Top Areas to Invest Near Bangalore Airport

August 21st, 2023

Areas to Invest Near Bangalore Airport

Investing near Bangalore airport in residential properties will yield great returns. There are few best residential areas to invest near Bangalore Airport which includes, Devanahalli, Thanisandra, Jakkur, Yelahanka, Hebbal, Bagalur, Hennur, Vidyaranyapura, Nagawara, Chikkajala.

Over the years, there has been a growing interest in investing in real estate, particularly residential real estate. However, when investing in real estate, one of the most important factors that you need to consider is the location. If the location has the potential to grow, the rest is assured.

Bangalore International Airport, officially known as Kempegowda International Airport, is one of the most important airports in the country. It’s the country’s third busiest airport – just behind Delhi and Mumbai – in terms of passenger traffic, cargo handled, and air traffic movements. What’s more, Bangalore airport stands at the 29th position among the busiest airports in Asia.

Areas around the 4,000-acre airport are rapidly developing as a hub. Major companies, including one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, Boeing, are setting up facilities near Bangalore International Airport in Devanahalli. Boeing’s upcoming facility in Aerospace Park, Devanahalli, is its second largest campus outside its global headquarters, which is in Virginia.

Devanahalli, where Bangalore International Airport is located, is witnessing unprecedented growth. The Aerospace SEZ, once completed, will provide employment opportunities – both direct and indirect – to hundreds of thousands of people. Already witnessing a real estate boom, the area is slated to be a commercial-cum-residential hub in the near future. Quite naturally, investing in residential real estate around Bangalore airport will result in your property registering immense year-on-year growth.

Factors to Consider While Making Investment Decisions

We have already seen the advantages of investing in real estate near Bangalore International Airport. Now, let’s take a look at factors that are crucial and worth considering before making up your mind about investing in residential real estate near Bangalore airport.

Indeed, the first and foremost consideration should be the distance from the property you are planning to invest in to the airport. Secondly, consider connectivity. If the property you are planning to invest in is close to major highways, roads and has easy accessibility to mass transportation such as bus and metro, it would further enhance your prospects. Finally, keep looking at the growth potential, infrastructure development and urbanization trends in the locality.

10 Best Areas to Invest Near Bangalore Airport

  • Area #1: Devanahalli

    The distance between Devanahalli and Bangalore Airport is 12.2 km and the travelling time is around 16 minutes.

    Bangalore International Airport is located in Devanahalli. One of the most prominent areas in North Bangalore, Devanahalli is not just a bustling hub of commercial activities but also a favourite destination for homebuyers. The locality boasts of seamless connectivity and a quaint charm. Hence, real estate developers make a beeline for the location to cater to the ever-growing customer demands.

    Devanahalli is expanding rapidly. Today, the area known as Devanahalli lies in the range of 5 to 15 kilometres away from the international airport of Bangalore. All types of properties are available in Devanahalli – apartments, row houses, villas, and plotted developments.

    Prices per square foot in Devanahalli are in the range of Rs. 3,103 to Rs. 18,571, the average price being Rs. 6,433. In terms of rental yield, the locality can easily fetch Rs. 20,000 for a 2 BHK home, Rs. 32,000 for a 3 BHK home and so on.

    While the Aerospace SEZ is home to some of the biggest companies, a slew of other proposed infrastructural projects will transform Devanahalli completely. The multi-modal transport connectivity comprising the metro network, which is rapidly progressing, along with the proposed Peripheral Ring Road will seamlessly connect Devanahalli to other parts of Bangalore.

    In terms of employment opportunities, Devanahalli has a lot to offer, thanks to its status as an emerging IT hub as well as an array of upcoming mega projects such as Devanahalli Business Park, Financial City, Science Park, etc.

    Projects Near Devanahalli – SOBHA Oakshire, Devanahalli

    If you are planning to invest in a property in Devanahalli, SOBHA Oakshire is an ideal choice. These 4 BHK row houses are a tribute to the quintessential English lifestyle and feature gabled steep roofs, timber and brickwork, and ornate windows. Nestled amidst serenity on IVC Road, Off Bellary Road, SOBHA Oaskshire offers quaint charm and seamless connectivity.

  • Area #2: Thanisandra

    The distance between Thanisandra and Bangalore Airport is 25.3 km and the travelling time is around 35 minutes.

    A prominent location in North Bangalore, which is close to Bangalore International Airport, Thanisandra is a favourite destination for homebuyers. Going by the emerging trends in Thanisandra real estate market, it is highly advisable to invest in residential real estate in the locality. In the last one year, property prices in the area rose by 13.59%.

    Thanisandra has plenty of affordable housing options and has the potential to grow immensely in the years to come. While the average property price per square foot in Thanisandra is Rs. 7,463, the starting price is as low as Rs. 872.

    Thanisandra boasts of well-developed infrastructure and seamless connectivity. Thanisandra main road connects the locality to other parts of Bangalore, particularly important areas such as Mysore Road, Whitefield, Outer Ring Road, etc.

