7 Handy Tips for Buying A Home Online During The Lockdown

May 2nd, 2020

Today, while buying a home, technology plays a significant role for developers and home buyers alike. However, it is important to keep in mind a few points that can come handy during online home buying.  

Tips for Buying A Home Online During The Lockdown

  • Type of Home:

    Begin the home buying journey online by selecting the type of home you want to buy – apartment or villa; affordable or mid-market segment; 1 BHK, 2 BHK, & 3 BHK complete, near completion or a new project etc.
  • Location Search With Map: 

    Use google map-based online searches while looking for a home. It will provide you a clear indication of the location of the home. Further, it will give information on both, social and physical infrastructure available around the project. Therefore, even without a physical visit to the project site, all necessary information about the facilities and developments around the project can be obtained easily. 
  • Virtual Tour:

    Since physical site visit is not allowed or possible during lockdown, developers are incorporating technology to give home buyers an enhanced experience. One such way is virtual tour. With virtual tours, home buyers can view a home from all possible angles and as many times as needed for a real-life experience of site visit.

  • Credible Developers:

    Homebuyers should choose an established developer with a proven track record of quality and timely delivery. This ensures that your investment is safe.

  • On-Call Consultation:

    It is always advisable to speak with the sales consultant over a call to get the better understanding of the project/s on offer basis the home buyer’s requirement.

  • Lockdown Offers:

    Countrywide lockdown is a time for schemes, cashback and discounts. It has enabled home buyers to negotiate and finalise attractive deals virtually.

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