Best Residential Areas in East Bangalore for Your Next Home

October 10th, 2023

East Bangalore's Investment Opportunities

East Bangalore has been acquiring great prominence as a residential area over the years. The five best localities in East Bangalore for homebuyers are Panathur Main Road, Bellandur, Sarjapur Road, Whitefield, and Marathahalli.

East Bangalore and its Growing Popularity

Bangalore is developing at a dizzying pace. The demand for housing is also on the rise proportionately. East Bangalore is a hotbed of residential developmental activities, and has been attracting prospective homebuyers for a wide range of reasons.

When buying a home, one of the most important things to consider is the location. In this article, we will discuss in detail the key characteristics that make East Bangalore a popular destination. Read on as we analyse five residential areas to consider in East Bangalore, including Panathur Main Road.

Why Choose East Bangalore?

The stretch along the Outer Ring Road from K R Puram to HSR Layout – with the arterial roads leading to that stretch – have been witnessing a flurry of developmental activities over the years. This has made East Bangalore a favourite destination for both real estate developers and homebuyers.

The growing demand can be attributed to the infrastructure and seamless connectivity. It is easily accessible from all parts of Bangalore. The other one, probably the most important, is its status as a hub of the IT industry. The area is home to many large tech parks that house reputed IT companies. With the metro work progressing rapidly, East Bangalore will soon witness a revolution in terms of connectivity.

5 Top Residential Areas in East Bangalore

Having seen the growth potential and prospects East Bangalore offers, let’s now focus on the five localities that are considered ideal for homebuyers in East Bangalore.

  1. Panathur Main Road

    One of the most sought-after locations in East Bangalore for homebuyers, Panathur Main Road, is in close proximity to the Outer Ring Road. Ideally, for an IT professional whose office is anywhere along the ORR, having a home on Panathur Main Road would be immensely beneficial. Additionally, Prestige Tech Park and Cessna Business Park are located within walking distance of this locale.

    Important locations such as Whitefield, Marathahalli, and Electronic City are easily accessible from Panathur Main Road. While Bellandur Road Railway Station is located on this road, the railway stations at Carmelaram and K R Puram are 4.5 and 8 km away respectively. The upcoming ORR metro will give a further fillip to the area’s connectivity. Panathur Main Road has leading hospitals, educational institutions, supermarkets, and recreational facilities in the vicinity.

    Being a highly favoured location, this area has many residential projects. India’s preeminent developer SOBHA Limited has three projects around this road: SOBHA Sentosa – a Singapore-themed luxury residential project, SOBHA Dream Acres – a sprawling community spread over 80 acres with 80% open space, and the newly launched SOBHA Neopolis – one of the most awaited residential projects in Bangalore that is inspired by Greek architecture.

    With projects that suit all budgets and requirements, Panathur Main Road is the right place for those looking for a home with great connectivity and all the facilities nearby.

  2. Bellandur

    Home to Bangalore’s most prominent tech parks such as Ecospace and Ecoworld, Bellandur is a favourite destination for both real estate developers and homebuyers in East Bangalore. Choosing a home in Bellandur will be advantageous to professionals, especially those who work in the tech parks nearby.

    Bellandur is easily accessible from all parts of Bangalore, particularly the IT hubs of Whitefield as well as Electronic City.

    In addition to these, Bellandur offers easy connectivity to the startup hub of HSR Layout and the happening locale of Koramangala. The under-construction metro line that passes through Bellandur will dramatically improve its connectivity. The nearest railway station is at Carmelaram, which is a few kilometres away from Bellandur. The locality has world-class healthcare facilities, reputed educational institutions, malls, shopping centres and recreational facilities.

    SOBHA Insignia is an ideal choice for those who prefer to stay in bespoke luxury residences.  Located in Bhoganahalli, near the Outer Ring Road, these opulent homes offer smart luxury and seamless connectivity.

    Bellandur has a slew of residential projects for a wider range of budgets and requirements. As a well-connected locality with all the facilities around, Bellandur is ideal as a residential area.

  3. Sarjapur Road

    A prominent locality that attracts homebuyers for various reasons, Sarjapur Road has been witnessing increasing demand over the years, especially for luxury projects. Buying a home on Sarjapur Road will not only ensure seamless connectivity but will also be an investment for the times ahead.

