Working From Your OWN home

June 20th, 2020

The novel COVID-19 outbreak has affected our lives in multiple ways and has left many of us introspecting the way we perceive our world. At the same time, it is important to understand why it is safer to stay home and be grateful to the resources we can still enjoy. This pandemic brings an immediate, direct and personal sense of urgency in countries across the globe. The most critical and foremost measure put in place to contain the spread of the virus was physical distancing.

To enforce strict quarantine, the countrywide lock-down led to the idea of working from home. This paradigm shift brought a change in the outlook at people. Having a safe home to live, work and play suddenly became very important.

Here Are Some of The Reasons for Investing in A Home:

  • Increased Flexibility Resulting in Increased Productivity:

    A work-from-home scheme allows you to work out of a space that offers higher comfort and lesser stress. This comfort would in turn lead to a higher rate of productivity, efficiency and quality of work. Working from home can prove to be more flexible in terms of working hours, lowered requirements of any specific dress code, and so on. You can work from your favourite spots around the house and in your comfortable clothes. This flexibility and lowered physical and mental rigidities can increase the productivity of the entire team, as everyone is relaxed and can function better while performing tasks with increased bandwidth.

  • Increased Savings:

    With not having to go to office regularly, your company can save on power, water usage & maintenance bills. With lesser expense on office front, the employer may even be in a position to roll out more incentives and bonuses for the team. You can save a lot of money otherwise spent on commute or paying rent of a house, to pursue your favourite other activities. The average spends on the daily commute in a big city like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai or Delhi can be significantly high, but through this policy of working from home, you can save a lot for the entire family, society and nation at large.

  • Scheduled Work Planning:

    A work-life balance is achieved by proper planning and staying at ease within the walls of your home. It gives you motivation and satisfaction of completing tasks while helping you make sure not to miss out on anything at home. You can also make a planner for the kids in the family, so you can keep them occupied while you focus on work. With lesser distractions and everything you need in one place; you can complete tasks in a more efficient manner. There is an automatic shift in the mental state that is prepared to work when you have set up an appropriate environment.w
    At a time like this, the government as well as numerous private organisations are doing their best to keep to the society healthy. By staying indoors and working from home, we are contributing to the larger cause while ensuring the safety and security of not only ourselves but also those around us.

    So, are you ready to invest in “Your Own Home?”

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