Why Should You Invest in Flats in Thrissur?

August 18th, 2022


The cultural capital of Kerala – Thrissur – is also known for its immaculate landscapes, mesmerising waterfalls, majestic wildlife at the Thrissur Zoo, the Guruvayur Temple, Vadakkunnathan Temple, and its world famous Pooram that captures the state’s rich cultural heritage. These are not only distinct tourist attractions, but also a local delight for those living in this famed city. The place offers the best of city life with the freshness of the countryside.

With Thrissur becoming the hub for housing, the city has witnessed a spurt in the demand for real estate. Now, homebuyers are in pursuit to buy the flats that are for sale in Thrissur. This only guarantees the best results from investing in Thrissur, and here, we have highlighted a few:

Top 7 Benefits of Investing in Flats in Thrissur

  1. Location

Thrissur is an ever-growing locale and boasts of some of the finest infrastructures. The city is a hub for IT companies, premium educational institutions, and medical facilities. Surrounded by Palakkad and Malappuram to the north, Ernakulam on the south, Coimbatore on the east, and the Western Ghats on the west, Thrissur is nestled in the historical Malabar Coast.

  1. The Best Lifestyle

Striking the perfect balance of leading a nature-oriented lifestyle with modern infrastructure, Thrissur has become an excellent investment location for homebuyers from across the globe. While there are options to live close to nature, the city also proffers landmarks and other utilitarian places. Home to the Kerala Kalamandalam, Kerala Sahitya Academy, the Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy, and the Kerala Lalitakala Academy, Thrissur, is a true testament to cultural preservation. These academies not only offer employment, but also reiterate the state’s rich legacy.

  1. Thrissur, A Tourist Hub

Thrissur attracts scores of global tourists during Thrissur Pooram, an annual temple festival held at the Vadakkunnathan temple. Surrounded by abundant greenery and vegetation, Thrissur is home to the Athirappilly waterfalls, and the Vilangan hills, and also offers the best of city life. Tourists from far and near throng the Punnathur Kotta elephant sanctuary and the Peechi dam throughout the year. The city is also a hub for most of the famous temples, churches, and mosques. Kodungallur is an area of great archaeological importance since the Chera Empire, as it served as a strategic entry point for naval fleets.

  1. Weather Conditions

The weather in Thrissur is largely pleasant. While the summers can get humid and hot, and the monsoon brings heavy rains, the winters make up for them both. Tourists make the most of this cool and comfortable time of the year to experience the best of Thrissur. Given that there is abundant natural greenery surrounding Thrissur, there is never a dearth of a restful escape any time during the year. The sounds of birds chirping fill the air every morning, the cool breezes whizz past you every evening and the distant gurgle of waterfalls, all contribute to the city’s tranquillity.

  1. Emerging IT Hub

The IT industry is booming in this part of Kerala as well, paving the way for techies to enjoy a fruitful life. The city is home to one of Kerala’s largest IT hubs and continues to show potential for housing more. IT professionals are constantly on the lookout to make an investment in this promising locale to reap maximum benefits in a short time. With this thriving industry in Thrissur, it is only a matter of time before more IT professionals migrate to the city, promising a brighter real estate sector with every passing year.

  1. Connectivity

Thrissur and its excellent connectivity are worthy of mention. With easy access to not one, not two, but three airports, the city is a traveller’s haven! The Kochi Airport is a mere 58 km away, the Kozhikode Airport is just 80 km away, and the Coimbatore Airport is only 115 km away. So, you can pick where you want to fly from, with these many options. Needless to say, the Thrissur railway station is of great significance to frequent travellers and travelling by road, too, is not a difficult feat.

  1. Better ROI

The real estate sector across India is seeing a massive transformation in recent years and Thrissur is no different. The city’s real estate sector is one of the fastest growing in the country and it already seeing a surge in the demand for houses. Over the years, Thrissur has grown exponentially and consistently. The major conurbations of the city have attracted IT hubs, pedagogic institutions, and much more, paving the way for higher employment. Homebuyers are sure to reap better returns on their investment in just a few years. Investing in flats in Thrissur is a convenient and brilliant way to garner a secure future.


It is no doubt that Thrissur is one of the most preferred cities to live in, among many homebuyers. It provides a perfect balance of traditional life in the modern world. The education system in Thrissur is commendable, thanks to premium institutions lining the city. Thrissur also stresses the importance of culture and tradition. From renowned Kathakali academies to other institutions preserving the artistic heritage of the state, Thrissur is the chosen home.

The property rates are on a steady rise and investing here will be a wise decision for generations to come. With fabulous returns guaranteed soon, Thrissur is one of the most sought-after cities in Kerala.

Some of SOBHA’s landmark projects in Thrissur are SOBHA Metropolis, SOBHA Silver Estate, and SOBHA Lake edge. Located in various parts of Thrissur, these hot favourites among homebuyers globally are fast selling out.

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