Understanding Carpet Area, Built-up Area, and Super Built-up Area

Homebuyers who understand the concept of carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area are better suited to make decisions over those who may not be able to differentiate one from another. A proper understanding of all this real estate jargon ensures that you aren’t overwhelmed when you encounter them. When buying a house, you […]


FSI (Floor Space Index): Meaning, Calculation & Importance!

FSI (Floor Space Index), also known as FAR (Floor Area Ratio), is one of the most important elements of real estate. FSI refers to the maximum permitted area on a piece of land for construction. The FSI is the ratio of floor area covered to the available land area. FSI, which is usually set based […]


Best Places to Live in Kerala

Kerala – A tropical paradise that mesmerizes you with serene hill stations, waterfalls on one side and captivating beaches, and tranquil backwaters on the other. This unique geography of God’s own country makes it one of the most photogenic places in the world. Kerala is a wonderful place to live and to experience nature’s peace […]


How to Calculate The Total Cost of Buying A Flat in Bangalore

Planning to buy a flat in Bangalore? Calculating the total cost of buying a flat is essential for a smooth purchasing experience & a smooth move into the apartment. Our lives are filled with milestones – some that we achieve effortlessly such as entering adulthood, and some others that we create for ourselves, such as […]


How To Reduce Your Home Loan Interest Rate?

Do you want to reduce your home loan interest rate? since you are planning for a home loan but are afraid of paying higher home loan interest rates. Here we covered everything which you should know to reduce your home loan interest rate. Let’s go deeper- Buying a home is an aspiration for most people […]


Advantages Of Buying A House in Bangalore

Karnataka’s capital city, Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru, is famous for being the IT capital and home to numerous start-ups. Located about 3,000 feet above sea level, the Silicon Valley of India attracts thousands of people, all thanks to its pleasant weather all year round and the countless opportunities it offers. As more people set […]

Chennai Residential, SOBHA

Top Residential Localities To Invest In West Chennai!

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, attracts thousands of people due to its booming IT industry. An automobile hub nicknamed the Detroit of the East, Chennai is also known as the cinema capital of South India and is acclaimed for its innate passion for music and the fine arts. While towering gopurams of colorful […]

Delhi Residential, SOBHA

Why You Should Look For Residential Projects in Delhi NCR with Urban Park Spaces?

Delhi-NCR is home to over 3,000 industries, and most of them do not meet the standard environmental norms. This contributes to the city’s depleting lung space and increased air pollution. One of the solutions to counter the effects of poor air quality is to have more green spaces around. People are now seeking homes amidst […]


Apartment Vs Independent House: Which One is a Better Choice?

A city like Bengaluru attracts professionals and entrepreneurs alike, thanks to the year-round pleasant weather and booming tech industry. In this article, you can get a thorough understanding of both these property types so that you can make an informed decision about your investment. What is an Apartment? What Americans call an apartment, is what […]



Your wife may be a superwoman who knows what time she has a meeting without checking her calendar, where your office folders are ahead of your presentation, and is well aware of the children’s exam dates. But did you know she can save a ton of money if you decide to register the house property […]

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