    Being close to the IT hubs of the Outer Ring Road and Electronic City, Sarjapur Road is a preferred choice for IT professionals. In addition to the locations mentioned, the area is also close to Bommasandra Industrial Hub, which houses major industrial units such as Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited.

    Sarjapur Road scores well on the connectivity part as it has excellent bus connectivity. Railway stations which are easily reachable from here, are located at Carmelaram and Bellandur Road. Being a high-on-demand residential area, Sarjapur Road has various residential projects to offer – from budget apartments to luxury villas.

  4. Whitefield

    As a prominent IT hub with sprawling tech parks and hundreds of IT companies, Whitefield is a highly sought-after residential location. For IT professionals working here, owning a home in Whitefield means bidding goodbye to commuting worries forever. What’s more, as an investment it will yield excellent growth, year on year.

    Whitefield has an extensive road network that offers seamless connectivity to all parts of Bangalore. It has a railway station as well. A key factor has given a fillip to the connectivity in this locale is the metro network. The Purple Line runs between Whitefield and Challaghatta, and has heralded a new era in terms of connectivity for the locality.

    Being a highly popular residential area, Whitefield has all the conveniences around – be it healthcare facilities, educational institutions, recreational facilities, shopping centres, and more.

    SOBHA Galera, located on Whitefield-Hoskote Road near Kannamangala, is an ideal choice for those who prefer a quaint lifestyle. These Spanish style row houses are set amidst an idyllic yet well-connected locale.

  5. Marathahalli

    Yet another prominent location in East Bangalore is Marathahalli, that lies on the Outer Ring Road (ORR). Home to reputed organisations, this is a well-developed residential area and a preferred destination for many homebuyers. Marathahalli is witnessing a higher demand for housing, especially by IT professionals.

    The locality offers ease of access to all parts of Bangalore. Its proximity to the IT hubs of Whitefield and Bellandur makes it all the more endearing to IT professionals. Already well-connected via roads, Marathahalli will gain an edge over other areas once Metro Phase 2A gets operational.

    With a well-developed social infrastructure, Marathahalli has quality healthcare facilities, educational institutions, shopping centres, and recreational facilities.

    For those who look forward to making this area their home, there are quite a few options in the form of apartments that are suitable for all types of requirements and budgets.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Residential Area in East Bangalore

As we have seen 5 of the most favourable residential destinations in East Bangalore, let’s look at the key considerations that would help you make an informed decision.

  • First among them is the budget consideration. Once you are clear about it, go ahead and shortlist properties that are within your budget.
  • Equally important is the proximity of your future home to your workplace, as well as connectivity & transportation. Based on these two, finalise a location that will ensure hassle-free commute.
  • Quality of life depends on social infrastructure, such as the presence of healthcare facilities and educational institutions in the vicinity. Ensure the locality you have chosen has these close by.
  • Yet another crucial factor that needs to be considered is safety. Make sure that the area you’ve chosen has a reputation for being safe and secure to live in.
  • Finally, conduct proper research to assess if the locale has the potential to grow in the future. This way, you can be sure that the quality of life will improve further in the future, and along with it the value of your home will also increase.

Real Estate Trends in East Bangalore

As a residential real estate market, East Bangalore is flourishing. Quite naturally, it offers tremendous investment potential, and rentals are steadily on the rise. As per a report by the property consultant Anarock, East Bangalore witnessed a surge in rental demand last year, resulting in 24% appreciation on average. Marathahalli saw the highest residential rental growth during the period between January and March 2023.

The Recap

As we are about to conclude, let’s take a look at the five prominent localities in East Bangalore discussed in this article. They are Panathur Main Road, Bellandur, Sarjapur Road, Whitefield, and Marathahalli. Each of these locations are ideal for homebuyers who prefer to live in East Bangalore.

Based on your needs, you can explore these areas before taking a final decision. If you are a quality-conscious homebuyer with a taste for refined luxury, there are three abodes you can consider. While SOBHA Galera offers rowhouses on Whitefield-Hoskote Road, SOBHA Insignia has limited-edition apartments that blend luxury and technology. The third option, SOBHA Neopolis is a residential township which got launched recently and received tremendous response from customers. These luxury apartments on Panathur Main Road in East Bangalore epitomise the grandeur of Greek architecture in all its glory.

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