5 Best Luxury Residential Projects in Gurgaon by SOBHA

June 25th, 2024

5 Best Luxury Residential Projects in Gurgaon by SOBHA

Discover the pinnacle of opulent living with SOBHA’s top 5 luxury residential projects in Gurgaon. Sophisticated design meets unparalleled amenities at these elite gated communities, offering an exclusive lifestyle in some of the most coveted locales in Delhi NCR.

Established in 1995 by Mr PNC Menon, SOBHA Limited is a renowned luxury real estate developer in India. The company is celebrated for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. As India’s first fully backward integrated real estate player, SOBHA controls every aspect of its projects from conception to completion – ensuring unmatched standards in craftsmanship and design. With a reputation for delivering world-class residential and commercial properties, SOBHA has set new benchmarks in the industry.

SOBHA has a significant presence in Gurgaon, one of India’s premier hubs for luxury living. The city is known for its upscale lifestyle, modern infrastructure, and vibrant real estate market. SOBHA’s projects in Gurgaon are synonymous with opulence – offering residents a blend of sophisticated design, state-of-the-art amenities, and prime locations. These developments are tailored to cater to the discerning tastes of those seeking high-end apartments and exclusive villas, solidifying Gurgaon’s reputation as a destination for luxury living.

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Top 5 SOBHA Luxury Projects in Gurgaon

In the heart of Gurgaon – a city synonymous with luxury living – SOBHA Limited stands out with its exceptional residential projects. These gated communities are designed to offer an unparalleled lifestyle – blending sophistication, modern amenities, and prime locations. Here are the top 5 SOBHA luxury projects in Gurgaon that epitomise high-end living.

  1. SOBHA Altus: A Luxury Residential Project at Sector 106

    Strategically located in the highly sought-after Sector 106 of Gurgaon, SOBHA Altus is an embodiment of contemporary luxury living. This project showcases SOBHA’s dedication to excellence – offering residents a perfect blend of sophisticated design, state-of-the-art amenities, and seamless connectivity.

    Location & Accessibility

    Sector 106 Gurgaon is a prime location with convenient access to major hubs and infrastructure. Proximity to Dwarka Expressway ensures quick connectivity to the IGI Airport, Dwarka, NH48, Diplomatic Enclave, and the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, making it one of the most coveted downtown areas in Delhi NCR.

    Project Highlights

    Ultra-luxury apartments: SOBHA Altus features meticulously designed 3 and 4-bedroom residences with multi-utility rooms, crafted with high-end specifications and finishes for an elegant living experience.

    State-of-the-art Amenities: Residents can indulge in a range of modern amenities – including a world-class clubhouse, temperature-controlled swimming pool, fitness centre, and landscaped gardens – offering a 5-star living experience.

    High-end specifications and finishes: Each apartment is constructed with premium materials, ensuring an exquisite and luxurious living environment.

    Key Highlights of the Project

    Panoramic City Views: The residences offer breathtaking views of the Gurgaon cityscape, providing a serene environment amidst urban living.

    Modern Design and Architecture: SOBHA Altus is poised to change the Gurgaon skyline, with its fluidic architectural design that utilises parametric techniques to create a visually striking facade.

    Biophilic Design: Inspired by nature, the project integrates extensive greenery, enhancing the overall well-being of residents.

    Curated Commercial Space: The project is set to include a world-class space offering premium retail experiences, further enhancing residents’ convenience.

    Current Status

    SOBHA Altus is currently available to book. To experience this opulent residential project, visit the official website SOBHA Altus: Ultra-luxe Abodes in Sector 106, Gurgaon or call 08046464500 and schedule a site visit. Discover the epitome of luxury living at SOBHA Altus.

  2. SOBHA Aranya: Eco-Friendly Luxury Residential Project at Karma Lakelands

    Nestled within the lush expanse of Karma Lakelands Gurgaon, SOBHA Aranya is a luxurious residential project that exemplifies eco-friendly living and modern elegance. This golfing community offers unparalleled scenic views, harmonising luxury and sustainability in a unique blend.

    Location and Accessibility

    SOBHA Aranya provides a serene environment close to nature, while maintaining excellent connectivity to major city hubs. The project ensures seamless access to the IGI Airport, Dwarka, NH48, and the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor via the Southern and Northern Peripheral Roads.

    Project Highlights

    Eco-friendly design: SOBHA Aranya integrates green living concepts into its design, ensuring its environmental footprint is minimal.

    Luxury apartments with green living concepts: The apartments are designed to offer an opulent lifestyle while promoting sustainable practices.

    Sustainable building practices: The project incorporates solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and organic waste composting to support eco-friendly living.

