA Aranya, there is significant potential for replicating and expanding sustainable real estate developments worldwide.


Embrace sustainable living with SOBHA Aranya’s eco-conscious ethos, that inspires residents & guests to make environmentally responsible choices. Located within Karma Lakelands in Sector 80 Gurgaon, SOBHA Aranya stands as a testament to the transformative power of sustainable development, offering a blueprint for future eco-friendly communities.

Experience the unparalleled blend of sustainability and luxury firsthand by scheduling a site visit to SOBHA Aranya today. Discover how this innovative project redefines modern living while preserving and enriching the natural environment.


1. What makes SOBHA Aranya stand out from other residential projects?

SOBHA Aranya stands out from other residential projects because of its strong commitment to sustainability. It integrates eco-friendly design principles, renewable energy sources, and extensive green spaces – creating a harmonious living environment amidst nature.

2. What types of residential options are available at SOBHA Aranya?

Residential options available at SOBHA Aranya are spacious and luxurious 3BHK & 4 BHK apartments that cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles.

3. How does SOBHA Aranya promote sustainable living?

SOBHA Aranya promotes sustainable living through its nature-rich architecture, energy-efficient systems, water conservation measures, and waste management practices. It encourages residents to adopt eco-conscious living and offers amenities that support green lifestyle & healthy habits.

4. What amenities are available for residents at SOBHA Aranya?

Amenities available for residents at SOBHA Aranya are thematic gardens, ecology parks, jogging tracks, cycling paths, swimming pools, clubhouse facilities, recreational spaces, and more. There are provisions for camping and spaces for hosting organic markets and eco-conscious events.

5. How does SOBHA Aranya contribute to environmental conservation?

SOBHA Aranya contributes to environmental conservation by preserving existing greenery, implementing rainwater harvesting systems, and utilising renewable energy sources. It also prioritises biodiversity conservation and ecosystem restoration efforts.

6. What sets Karma Lakelands apart as a location for SOBHA Aranya?

What sets Karma Lakelands apart as a location for SOBHA Aranya is its serene and tranquil setting surrounded by lush forestscapes and natural landscapes. It provides residents with a peaceful retreat from city's hustle and bustle, while still conveniently located near urban amenities and infrastructure in Sector 80, Gurgaon.

7. Is SOBHA Aranya suitable for families with children?

Yes, SOBHA Aranya is suitable for families with children. This luxury gated community is meticulously designed for such families – offering child-friendly amenities such as playgrounds, sports facilities, and dedicated spaces for various recreational activities. The community-oriented environment nurtures a safe and supportive atmosphere, creating an ideal setting for children to grow and thrive.

8. What are the transportation options available near SOBHA Aranya?

The transportation options available near SOBHA Aranya are cabs, buses, & public transport networks. With its strategic location near Dwarka Expressway in Sector 80 Gurgaon, SOBHA Aranya has easy access to major roads, highways, & metro networks. Residents can conveniently travel to areas in NCR for work, education, shopping, and entertainment.

9. How can I get more information about SOBHA Aranya at Karma Lakelands and its available properties?

You can get more information about SOBHA Aranya at Karma Lakelands and its available properties, floor plans, pricing, and booking procedures, by visiting the official website, contacting the sales office directly, or scheduling a site visit to experience the project.

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