Pune Ring Road Route, Latest News, Timeline, Current Status

August 18th, 2023


Pune’s game-changing Ring Road project is set to revolutionise connectivity in the city and development across the region. This initiative will redefine how people move within & beyond the city, ushering in a new era of efficiency and accessibility. Let us delve into the significance and potential impact of this infrastructural marvel.

As urbanisation continues to reshape the landscape of cities, infrastructure projects play a pivotal role in enhancing connectivity and alleviating traffic congestion. One such ambitious endeavour is the Pune Ring Road project – set to transform the transportation network of Pune, India. In this article, we delve into the details of this upcoming project, its significance for the city’s residents and economy, and the anticipated impact on the region’s overall development.

What is a Ring Road?

A ring road is a circular or semi-circular road surrounding a city, serving as a bypass to divert traffic from the city centre. It reduces congestion, improves traffic flow, and enhances connectivity between various parts of the city and with major highways. Ring roads also facilitate the signal-free movement of goods and people – enabling smoother transportation, reducing costs, and promoting economic growth.

Importance of Pune Ring Road

Pune Ring Road holds significant importance due to its potential to address the growing traffic congestion in the city. By providing an efficient bypass route around the urban core, this road can alleviate traffic pressure on existing roads – thus reducing travel time and improving overall safety.

This infrastructure project will enhance local transportation and contribute to economic growth by facilitating smoother movement of goods and people. Additionally, its strategic placement can spur development in hitherto remote areas, promoting urban expansion and improving connectivity to neighbouring regions.

Proposed Route of Pune Ring Road

Overall, the Pune ring road project would connect key motorways – including Pune-Nashik, Mumbai-Pune-Solapur, Pune-Ahmednagar, and Pune-Satara, as well as 29 villages surrounding the city. Phase 1 includes the following: Theurphata, NH 9, Kesnand, Wagholi, Charholi, Bhavdi, Tulapur, Alandi, and Kelgaon.

Phase 2 includes the following routes: NH 50, Chimbli Moi, Nighoje, Sangurde, Shelarwadi, Chandkhed, Pachne, Pimploli, Rihe, Ghotawde, and Pirangutphata. Phase 3 comprises Pirangutphata, Bhugaon, Chandni Chowk, Ambegaon, and Katraj. Phase 4 includes Ambegaon, Katraj, Mangde, Wadachi, Holkar, Wadkinaka, Ramdar, Theurphata, and NH 9.

Latest News and Updates on Pune Ring Road

Following are some of the latest news and updates regarding the Pune Ring Road.

  1. According to news reports, the 172 km Pune Ring Road will have five or more logistics centres built by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC).
  2. Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) has asked the Maharashtra government to pay the land acquisition cost of ₹7,200 crore. To purchase 38.62 hectares of land for the 5.4 km portion from Solu to Wadgaon Shinde, the state government is expected to pay PMRDA ₹350 crore, according to media sources. The anticipated cost is ₹14,200 crore, which includes the cost of land purchase & road construction.
  3. According to officials, landowners will receive an average payment of ₹3.7 crore per hectare. In this phase, the authority will spend ₹2,348.92 crore to purchase 618.8 hectares of land spread over 32 villages.

Timeline of the Project

Pune Ring Road was first conceived in 2007 to improve connectivity in the city and its surrounding areas. However, the project was placed on hold due to lack of funds. The 172 km long project received funding totalling ₹26,831 crores from the Maharashtra government in September 2021, which included land acquisition and construction expenditures.

According to MSRDC, the Pune ring road project should be finished by 2025. The State cabinet gave permission to MSRDC in November 2022, to seek a loan totalling ₹35,629 crore from the Housing Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) to purchase land for 3 significant road development projects in the state. The Pune ring road project will be the most expensive of these three.

Current Status of Pune Ring Road

Property acquisition for the Pune Ring Road has begun, and landowners are responding well to this initiative. Settlement of ₹250 crores has already been paid out, and 125 acres of land have been bought. The district authorities are actively involved in the acquisition process under the direction of the Collector, encouraging an open dialogue with landowners and providing an additional incentive of 25% for consent awards.