    Key Highlights of the Residential Project

    Integration with natural surroundings: Nestled within a verdant landscape, SOBHA Aranya offers stunning views of the forest and the award-winning 9-hole golf course.

    Resort living experience: With over 40 international amenities, residents can enjoy a resort-style living experience.

    Emphasis on wellness and eco-conscious living: Extensive green spaces and eco-focused amenities promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

    Unmatched privacy: No homes overlook each other, providing unparalleled privacy for residents.

    Current Status

    SOBHA Aranya is currently available to book. Call 08046464500 or visit SOBHA Aranya: Luxury Flats in Karma Lakelands, Gurgaon, for more details or to schedule a site visit. Experience the unique blend of luxury & nature, and discover unmatched eco-luxury living at SOBHA Aranya.

  3. International City – Limited Edition Homes

    SOBHA International City in Sector 109, Gurgaon, offers ultra-luxurious limited-edition homes that epitomise exclusive and private living. These residences are crafted for those who appreciate fine living amidst tranquil surroundings and top-notch amenities.

    Location and Accessibility

    Located near Dwarka Expressway, International City enjoys excellent connectivity to major expressways and the entire Delhi NCR region. This strategic location ensures easy access to key landmarks such as IGI Airport, Cyber City, and various commercial & entertainment hubs in Gurgaon, South Delhi, Central Delhi, and other coveted areas of NCR.

    Project Highlights

    Limited-edition Homes: These abodes offer an exclusive living experience with limited units, ensuring privacy and exclusivity.

    World-class Living Experience: Designed for those seeking a high-end lifestyle, these residences provide a serene and private environment.

    High-quality Construction and Premium Materials: Each unit is built with superior materials and attention to detail, reflecting SOBHA’s commitment to quality.

    Key Highlights of the Project

    Spacious layouts: Designed with expansive layouts, the living spaces provide ample space for luxurious living.

    Community amenities and luxury features: Residents can enjoy a range of amenities, including a clubhouse that offers wellness, lifestyle and recreational indulgences – enhancing the overall living experience.

    Current Status

    To know more about International City – Limited Edition Homes or to schedule a site visit, call 08046464500 or click SOBHA International City | 4BHK Limited edition homes for Sale in Gurgaon. Experience unparalleled luxury firsthand, only at SOBHA International City.

  4. SOBHA City Gurgaon – Vista Residences

    SOBHA City Gurgaon – Vista Residences offers an exquisite blend of luxury and modern living. Situated in the thriving locale of Gurgaon, these high-rise apartments epitomise elegance and comfort, catering to the discerning tastes of those seeking resort-style living.

    Location and Accessibility

    Positioned along the Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon, SOBHA City enjoys excellent connectivity to major regions in Gurgaon and Delhi. The strategic location provides seamless access to key business areas, entertainment hubs, and essential amenities – ensuring a convenient and well-connected lifestyle.

    Project Highlights

    High-rise Luxury Apartments: SOBHA City features luxurious homes that provide an elevated living experience.

    Comprehensive Amenities and Services: The project offers a wide range of amenities – including a 90m dia Cricket Ground, clubhouse, swimming pool, sports facilities, and more – ensuring a holistic lifestyle for residents.

    Elegant and modern architectural design: With its contemporary architecture, SOBHA City stands as a landmark of modern luxury and sophistication.

    Key Highlights of the Project

    Resort-style living: SOBHA City is designed with multiple recreational facilities and green spaces.

    Expansive green spaces and recreational facilities: The project has extensive landscaped areas, jogging tracks, sports courts, and more – providing opportunities for relaxation and recreation.

    Current Status

    SOBHA City Gurgaon is currently sold out, reflecting its high demand and the premium living experience it offers. For more information, visit SOBHA City – Apartments for Sale in Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon.

  5. International City – Exclusive Villa Township

    SOBHA International City in Sector 109, Gurgaon, is an exclusive villa township offering a luxurious living experience. This township is designed to provide residents with unparalleled privacy & comfort, and is a testament to high-end living amidst serene surroundings.

    Location and Accessibility

    International City is in a prime location with proximity to the Dwarka Expressway, ensuring seamless connectivity to key regions in Delhi NCR, including the international airport, South Delhi, Central Delhi, and more. The strategic placement offers easy access to major business districts, essential amenities, and shopping & entertainment hubs – making it an ideal residential choice.

    Project Highlights

    Exclusive villas within a township: International City features luxurious villas that offer an exclusive living experience, within a secure, well-planned gated community.

    High-end luxury and privacy: The villas are designed to provide maximum privacy and luxury, catering to the elite.

    Lavish designs and spacious interiors: Each residence is meticulously designed with spacious interiors and high-end finishes, reflecting SOBHA’s commitment to quality and elegance.

