Is Investing in Plotted Development A Good Idea?

December 10th, 2019

Real estate continues to be at the top for Indians, for any long-term investment. It is one of the most trusted means of asset and wealth creation for investors, especially High Networth Individuals (HNIs).  Despite the popularity of apartments as the preferred real estate investment, plotted developments have been able to garner fair share of eyeballs in the last few years. In fact, plotted developments are becoming increasingly attractive for investors, thanks to high returns and lower investment cost.  

To evaluate why plotted developments may be a good choice, we bring you some points.

Low Capital Investment

Unlike apartment or villa projects, the investment required to develop plotted developments is relatively low. These developments, like apartment projects, are gated communities with amenities such as parks and roads among other basic facilities. Today, many developers also offer clubhouse, swimming pool, gym etc. Similarly, for investors, it cheaper to invest in a plot over an apartment. The starting average price for plotted developments is around Rs. 19 lakh. However, this depends on the area of the development.

Faster Delivery, Minimum Risk

Since these are individual plots of land with minimum development required, the delivery is usually fast. Therefore, it reduces the risk of delay in completion. Plotted developments may be completed within a year or so. Again, it depends on the amenities provided within the development.

Better Appreciation

Land is limited, especially in metro cities. Therefore, the value of land is known to appreciate steadily. This assures good returns on investment. Factors such as development around the land, especially in terms of social infrastructure, also influences the price.   

Easy To Sell

Traditionally, land is known to be in demand. Hence, resale of plotted development is easier, assuring faster liquidation.

Customization of Home

With plotted development, you have the choice to build a home based on your lifestyle. Further, it offers you the choice of expanding the home in future, if need be.

To find your ideal piece of land with basic facilities, look no further. SOBHA offers you a range of plotted developments to choose from.

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