Top 5 security features to consider before buying a house

August 17th, 2017

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Home is where you are happy and comfortable but most importantly- safe! When one thinks of investing in a house, there are many parameters he/she needs to bear in mind. Spacious rooms, neat tiles, quality bathrooms, modern kitchen fittings, and well-polished wooden work – ALL CHECK!  But how often does one pay heed to the most important aspect of home buying – Security. According to a 2016 report released by Ministry of Home Affairs, India,  an alarming number of 5,46,949 theft and burglary cases were reported across the country.

Thus, it is imperative that one takes into account the following factors before purchasing a house:

1)      Neighborhood: The social and financial atmosphere of a neighborhood plays a pivotal role while zeroing on the purchase of a property. Therefore, it is important that one does a thorough background check and understands the locality before moving in. Hence, it will be wise to avoid areas which have had history of crime.

2)      Installing a security system: Securing doors and windows is equally paramount. The ideal way to do this is by installing a high alert wireless security system. Consider investing in a multi-layer security system while buying an apartment.

3)       Security Guards: If one happens to stay in a gated apartment, or intends to keep security personnel to safeguard their property, verification of their work experience is highly recommended. Also, conducting a thorough background check with the police helps in fortifying the security measures.

4)      Fire Protection: Installing an appropriate smoke alarm and testing them often is the first step towards ensuing a safe and fire proof home. Additionally, making sure that keys to all locked doors are readily accessible in case one needs to escape during an emergency is essential. Homes should be checked for appropriate fire exit zones to combat crisis.

5)      Gates, Doors and Windows: The entrance and exit pathways are key features of a home. The robustness and quality of the doors and windows are of prime importance. Having a well-lit steel or strong wooden doors and window helps prevent an unwarranted intrusion. A ‘peephole’ ingrained with a fisheye lens on a door allows the resident to see the person on the other side of the door.  The fisheye lens helps provide a wider view from the inside with minor to zero see through slab for the outsider. A double-barreled see through window with the grills crafted out of steel helps strengthen the security measures.

Often, one gets carried away by the look and feel of a house and overlooks security features. Consulting a security professional, who can advice about comprehensive security gadgets like sensors for the doors and windows, aids in ensuring a robust safety house. Even better if a developer offers you smart homes that have inbuilt security systems, covering each and every aspect of security. One such developer is SOBHA Limited. It put immense thought in offering full-proof security measures for all their projects.   SOBHA has a long-standing partnership with leading safety solution providers, developing dependable contemporary security solutions. SOBHA Habitech, Bangalore, one of the completed projects of the company has been equipped with a patented smart home automation technology. This smart home solution comes with entrance management, gas leak sensor, panic button, video surveillance, mood settings among others. These homes aim to provide a safer, more energy efficient and a more convenient environment to live in.

Purchasing a house is one of the most important decisions of a lifetime.  An uncompromised approach towards safety and research will go a long way in maintaining the safety of your loved ones.

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