Is It Worth Buying Property in GIFT City?

June 29th, 2024

Is It Worth Buying Property in GIFT City?

Explore India’s emerging financial and tech hub in this blog, to evaluate if it is worth buying property in GIFT City. Know its potential for robust investment returns, high rental yields, and modern infrastructure. Assess pros and cons against its early development challenges.

Envisioned as India’s answer to global fintech hubs, Gujarat International Finance Tec-City is a meticulously planned greenfield financial hub. GIFT City is located between Gujarat’s financial and political capitals – Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. This ambitious initiative aims to be a global financial and technology hub, attracting leading domestic and international companies.

Development is in full swing, and this city with world-class infrastructure already houses some of the biggest names in finance. With over ₹11,000 crores worth of investments committed by major companies; GIFT City is brimming with potential. Homebuyers and investors would however be thinking: is it worth buying property in GIFT City? This blog dives deep into the potential and challenges of this real estate market.

5 Advantages of Buying Property in GIFT City

As this meticulously planned city takes shape, a unique opportunity arises for astute real estate investors. Let us delve into 5 compelling reasons why buying property in GIFT City could be a strategic move.

  1. Robust Investment Potential

    The Indian government is heavily invested in GIFT City’s success, offering a plethora of tax benefits for businesses and residents alike. These include exemptions on capital gains and dividends and a reduced minimum alternative tax (MAT), creating an attractive investment environment. Many companies have set up operations here, taking advantage of these incentives to establish a robust presence in the city.

  2. Capital Appreciation on the Horizon

    With a growing number of leading domestic and international companies establishing a presence in GIFT City, demand for commercial and residential spaces is poised to surge. This rise in demand is likely to be reflected in property values, offering significant capital appreciation potential in the years to come. According to real estate consultancy JLL, property prices in GIFT City have seen a steady increase of 10-15% annually since its inception.

  3. High Rental Yields

    As GIFT City attracts working population from across the country, the demand for rental properties is expected to climb steadily. Industry experts predict this could offer a consistent stream of income alongside the potential for long-term capital gains. A report by Cushman & Wakefield suggests that rental yields in GIFT City are projected to be among the highest in India, comparable to those in prime locations like Mumbai and Bangalore.

  4. Upcoming Developments making GIFT City an Ideal Investment Destination

    Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) stands as India’s premier Central Business District, spanning 886 acres and hosting over 500 companies across fintech, banking, aviation, and more – with a workforce exceeding 20,000. It’s future includes massive expansion to 3430 acres, riverfront social infrastructure featuring entertainment, retail zones, an Aqua Park (India’s largest underwater aquarium), and many other amenities.

    Adding to its allure are upcoming campuses of University of Wollongong and Deakin University, along with India’s second Formula 1 circuit, affirming it’s position as a prime destination for forward-looking investors seeking dynamic growth opportunities in a global setting.

  5. Beyond Bricks and Mortar: A World-Class Cityscape

    GIFT City is not just about creating financial muscle; it is about fostering a thriving urban ecosystem. World-class infrastructure is being meticulously built – with high-speed connectivity, efficient transport systems, and sustainable development. Residential areas within GIFT City are planned with strong focus on residents’ well-being. Imagine a vibrant community with world-class amenities, including well-equipped schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational spaces.

    This creates a desirable living environment that can attract not only professionals but also families seeking a high quality of life. By combining a robust investment climate with a well-planned urban environment, it offers a compelling proposition for those seeking a strategic and potentially lucrative real estate investment.

Possible Disadvantages of Buying Property in GIFT City

The promise of thriving business centres with world-class infrastructure is undeniably alluring. However, navigating the real estate market in a city under development requires a cautious approach. A wise investor always considers all sides. So, let us discuss the cons of buying property in GIFT City, by delving into the potential drawbacks that warrant careful consideration.

  1. Current Phase of Development

    GIFT City is still in its preliminary to intermediate stages of development. While significant strides have been made in commercial infrastructure – including office spaces and financial institutions – the residential and social infrastructure is still catching up.

    Facilities such as schools, hospitals, and entertainment options are limited, posing challenges for potential residents looking for a fully integrated community experience. Moreover, outside of business hours, it’s residential areas may lack vibrancy and community life. However, in the near future, this issue would get sorted, as more residents move to the city and social infrastructure gets developed.