In 35 villages involved in the land acquisition process, there are 16,940 account holders. Of those, 8030 account holders have consented to the land acquisition, and 275 of them have received payment for the land. The District Collector reviewed the situation and decided to extend the date for submitting the consent option until August 21, 2023, because it would take a long time to coordinate all the paperwork needed to get ownership of the land.

The land acquisition award will be made public without including the additional 25% payment for those landholders who do not consent, if the consent letter and agreement are not received by the extended deadline.

Benefits and Impacts of Pune Ring Road

Once completed, the Pune Ring Road project is expected to bring several benefits and significantly impact the city & its surroundings, which may include:

  1. Traffic Relief:

    The ring road will divert traffic away from the city centre, reducing congestion and improving traffic flow within the urban core. With smoother traffic flow, commuters can experience shorter travel times, increasing efficiency and productivity.

  2. Improved Connectivity:

    Pune Ring Road will enhance connectivity between various parts of the city and major highways, making it easier for people & goods to move across the region. Improved transportation infrastructure can attract businesses & investments, contributing to economic growth and job opportunities.

  3. Urban Development:

    The road’s alignment will stimulate overall development in areas that were previously not connected to the city, potentially leading to urban expansion and improved access to amenities. Areas connected by the ring road may experience an increase in property values due to improved accessibility and convenience. Enhanced connectivity with the city will undoubtedly increase real estate and housing offerings. For those looking to stay connected to the city while being close to nature, SOBHA Nesara is an excellent luxury gated community to consider.

  4. Environmental Benefits:

    Reduced traffic congestion will lower vehicle emissions, positively impacting air quality and helping in environment conservation.

  5. Tourism and Trade:

    Improved connectivity can encourage tourism and facilitate the movement of goods, boosting local economies and overall trade.

  6. Regional Development:

    The ring road can enhance regional connectivity, making it easier for neighbouring districts & cities to access Pune and its resources. This in turn will provide a much-needed impetus to the economies & micro-markets in these locations.

  7. Emergency Response:

    This well-planned road will considerably improve emergency response times by providing quicker routes for ambulances, fire engines, and other emergency services.

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Final Thoughts

The Pune Ring Road project symbolises the city’s commitment to progress and improved urban living. With the potential to untangle traffic snarls, enhance connectivity, and catalyse economic growth, this ambitious endeavour has captured the attention of residents, investors, analysts, business owners, and observers. As we eagerly anticipate the completion of this transformative infrastructure, the road’s impact will extend far beyond its concrete and asphalt.

Pune Ring Road promises smoother journeys, revitalised neighbourhoods, and a more connected future for Pune and its communities. As construction progresses and plans evolve, it is essential to foster open dialogue, address concerns, and prioritise sustainability – in order to ensure that the road paves the way to a better tomorrow for everyone it serves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – 

1. What is the status of the outer ring road in Pune?

As regards the status of the outer ring road in Pune, the local administration has stated that construction of Pune Ring Road will begin in December 2023 and be completed by the end of 2026 – as per the most recent media sources. The land acquisition procedure is set to be completed by September 2023, but actual construction will not start until another 3-4 months.

2. How long is the outer ring road in Pune?

The length of the outer ring road in Pune is 172 km. Typically, outer ring roads are designed to encircle a city, connecting significant highways and suburbs. The project encompasses 25 hectares of private land and 48 hectares of government land.

3. What is the Pune Ring Road project?

The Pune Ring Road project is a proposed infrastructure development to improve transportation connectivity and reduce traffic congestion in Pune, India. It will involve the construction of a circular road that will bypass the city centre, allowing traffic to avoid congested urban areas and facilitating the smoother movement of goods & people around the city.

4. What is the latest on the Pune Ring Road?

The latest update on Pune Ring Road is that currently land is being acquired, and the project is expected to be completed by December 2025. The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation also intends to build 5 logistical centres to help the manufacturing and agricultural industries located along the ring road.

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