    Thanisandra offers easy accessibility to workspaces – Manyata Tech Park is just 3.4 kilometres away. In addition to this, the locality has hospitals, educational institutions, shopping malls and more.

    Projects to Invest- SOBHA Dream Gardens, Off Thanisandra Main Road

    Designed around the principles of Zen, these 2 BHK homes are perfect as a real estate investment. Considering the burgeoning growth in the area, these homes will appreciate at a rapid pace.

    Know More: SOBHA Dream Gardens

  • Area #3: Jakkur

    The distance between Jakkur and Bangalore Airport is 25.3 km and the travelling time is around 37 minutes.

    A booming locality near Bangalore International Airport that has been witnessing a flurry of developmental activities in the recent past, Jakkur is an important real estate destination in North Bangalore. Jakkur has always been known for its aerodrome and the lake. But its prominence as a hotspot of real estate investment is changing its prospects forever.

    As already mentioned, a key attraction in Jakkur is the 214-acre aerodrome. The Government Flying Training School is also located in Jakkur. Besides offering flight training, the aerodrome also has private hangars. The Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Scientific Research is also located in Jakkur.

    Prominent builders choose Jakkur to build their high-end residential projects. Thus, Jakkur has all types of properties including apartments, penthouses, row houses and villas.

    Jakkur and surrounding areas have a wide range of recreational facilities. Some of these include Snow City, Fun World and Lumbini Gardens.  There are also prominent malls in and around Jakkur such as Elements Mall, Orion Mall, and Esteem Mall.

    Proects to Invest in Jakkur- SOBHA HRC Pristine

    If you prefer to invest in a high-end residential project in Jakkur, SOBHA HRC Pristine is the right choice for you. Located on Amruthahalli Main Road in Jakkur, SOBHA HRC Pristine is a green oasis tucked away in a bustling cityscape.

    Know more: SOBHA HRC Pristine

  • Area #4: Yelahanka

    The distance between Yelahanka and Bangalore Airport is 16.3 km and the travelling time is around 17 minutes.

    An important location favoured by homebuyers, Yelahanka is close to Bangalore International Airport. In addition to this advantage, what makes Yelahanka a real estate investment destination is its burgeoning infrastructure and great connectivity. One of the major IT parks in Bangalore, Manyata Tech Park is close to Yelahanka. The locality also has the presence of various defense facilities such as Indian Air Force, Border Security Force, and the Central Reserve Police Force.

    Yelahanka is taking a giant leap in terms of connectivity as various projects are coming up/passing through the area. Besides, the area is witnessing a boom in terms of residential and commercial developments. There are office spaces, malls, and other recreational facilities in the area in addition to various residential projects.

    Yelahanka has reputed schools, world-class healthcare facilities and top-notch lifestyle amenities. Millennium World School, Ryan International School, and Canadian International School are a few popular schools in the locality. When it comes to healthcare, Yelahanka has Aster CMI Hospital and Yelahanka Govt. Hospital etc. Shopping centres in the locality include Reliance Fresh, Loyal World Supermarket and More Megastore.

  • Area #5: Hebbal

    The distance between Hebbal and Bangalore Airport is 27.7 km and the travelling time is around 35 minutes.

    Arguably the most sought-after residential-cum-commercial hub in North Bangalore, Hebbal has tremendous investment and growth potential. Quite naturally, commercial enterprises as well as residential projects are aplenty in the locality

    Close to one of Bangalore’s most prominent tech parks – Manyata Tech Park, spreading over 300 acres, Hebbal is a bustling hub of employment opportunities. There are many commercial establishments including shopping centres and glitzy malls in the locality.

    Hebbal offers a wide range of housing options – from budget homes to ultraluxury residences. With plenty of recreational opportunities and just about everything that is required available in the vicinity, Hebbal is an ideal location for homebuyers.

  • Area #6: Bagalur

    The distance between Bagalur and Bangalore Airport is 11.9 km and the travelling time is around 17 minutes.

    Attaining prominence as a favourite destination of homebuyers, Bagalur is yet another residential locality which is close to Bangalore International Airport.

    For a homebuyer, Bagalur offers apartments, villas, and plotted developments. Available in various price ranges, these options are ideal as an investment.

    From a real estate investor’s point of view, Bagalur has great significance. As an upcoming locality, developmental activities are on the rise in Bagalur. The locality has immense connectivity to other parts of Bangalore including the Bangalore International Airport.

    Other most important developments in Bagalur include the 905-acre park, which is being developed by KIADB. Once operational, the park will be home to several IT companies. The upcoming metro line that will ensure seamless connectivity between south and north Bangalore is yet another attraction for investors as this will further enhance the locality’s potential as a real estate investment destination.

  • Area #7: Hennur

    The distance between Hennur and Bangalore Airport is 24.8 km and the travelling time is around 42 minutes.

