Innerve has Come a Long Way!

October 10th, 2017

SOBHA’s magazine, Innerve began its journey in the early 2000s as an internal newsletter for employees only. From birthday celebrations, employee weddings, new hires, employee recognition, employee events to Company’s performance and much more found its way in the magazine. Needless to say it was popular among employees.

However, like any publication, Innerve also needed to evolve further. A thorough review of the magazine was conducted. Following this, it was decided to give a facelift to the magazine. We decided to convert it into a magazine that could be shared with the larger publics. Idea was to share SOBHA’s stories and its quest for perfection. Every product of SOBHA goes through stringent process of make and remake till it is perfected. The vision to deliver the best and the passion at work has left an indelible mark on SOBHA’s workmanship. We also focused on improving the quality of the content and its readability, bigger photos, clear design and sense of space in the layout of the magazine which gave it a refreshing new look.

Innerve is a great tool which keeps our publics informed about what we do and how we do it. SOBHA is pegged at excellence, driven by quality, aesthetics, functionality, perfection and timely delivery with transparency. Instead of sharing SOBHA’s journey of perseverance only with our employees, we decided to take it to our larger stakeholders. Hence, Innerve is now in the public domain and reaches out to about 5 lakh stakeholders within and outside SOBHA.

With each issue of Innerve, we are constantly improving the content to include news and views that matter and enhance the knowledge of our stakeholders. Our latest Innerve (September) promises this and much more. A 56 page magazine, the current issue talks about SOBHA’s initiatives, accolades, latest projects. Further, it highlights ways a homebuyer can benefit from various schemes as well as our sustainability initiatives.

Click on the link below to read the latest issue.

Check out our previous issues here.

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