January 10th, 2017

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Health is rooted in everyday life allowing people to do more than merely survive. It enables the people to significantly contribute in building a sustainable society. The advent of science and technological developments in various streams has enormously benefitted the mankind and yet the majority of the rural masses of our country still have not received the fruits of the modern times.

To help elevate the lives of socially and economically less fortunate, SOBHA is committed to develop four villages of Palakkad District of Kerala. Through its CSR arm – Kurumba Educational and Charitable Trust, it has been striving to build a sustainable society by adopting a unique developmental model Graamasobha. Mr. PNC Menon, the Founder Chairman of SOBHA firmly believes in the power of quality education, healthcare and employment opportunities to uplift the downtrodden. Driven by this conviction, SOBHA’s CSR initiatives delve deeper in the communities to relieve the downtrodden from the vicious cycle of poverty.

Addressing the health issues appropriately was an essential need to change the social fabric of the adopted villages under the ambit of its CSR wing Sri Kurumba Educational and Charitable Trust. The general masses in the adopted villages lacked the basic need of a healthcare center. With no easy access to primary healthcare facility and the spiraling cost excluded the poor from quality healthcare.

To make quality healthcare easily assessable, Sobha Healthcare was setup on the 1st February 2007 with the state-of-the-art health care facilities and services for the villagers free of cost. Initially it had a General Medical Out Patient Department with three full time physicians and visiting doctors for Ophthalmology and Dental Departments. The target group comprised the 2,500 BPL families of the adopted panchayats, senior citizens of Sobha Hermitage, students of the Sobha Academy and their parents and the employees of the Trust. The facilities included free consultation, diagnosis, tests, treatment, and medicines.

Today, the healthcare center provides high quality medical services that lays special emphasis on preventive care. The residents of Sobha Hermitage, a home for deprived are provided with round the clock medical service by paramedical staffs and doctor on call during non-working hours. The home also has an in-house clinic. Twice in a year the students of Sobha Academy undergo medical, ophthalmology and dental examinations by the trained staffs of the Sobha Healthcare. In addition, they also undergo relevant clinical laboratory examinations and treatment is provided whenever necessary. A health growth chart is maintained for all students and free treatment is provided to improve their health. The students of Sobha Icon program undergo yearly medical check-up and free medicines are given to the parents of all students. Moreover, the employees of the Sri Kurumba Educational and Charitable Trust also undergo yearly medical and relevant clinical laboratory examinations to assess their health.

Further, all families in the adopted villages under the below-poverty-line are provided with privilege cards to avail the benefits of healthcare facilities free of cost.

Presently, Sobha Healthcare has highly experienced and socially committed medical professionals to provide effective healthcare service. The Centre maintains high standards to ensure quality healthcare is available for all the beneficiaries. On an average, 80 plus patients visit the center every day. It also has a patient monitoring systems, cardiac and pulse oximetry, 3 channel ECG, digital ultra sound scanning system, 300 MA x-ray with automatic x-ray film processor, and laboratory with automatic hematology and bio-chemistry analyzers to serve the beneficiaries from adopted villages. A minor operation theater and pharmacy on the premises provides medicines free of cost to the beneficiaries. The Physiotherapy department, Ophthalmology department and Dental department are equipped with ultra-modern facilities. At the Centre there are six inpatient beds and four day-care beds with remote operated patient cots with centralized oxygen suction panel. Further, the Centre conducts pre-marital counseling and interactive group discussions for the couples of dowry-less social weddings which are conducted by the Trust twice in a year.

Sobha Healthcare has created a positive sea change in the health of the villagers and has enhanced the social fabric of India. Ensuring a better access to basic health needs of the villagers, the Sobha Healthcare has greatly benefited the local community, thereby, consistently nurturing the lives of the dwellers.

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