    Key Highlights of the Project

    Gated community with top-tier security: International City has state-of-the-art security systems, ensuring a safe living environment.

    Premium lifestyle amenities: The residential project offers a range of premium amenities – including clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis & badminton courts, party lawn, and more – providing residents with a comprehensive luxury living experience.

    Current Status

    International City is sold out, highlighting its high demand and exceptional living standards. For more information, visit SOBHA International City | 4/5 BHK Villas for Sale in Gurgaon.


SOBHA has firmly established itself as a leading luxury real estate developer in Gurgaon. It is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a portfolio that includes some of the most coveted residential projects in the region, SOBHA continues to set new benchmarks in luxury living in NCR.

For those seeking an opulent lifestyle, SOBHA’s projects in Gurgaon such as SOBHA Altus, SOBHA Aranya, and International City – Limited Edition Homes, offer unparalleled luxury, comfort, and elegance. These projects are designed to provide residents with the international living – featuring top-tier amenities, strategic locations, and exquisite architectural designs.

To explore these luxurious projects further or to inquire about future availability, visit our official website at Flats in Delhi, Luxury Apartments & Villas for Sale in Delhi, NCR or call 08046464500. SOBHA Limited continues to redefine luxury living in Gurgaon, ensuring that each project offers a sophisticated and enriching lifestyle.


1. What makes SOBHA Altus stand out among other luxury apartments in Gurgaon?

SOBHA Altus stands out among other luxury apartments in Gurgaon, due to its world-class design, state-of-the-art amenities, and high-end finishes. Its strategic location in Sector 106 near Dwarka Expressway offers excellent connectivity to airport, business districts, entertainment hubs, and more – providing residents with convenience and panoramic city views.

2. How is SOBHA Aranya different from other eco-friendly residential projects?

SOBHA Aranya is different from other eco-friendly residential projects due to its deep integration with natural surroundings, commitment to sustainable building practices, and emphasis on wellness & eco-conscious living. Located in Karma Lakelands, SOBHA Aranya offers luxury apartments that blend modern comfort with green living concepts.

3. What are the unique features of International City – Luxury Builder Floor Limited Edition Homes?

The unique features of International City – Luxury Builder Floor Limited Edition Homes are spacious layouts, high-quality construction, premium materials, exclusive & private living experience, and community amenities designed for a luxurious lifestyle.

4. Why is SOBHA City – Vista Residences popular despite being sold out?

SOBHA City – Vista Residences is popular despite being sold out, due to its high-rise luxury apartments, comprehensive amenities, and resort-style living experience. Its elegant design, expansive green spaces, and recreational facilities made it a top choice for luxury homebuyers, leading to it being sold out.

5. What amenities are available in the International City – Exclusive Villa Township?

Amenities available in the International City – Exclusive Villa Township are Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Badminton Court, Yoga and Aerobics, Party Lawn, and more. Located in Sector 109 Gurgaon near Dwarka Expressway, this gated community has top-tier security, premium lifestyle amenities, spacious interiors, and lavish designs.

6. Can I still book a unit in SOBHA City or the International City Exclusive Villa Township?

Currently, both SOBHA City and the International City Exclusive Villa Township projects are sold out. However, you can contact SOBHA at 08046464500 to explore newly launched luxury projects in Gurgaon that may suit your needs.

7. What is the process for booking a property in SOBHA Altus or SOBHA Aranya?

The process for booking a property in SOBHA Altus or SOBHA Aranya includes visiting the official websites https://www.sobha.com/delhi-ncr/sobha-altus-sector-106-gurgaon and https://www.sobha.com/delhi-ncr/sobha-aranya-flats-sector-80-karma-lakelands or contacting our team at 08046464500. They will provide you with detailed information on availability, pricing, and the booking process, including site visits and documentation requirements.

8. Are there financing options available for purchasing a SOBHA luxury property?

Yes, financing options are available for purchasing a SOBHA luxury property, in terms of home loans by leading banks and financial institutions. Once you finalise the home to be purchased, the SOBHA team can help you get in touch with representatives of leading banks; making your purchase process easier and more convenient.

9. What kind of community and lifestyle can residents expect in these SOBHA projects?

Residents in SOBHA’s luxury projects can expect a close-knit community and a high-quality lifestyle with access to top-notch amenities; these include clubhouses, fitness centres, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, sports facilities, and recreational indulgences.

10. How does SOBHA ensure the quality and sustainability of its projects?

SOBHA ensures the quality and sustainability of its projects with its use of high-grade materials, world-class construction practices, and adherence to green building standards. Projects like SOBHA Aranya highlight their commitment to eco-friendly living, while all SOBHA projects maintain the highest standards of luxury and durability.

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