Tips to Choose the Right Developer

November 2nd, 2018

Buying a home entails proper planning, research and verification of credentials, especially while choosing a developer. The right developer can help ease the home-buying experience by streamlining the entire process.

Here we list out a few tips that will enable you to select the right developer for your dream home:

  • Research developer’s competence

Before selecting a developer, it is important to do a thorough research on their years of experience and existence in the market. This will help you understand their competence as well as credibility. The safest bet is to choose a well-respected brand. You will be assured of both quality product and quality service. Moreover, established players have an in-depth knowledge of the market to offer you the right product at the right price.

  • Check track record of on-time delivery

Buying a home isn’t a temporary decision or investment. It is a place where you will be living lifelong. Therefore, it is essential to choose a developer with a good track record. A research on the number of projects completed and the time taken to deliver them is a must. This will give a fair idea about their track record of delivery of projects.

  • Verify for approvals

Another important aspect of determining the right developer is to check all approvals. To avoid any legal complications later, verify if the land approvals are in place along with other water, environment and pollution, height clearance and NOC from the concerned authorities. It is equally important to check the details of the development such as designated area for residential units, parking spaces, playground, shopping complex and other amenities. Opt for developers who adhere to environmental, health and safety standards.

  • Transparency is critical

Any transaction that is executed with maximum transparency should be of prime importance.  It is always advisable to select a developer who is known to be well-organized and transparent. Do a background check to know if a developer follows ethical business practices. Additionally, verify the developer’s efficiency towards being RERA complaint. This will ensure that you get your home on time without discrepancy.

  • Bank tie-ups and payment scheme

Most established developers have a tie-up with various banks and financial intuitions for home loans. Remember that projects approved by trusted and nationalised banks are more reliable than the rest. It is important to research about these services prior to coming to a conclusion. It is also essential to get a thorough understanding of the payment terms offered by the developer to avoid any confusion.

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