    A well-established locality along the Outer Ring Road, North Bangalore, Hennur is a preferred residential location which is easily accessible via all modes of transportation. Two factors have significantly contributed to the exponential growth of Hennur. One is its excellent road connectivity, particularly to the major IT parks in Bangalore such as Manyata Tech Park, while the other is its proximity to the Bangalore International Airpor.

    Major real estate players in Bangalore have their presence in Hennur and are busy developing both residential and commercial establishments in the locality.

    Besides road connectivity, Hennur is also well-connected to the railway network as Banaswadi railway station is close by. It offers unparalleled connectivity to major IT hubs and has a plethora of shopping centres, malls as well as recreational centres.

    Projects to Invest in Off-Hennur Main Road – SOBHA Victoria Park Apartments

  • Area #8: Vidyaranyapura

    The distance between Vidyaranyapura and Bangalore Airport is 25 km and the travelling time is around 41 minutes. 

    An upscale neighbourhood in North Bangalore, Vidyaranyapura is seamlessly connected with other parts of Bangalore. At just 25 kilometres away from Bangalore International Airport, Vidyaranyapura also offers excellent public transportation facilities.

    The proposed high-speed link road, and the emergence of office spaces along with the Information Technology Investment Region that is coming up in Devanahalli is transforming Vidyaranyapura into a hub.

    Vidyaranyapura has all types of properties including plotted developments and apartments by reputed developers. Prices per square foot in Vidyaranyapura range from Rs. 2,111 to Rs. 18,253 and the average price is Rs.6,273. With several developmental projects coming up in and around Vidyaranyapura, real estate investments in the area will see tremendous appreciation in the coming years.

  • Area #9: Nagawara

    The distance between Nagawara and Bangalore Airport is 29.6 km and the travelling time is around 37 minutes.

    Lying adjacent to other prominent neighbourhoods in North Bangalore such as Hebbal and Thanisandra, Nagawara is a prominent locality, which is close to Bangalore International Airport. Home to one of the most famous tech parks in Bangalore, Manyata Tech Park, Nagawara is a bustling residential property market. Owing to its connectivity to other parts of Bangalore as well as its reputation as an IT hub, Nagawara has become a favourite destination of homebuyers.

    Besides office spaces, Nagawara is close to shopping centres, recreational facilities, educational institutions, hospitals, etc.

    As a well-established locality that houses both residential and commercial properties, Nagawara has tremendous potential as a real estate investment destination. The advantages are, as already mentioned, its connectivity, proximity to the airport, as well as the employment opportunities, particularly in IT sector.

  • Area #10. Chikkajala

    The distance between Chikkajala and Bangalore Airport is 9.8 km and the travelling time is around 13 minutes.

    Rapidly emerging as a residential locality, Chikkajala is just 9.8 kilometres away from Bangalore International Airport – a key reason for its popularity. Chikkajala has a wide range of residential properties.

    The average price per square foot in Chikkajala is Rs. 5,987. As an area that is developing at a steady pace, Chikkajala is an ideal real estate investment destination.

    Besides its proximity to the airport, Chikkajala also has great road connectivity. Moreover, it has both Yelahanka Junction railway station and Kempegowda International Airport halt railway station in less than 10 kilometres away. It is home to reputed educational institutions and has office spaces and malls in surrounding localities.

    Now you are familiar with 10 prominent localities that are close to Bangalore International Airport. While some of these are more popular than others, price range also tends to vary. But before investing in a property, make sure that you carefully analyse various pros and cons of the respective locality. Remember, all these areas have the potential for immense appreciation, but due diligence is the key to ensure that your money remains safe and ensure you great returns year on year.


1. Is it worth investing near Bangalore airport?

The areas around Bangalore International Airport are witnessing tremendous developmental activities. Multinational companies have already set up their bases there and new companies are making a beeline for the location. As a result, residential real estate is booming in the area. Considering all these aspects, investing near Bangalore airport is sure to yield great returns.

2. Is it wise to buy property near the airport?

When you buy a property near the airport, one thing you can be sure of is appreciation. The demand for residential property near the airport is quite high and is unlikely to slow down because of the rapid growth in the area. Quite naturally, buying a property near the airport is a wise decision you can make.

3. Where is the best place to live near Kempegowda International Airport?

There are quite a few residential localities near Kempegowda International Airport that are ideal to choose. A few examples are Devanahalli, Hebbal, Yelahanka, and Jakkur. These localities are extremely well-developed and known for their seamless connectivity and social infrastructure.

4. Which investment is best in Bangalore?

Bangalore is an ever-growing city. In turn, demand for housing in the city is quite high. These two aspects are good enough to consider real estate as the best investment in Bangalore.

5. Which area is growing fastest in Bangalore?

Bangalore as a whole is growing at a good pace. However, there are some popular areas which are growing faster in Bangalore, which include- Whitefield, Sarjapur Road, Panathur Main Road, KR Puram, Banashankari, Electronic City, Hennur Road, Thanisandra, Hebbal, Yelahanka, Devanahalli. You can read more here-

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