Why You Should Look For Residential Projects in Delhi NCR with Urban Park Spaces?

November 18th, 2021

Why You Should Look For Residential Projects in Delhi with Urban Park Spaces?

Delhi-NCR is home to over 3,000 industries, and most of them do not meet the standard environmental norms. This contributes to the city’s depleting lung space and increased air pollution. One of the solutions to counter the effects of poor air quality is to have more green spaces around. People are now seeking homes amidst sprawling lush green spaces as it has become a necessity more than a luxury to have the much-needed green cover for Delhiites.

It’s a dream for any home dweller to have sprawling lawns, scores of trees lining the yard, and lakelets scattered around the premises to create a serene environment. These offer an opportunity for people to reconnect with nature from the comfort of their homes. Most importantly, these urban oases provide cleaner air to breathe and help’s in controlling the soaring temperature levels. In short, urban park residences are a boon to places like Delhi-NCR.

Benefits of Urban Parks

Nature is the harbinger of good health and is beneficial for our well-being, both physically and psychologically. Any house with its tranquil environs brings countless benefits to people. These are also advantageous in economic aspects since they contribute to the rise in property values. Here, we list out the multiple health benefits of living in lush green spaces.

Refreshes & Rejuvenates:

Just a stroll in a verdant park is enough to feel refreshed and rejuvenated from the stress of mundane, corporate life. Given that large number of people are still working from home, there is little to no interaction with nature. Living in a place amidst nature allows one to take a break from work and indulge in the freshness that green spaces offer.

Improves Sleep:

Our circadian rhythms are synchronised with the Sun. However, leading a life away from natural light and the constant exposure to blue / artificial light can change our natural circadian rhythm. Spending time in the Sun during sunrise or sunset will enhance vitamin D levels in the body and improve sleep at night.

Controls Temperature:

The natural process of photosynthesis not only provides cleaner air, but also takes the temperature down by a few notches. In a city like Delhi, where the temperatures are extreme, the greenery will provide the much-needed balance in summers and purify the air during winters.

India’s First Elevated Urban Expressway- Poised To Accelerate Growth

The Dwarka Expressway in Sector 108, Gurugram is a 29-km project, estimated at Rs. 8,662 crores. Around 19 km of the expressway falls in Haryana, while the remaining 10 km is in Delhi. This for sure is expected to ease traffic woes on the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway – ensuring not just better connectivity between Dwarka and parts of south Delhi, but also reduces air pollution in Delhi-NCR. The expressway will further connect the 100-metre and 80-metre urban express roads under the Delhi Master Plan-2021. This stretch will also provide easy access to the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The real estate sector will see a boom around the Dwarka expressway and will facilitate the overall development of Gurugram. On one hand, the stretch will reduce travel time significantly, and on the other, it will open opportunities for planned commercial and urban developments. With all these growth catalysts in place, the Dwarka Expressway will be the hub for commercial and entertainment activities, making it one of the most-preferred locations in NCR.

SOBHA City- Urban Park Living

SOBHA City, located amidst an expansive 39-acre park, comes with two clubhouses, over 16 plus sports activities, a serene lakelet, a swimming pool, and an array of other social amenities. It also houses a 90-metre-wide cricket ground, a tennis and a badminton court, alongside jogging tracks. We have even included a camping and barbecue zone, an amphitheatre, a library, and a café so that you can make your free time memorable.

Every apartment is a corner unit with premium specifications, high-quality construction, and comes with an innovative unit plan. With the stunning view of the lakelet on one side and the golden rays of the Sun bringing the capital city to life on the other, SOBHA City offers splendid views.

SOBHA Limited believes in the philosophy of self-reliance – a model that enables the organisation to control quality and delivery timelines. The company has all the key competencies and in-house resources to deliver a project from its conceptualization to completion. SOBHA’s residential projects include Residential Apartments, Villas, Row Houses, Luxury Apartments, and Plotted Developments.

You can get a first-hand experience of your ideal home at the SOBHA City’s Sales Gallery. Visit today.

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