Advantages of Buying Row Houses in Bangalore

December 2nd, 2023

Advantages of Row Houses in Bangalore

Buying row houses in Bangalore can be attractive due to the ever-expanding real estate market, strategic locations, and robust infrastructure. Quite a few areas in Bangalore are popular real estate destinations, such as Whitefield, Indiranagar, Richmond Road, Koramangala, and more.

Nestled within the vibrant cityscape of Bangalore, row houses have emerged as a distinct and highly sought-after residential choice – seamlessly blending the comfort of individual homes with the sense of community living. In recent years, the rising popularity of row houses in Bangalore has been driven by a confluence of factors such as urbanisation, growing need for space utilisation, and an inherent desire for like-minded community living.

In this blog post, we delve into the myriad advantages of investing in row houses in the Garden City – exploring the practical benefits, lifestyle enhancements, and overall value proposition. Join us on a journey to unravel the charm & practicality that these residences bring to Bangalore’s real estate, and discover why they are a compelling choice for today’s homeowners.

10 Benefits of Owning a Row House in Bangalore

Row houses have emerged as an appealing choice among prospective homebuyers, offering a compelling middle ground that bridges the gap between apartments and villas. Despite their contemporary appearance, row houses have a rich history dating back to the early 17th century. Typically situated in gated communities, these residences form a cohesive row of similar-looking houses. Investing in these residences proves advantageous for homeowners, some of the benefits are as follows.

  1. Space Design for Row House in Bangalore

    Row houses are known for exceptional layouts and optimal space utilisation. With cleverly designed floor plans, these residences seamlessly integrate functional spaces, making every square foot count. Modern design features further elevate the appeal of these residences in Bangalore. SOBHA Oakshire and SOBHA Galera are some of the finest examples of uniquely styled row houses in Bangalore.

    What sets them apart is the customisation potential they offer. Homebuyers in Bangalore can often personalise their space, tailoring it to suit individual preferences and lifestyle needs. Whether creating a cosy reading nook, a home office, or a vibrant entertainment space, the flexibility in design allows residents to infuse their unique style into every corner.

  2. Community Living in Row Houses

    Community living stands out as a hallmark feature of row houses, providing the advantages of a gated community without the crowded ambience of apartments. Beyond standard amenities like a state-of-the-art swimming pool, clubhouse, and sports arenas, these residences offer modern conveniences such as round-the-clock security and CCTV surveillance.

    In sustainable developments, investors can also enjoy eco-friendly features like solar-powered electrical fittings and rainwater harvesting. This unique blend of contemporary living and environmental consciousness makes row houses in Bangalore highly coveted.

    Residents benefit from a supportive and connected neighbourhood facilitated by communal spaces and events encouraging interaction. Shared amenities, including landscaped gardens and clubhouses, enhance the overall lifestyle – fostering unity among neighbours.

    This collaborative spirit significantly impacts the quality of life, creating a secure and pleasant atmosphere. Row houses in Bangalore are more than just residences; they represent an investment in a lifestyle prioritising community, personal connect, and the collective well-being of its residents.

  3. Privacy in Row Houses in Bangalore

    Row houses seamlessly integrate the concept of individuality within a community setting. They provide homeowners with their own distinct spaces, fostering a sense of ownership and personal expression within the larger community.

    One of the noteworthy features contributing to privacy in these abodes is the provision of private outdoor spaces and gardens. Residents have the luxury of owning private yards, patios, or gardens – providing secluded retreats for relaxation, outdoor activities, or even gardening pursuits. This element of personal outdoor space allows residents to create an oasis of tranquillity, enhancing the overall living experience.

    While residents can enjoy the privacy of their homes, the design of row house communities often incorporates communal spaces and amenities – encouraging social interaction and a sense of belonging.

    In essence, privacy in row houses for sale in Bangalore extends beyond mere physical boundaries. It encompasses the provision for personal expression and individual living styles within the broader framework of a connected community.

