Top 5 Points on Your Checklist While Buying Your House

September 8th, 2017

Real Estate Bangalore

Purchasing a house is not only the most important financial decision but also a tricky one – particularly for the first-time home buyers.  One wrong move or a hasty decision could lead to a regret of a lifetime. Therefore, a careful examination of all the factors is required before investing one’s savings. Let us look at some of the points that one shouldn’t overlook while zeroing in on a property.

5 Points to Check While Purchasing Your Dream Home

  1. Security

    With increasing crime rate in metro cities, security has become a major concern for home buyers these days. Therefore, opt for a housing project that offers full – proof security, and makes no compromise on it should be preferred.

  1. Geography and Light

    Geography and light are equally important. While selecting a house, check for aspects such proper ventilation, air flow and ample natural light. These can make a huge impact on making a house livable.

  1. Legal Check

    Before purchasing a home, ensure all documentation are in place and are legal. It is best to take expert legal advice and have the documents examined thoroughly, especially for any kind disputes associated with the property.

  1. Plan & Design

    Choosing the right is paramount. Once a house is finalised and bought, it is not feasible or possible to change the design. In fact, it is not advisable to compromise on a floor plan or design that does not meet your criteria or choice.

  1. Your Family and Future Plans

    It is imperative that you assess your financial goals, current lifestyle and long-term family needs. Chart out a financial plan that can balance the rent or the EMIs without straining one’s resources. It is also important to assess housing requirement considering future plans such as increase in the number of members in the family.

It is never easy to find one’s dream home and we all want the best for family. The key is to have a checklist ready and be prepared to scout as many properties as possible before settling for the right the fit.  If you need assistance with finding your ideal home, we, at SOBHA, will be more than happy to help you. Connect with us here to check out SOBHA projects!

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