  2. Property Prices

    One of the key considerations for investors in GIFT City is the pricing dynamics driven by its developmental phase. Property prices in GIFT City may initially be set at a premium due to its status as a world-class business hub with anticipated future growth. While this reflects the city’s potential and strategic importance, it may not always align with current market realities or comparable developments in more established urban centres. Investors should exercise caution while assessing the sustainability of current property valuations in GIFT City over the long term.

    Thus, while GIFT City holds promise as a future-ready investment destination, homebuyers & investors should carefully evaluate advantages and disadvantages. The city’s ongoing development and evolving socio-economic landscape necessitate a prudent approach to property investment decisions, ensuring alignment with your financial objectives and risk tolerance.

Who Should Consider Buying Property in GIFT City?

GIFT City’s allure lies in its ambitious vision and the potential for substantial returns. However, it is a unique market that caters to a specific investor profile. Here is a breakdown of who might find GIFT City an attractive proposition:

  1. Investors with a Long-Term Outlook (5+ Years)

    GIFT City is a marathon, not a sprint. It is still under development – and being a thriving business centre with a vibrant residential community, its full potential will take some time to materialise. Investors who understand this and have a long-term horizon (ideally 5+ years) are best positioned to reap the benefits. Property value appreciation is likely to be gradual but steady as the city matures.

  2. Professionals Working in GIFT City

    For professionals employed within GIFT City, buying property can be a strategic decision. Imagine the convenience of ‘walk to work’, eliminating the hassle of traffic congestion. As the city develops, you can also expect access to more world-class amenities, leading to high quality of life.

  3. Believers in the India Growth Story

    Those who believe in India’s potential as a global powerhouse are likely to find GIFT City appealing. The government’s strong backing and the focus on attracting leading companies suggest a promising future for the city. Investing in real estate here allows you to be a part of this growth story and potentially benefit from its long-term rise.


GIFT City presents a unique proposition for real estate investors in India. Backed by the government’s vision and substantial investments, the city holds the potential to become a thriving global financial and tech hub. This blog has explored both the alluring possibilities and the challenges to consider when contemplating property purchase in GIFT City.

Key Considerations

On the positive side, the city offers robust investment potential, world-class infrastructure, evolving community, and more. The decision to buy property in GIFT City hinges on your individual circumstances.

  • Long-term investors (5+ years) with a mid to high tolerance for risk and a belief in India’s growth story will find it appealing.
  • Professionals working here seeking a convenient commute and amenities in the future can benefit from buying a property in GIFT City.

Remember, a well-informed decision is crucial. Consulting a financial advisor specialising in real estate can provide valuable personalised guidance.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Potential investors are encouraged to conduct their own research and consult with a qualified financial advisor to assess their individual investment goals and risk tolerance before taking any investment decisions in GIFT City.


1. Is GIFT City a good investment for real estate?

Yes, GIFT City is a good investment for real estate, particularly for investors with a horizon of 5+ years and professionals working there. Positive factors include government incentives, ongoing infrastructure development, and potential for capital appreciation. However, investors should also weigh risks such as the city's early developmental stage and the possibility of elevated property prices.

2. What are the benefits of buying property in GIFT City?

The benefits of buying property in GIFT City are tax incentives to encourage influx of businesses & residents, excellent potential for capital appreciation as the city continues to develop, strong rental yields due to the expanding workforce, and modern infrastructure & amenities that are being meticulously designed and developed.

3. What are the drawbacks of buying property in GIFT City?

The drawbacks of buying property in GIFT City are development phase leading to lesser social infrastructure such as schools and hospitals, subdued atmosphere outside of business hours, and elevated property prices due to its status as a global fintech hub.

4. Who should consider buying property in GIFT City?

You should consider buying property in GIFT City, if you have a long-term investment horizon, seek capital appreciation, work there and prioritise convenient commutes, or believe in the future growth potential of GIFT City as India’s leading financial and technological hub.

5. Should I consult a financial advisor before buying in GIFT City?

Yes, you should consult a financial advisor before buying in GIFT City, as they can evaluate your specific objectives and risk tolerance to determine if investing there aligns with your overall financial strategy.

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