  4. Security Features in Row Houses in Bangalore

    Security features stand as a paramount advantage for those considering row houses in Bangalore, contributing to the overall appeal of these residences as safe and secure havens. These homes are often situated within gated communities, fortified with robust infrastructure. The presence of secure entry points, manned gates, and surveillance systems deters unauthorised access and fosters a heightened sense of safety among residents.

    Controlled access points and vigilant security personnel contribute to a secure environment, providing parents with peace of mind regarding the safety of their children. Knowing that their residence is situated within a well-guarded community allows occupants to focus on enjoying their homes and the surrounding amenities without undue concerns about security. This sense of assurance extends beyond physical safety, encompassing the tranquillity of a protected environment.

  5. Maintenance of Row Houses in Bangalore

    Maintenance is a significant advantage when considering the best row houses in Bangalore, offering a streamlined and cost-effective approach to property care. One of the key benefits lies in the shared maintenance responsibilities within these communities.

    Unlike standalone villas, where owners bear the entire burden of upkeep, row house residents contribute collectively to maintaining common areas, shared facilities, and external infrastructure. This approach often leads to maintenance solutions that are more economical, allowing residents to enjoy well-maintained surroundings without shouldering exorbitant individual costs. The communal nature of these arrangements ensures that essential maintenance tasks are efficiently managed without placing undue financial strain on any single homeowner.

    Living in a row house in Bangalore East provides freedom from the hassles of individual property upkeep. The shared maintenance model means that residents can delegate responsibilities and trust, in a coordinated effort to keep the entire community in optimal condition.

  6. Investment Potential of Row Houses

    Uniquely designed row houses in Bangalore not only offer a distinctive charm but also serve as lucrative investment opportunities. The appreciation potential of row houses in Bangalore is a key draw for investors. The city’s dynamic real estate market – coupled with the increasing demand for well-designed, spacious homes – ensures a promising future value for these abodes.

    Unlike standalone apartments or villas, row houses strike the perfect balance, offering residents the luxury of independent living while fostering a sense of community. The potential for high returns and the city’s status as an investment hotspot make them an attractive option. Investors recognise the enduring demand for well-planned, aesthetically pleasing row houses, ensuring sustained value appreciation over time.

  7. Location Advantage

    The strategic placement of row house development in Bangalore is a standout feature, ensuring residents can access critical areas, highways, and amenities. Many row house projects in Bangalore, such as SOBHA Galera in Kannamangala and SOBHA Oakshire in Devanahalli, are strategically positioned near key business hubs, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. This saves time on daily commutes and enhances the overall quality of life for residents.

    Being well-connected to arterial roads facilitates seamless travel to different parts of the city and beyond. This accessibility is particularly appealing for professionals and families, allowing them to navigate the city easily. Residents enjoy the luxury of having essential amenities – such as supermarkets, parks, and entertainment hubs – in close vicinity.

  8. Lifestyle Amenities in Row Houses in Bangalore

    One of the critical advantages of row houses is the access to shared amenities, including well-designed clubhouses and parks. These spaces are platforms for social interaction, fostering a feeling of belonging among the residents. Clubs often host events & activities, creating opportunities for neighbours to connect and build relationships.

    Within the confines of the row house communities in Bangalore, residents are treated to various recreational facilities that contribute to a vibrant lifestyle. Amenities like Reflexology Path promote health & wellness, offering a therapeutic walk to enhance overall well-being. Additionally, dedicated kids’ play areas ensure families have a safe & entertaining space for their children to play and make friends.

    Including work pods within these communities aligns with the changing dynamics of remote work. Residents can enjoy an environment that is conducive for focused work, without having to venture far from home. This supports a flexible work-life balance and adds to the convenience of row house living.

  9. Sustainability and Green Spaces

    Investing in a row house in Bangalore provides a comfortable living space and aligns with the growing trend of sustainable, eco-friendly living. From energy-efficient lighting to water conservation systems, row houses in Bangalore often incorporate advanced technologies to minimise environmental impact and reduce utility costs.

    Residents can enjoy the presence of lush gardens, parks, and landscaping that enhance the area’s aesthetic appeal and contribute to a healthier environment. These green spaces are not just ornamental; they serve as vital lungs for the community, improving air quality and fostering a sense of tranquillity amidst the urban hustle.

    Responsible developers prioritise eco-friendly building materials and construction practices, reducing the carbon footprint of these homes. This commitment to sustainability appeals to environmentally conscious buyers who seek residences that align with their values.

  10. Cost Consideration of Row Houses for Sale in Bangalore

    One of the primary benefits is the affordability of these homes compared to independent houses or villas. Row houses provide the charm of a standalone unit while being more budget-friendly, making them an attractive option for individuals or families seeking a balance between space & cost. Row houses also offer potential cost savings in maintenance.

    Shared walls and common areas in these residential communities often translate to shared maintenance costs. This can significantly reduce individual maintenance costs and create more economical living arrangements. Moreover, it provides great value for money in the long run.

Row Houses Prices Trends in India

The row house price is dependent on multiple factors such as amenities, developer, location, and circle rate.


Price Trends (in INR)

Mumbai 50 lakhs – 30 cr
Bangalore 20 lakhs – 25 cr
Hyderabad 40 lakhs – 10 cr
Pune 25 lakhs – 20 cr
Chennai 10 lakhs – 8 cr
Gurgaon 30 lakhs – 20 cr
Noida 10 lakhs – 15 cr

Final Thoughts

Investing in a row house in Bangalore presents a myriad of advantages that extend beyond conventional housing options. The seamless blend of community living, privacy, and modern amenities positions row houses as an attractive choice for homebuyers. From enhanced security to the intrinsic cultural experience of Bangalore’s diverse neighbourhoods, these homes offer a lifestyle that caters to both convenience and comfort.

As you embark on the journey of homeownership, it is crucial to weigh the distinctive features of row houses, including their spacious layouts and proximity to key amenities. Embrace the charm & practicality of row houses and take the first step towards a harmonious, fulfilling living experience in the vibrant city of Bangalore.


1. What are the advantages of row housing?

Advantages of row housing are excellent blend of community living & privacy, space efficiency, affordability as compared to villas, safety & security, shared maintenance costs, and more. Row houses are usually situated in strategic locations, providing accessibility to key urban amenities yet maintaining a quieter living environment.

2. Is it good to buy a row house in Bangalore?

Yes, it is good to buy a row house in Bangalore. Their dynamic lifestyle and the city's real estate market make row houses in Bangalore an attractive investment. They strike a balance between urban convenience and serene living, appealing to those seeking both.

3. What are the disadvantages of row housing?

Disadvantages of row housing include potential noise intrusion, limited exterior space, and certain restrictions on architectural modifications. Privacy concerns may arise due to shared walls and proximity to neighbours. Careful consideration of these aspects is crucial for potential home buyers.

4. Do you own land in row house?

Yes, you own land in row house, apart from the home of course. This provides a sense of ownership and control over the property.

5. What is better, a flat or row house?

A row house is better than a flat in terms of space, individuality, and privacy. Flats are compact and may offer less privacy, but are less costlier. The choice between a flat and a row house depends on individual preferences, and the final decision should align with personal lifestyle and priorities of the family.

6. What is the concept of row house?

A row house is a housing style where a continuous row of identical or mirror-image houses shares common side walls. Each unit usually spans from the front to the back of the building, creating a visually cohesive yet individually owned structure.

7. What is the difference between a row house and a duplex?

A row house is part of a continuous row of attached houses, each with its entrance and typically sharing side walls. In contrast, a duplex refers to a structure divided into two separate living units, often side by side or one above the other, with each unit having its own entrance.

8. What is a group of houses called?

A group of houses is called a row house, if it is a continuous row of attached houses developed together. On a larger scale, a group of houses is called a neighbourhood, residential area, housing estate, subdivision, or simply a community.

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