Panathur is one of the most preferred residential destinations in Bangalore. Lying adjacent to the Outer Ring Road and close to Bellandur, the area is easily accessible from all parts of Bangalore. Adding to this, the robust social infrastructure ensures that flats for sale in Panathur have all the necessary conveniences in the vicinity.

SOBHA Limited – one of India’s most reputed and trusted builders – has a phenomenal track record spanning almost three decades. With a pan India footprint and an illustrious portfolio comprising residential, commercial, and contractual projects, SOBHA is one of the most preferred real estate developers in India. These flats for sale in Panathur offer peace of mind for life, thanks to SOBHA’s superior quality standards, top-notch amenities, and unmatched luxury.


Lying close to the tech corridor of Outer Ring Road, Panathur is a highly desirable residential location – especially to those who are considering buying a home in East Bangalore. The locale is well-connected to all parts of Bangalore via the ORR as well as other arterial roads. Some of the most important areas that are easily accessible from Panathur are the IT hubs of Whitefield and Electronic City, the start-up hub of HSR Layout, and Koramangala – a vibrant hotspot of commercial activities.

Being a popular residential destination, Panathur has all the conveniences and comforts nearby. It has many reputed educational institutions, hospitals, recreational facilities, and shopping centres. Some of the schools in the vicinity include VIBGYOR School, New Horizon Gurukul, and Orchid International School. Healthcare facilities in the area include Fostr Multispeciality Clinic and Maya Multispeciality Hospital. Besides these, reputed healthcare institutions such as Manipal Hospitals and Cloudnine Hospitals are located at a short distance from Panathur.

Over the years, flats in Panathur have seen growing demand as the area is one of the most important residential real estate destinations in Bangalore. The main reasons for this popularity are connectivity and proximity to the IT hubs on the Outer Ring Road.

The average price of flats for sale in Panathur is ₹9,906. Between the quarter ended July 23 and October 23, there has been an increase of 9.34% in prices of flats in Panathur. This is a testimony to its growth potential. What’s more, real estate experts foresee a 22.54% year-on-year growth, when it comes to flats for sale in Panathur.

SOBHA offers a wide range of Flats, Luxury Apartments for Sale in and around Panathur. All of its apartment projects in Panathur, Bangalore are Gated communities and RERA-registered.

Flats for Sale in Panathur - SOBHA Neopolis 482 Apartments Available


Greek-Themed Luxury Apartments

Panathur, Off Marathahalli-ORR, Bengaluru | 1611 to 2481 Sq.ft. | 3 & 4 BHK

New Apartment Projects in Marathahalli-Sarjapur Outer Ring Road 13 Apartments Available


Bespoke Luxury Residences

Bhoganahalli, Bengaluru | 1819 to 3406 Sq. ft. | 3, 3.5 & 4 BHK

SOBHA Dream Acres, 2 BHK luxury flats for sale in Marathalli Road Sold Out


Aspiration Themed Apartments

Panathur, Off Marathalli Road, Bengaluru | 1007 Sq.ft. – 1020 Sq.ft. | 2 BHK

Sobha-Sentosa Sold Out


Singapore-themed Luxury Apartments

Panathur Main Road, Bengaluru | 1507 to 1804 Sq. ft. | 3 BHK


Why Should You Invest in Panathur Road?

Panathur Road is a rapidly evolving residential and commercial area in East Bangalore. Its strategic location between ORR and Sarjapur Road has contributed to its remarkable growth in infrastructure and real estate development over the years. The area provides residents convenient access to major employment hubs such as ORR-Marathahalli, Whitefield, HSR Layout, and Electronic City. Moreover, renowned educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping centres, and entertainment options further enhance its appeal.

Panathur Road has emerged as a prominent player in the real estate landscape of Bangalore, experiencing rapid growth and transforming into a highly sought-after residential & commercial destination. The locale is connected to bustling neighbourhoods such as Whitefield, Bellandur, & Sarjapur Road through key road networks. The exponential rise of MNCs and startups in these areas has increased demand for housing options, which Panathur Road has effectively met. Its proximity to major tech parks like Embassy Tech Village, Ecospace, RMZ EcoWorld, and more – has attracted young professionals seeking excellent connectivity to their workplaces.

Real estate developers are capitalising on this growing demand by launching upscale residential projects that offer modern amenities and lifestyle conveniences. Given the robust rental demand stemming from the presence of multinational corporations and the steady population growth in Bangalore, investing in properties on Panathur Road presents an attractive opportunity for both rental returns and potential capital appreciation in the long run.

Panathur Road Location Analysis

Panathur’s strategic location in Bangalore is undoubtedly one of its most alluring features for businesses and residents. Nestled in the eastern part of the city, Panathur offers unparalleled accessibility to numerous major IT parks and corporate hubs, including Marathahalli, Whitefield, and Bellandur. This locality boasts excellent connectivity to other parts of Bangalore through well-established arterial roads such as Outer Ring Road, Sarjapur Road, Old Airport Road, Hosur Road, and more.

Panathur is also blessed with esteemed educational institutes and top-notch healthcare facilities. Additionally, advantageous proximity to large employment centres has fostered a thriving real estate market, offering a wide array of housing options for both rental purpose and ownership. Availability of essential amenities, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, and recreational facilities, further amplifies its appeal as a highly desirable residential area.

Panathur’s strategic location makes it an ideal destination for professionals seeking convenience and accessibility in the bustling city of Bangalore. Its prime positioning caters to the needs of businesses, and ensures a high quality of life for its residents.

Emerging Trends in Panathur Road

Panathur, a thriving locality in Bangalore, has been witnessing a remarkable surge in property values. The upcoming metro line and under-development CDP Road network have significantly bolstered the demand for properties, consequently driving up prices. Development of commercial spaces in & around this area has also attracted businesses, resulting in a substantial influx of job opportunities.

As a result, Panathur’s property market has experienced excellent growth – making it an incredibly lucrative investment option for discerning buyers and astute investors. The area’s popularity as one of the key residential & business centres in East Bangalore can be ascribed to its advantageous location – that provides quick access to important IT centres, prestigious universities, and medical facilities.

Investing in Panathur’s property market is a promising opportunity for buyers and investors. Consistent demand and steady appreciation in property values make it a wise choice for those seeking long-term returns. With its thriving ecosystem and modern amenities, Panathur has established itself as an ideal location for residential and commercial purposes.

Panathur Road Investment Benefits

1. High ROI potential

The locale is emerging as a prized investment destination due to its potential for high return on investment (ROI) and rental income prospects. Property values in Panathur have experienced steady and consistent appreciation over the past decade. Situated in East Bangalore, this area has greatly benefited from its proximity to major IT hubs such as ORR and Whitefield, attracting many working professionals. This influx of people has boosted the demand for housing, significantly increasing property values.

Development of essential infrastructure, including improved road connectivity, shopping malls, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, has further enhanced the appeal of Panathur Road. Moreover, government initiatives that focus on urban development and planned expansion projects have played a pivotal role in enhancing the prospects of this property market.

2. Rental income prospects

Rapid urbanisation and increasing job opportunities in Panathur have led to a significant surge in the demand for rental properties in recent years. This location, near major IT parks such as Prestige Tech Park and Cessna Business Park, has become highly desirable for professionals working in the IT sector. Ease of accessibility and well-developed infrastructure further contribute to its appeal.

Moreover, Panathur has reputable educational institutions in its vicinity, such as New Horizon School, Orchids International School, Gear Innovative International School, and more – making it the right choice for families with school-going children. As a result, the growing population and limited housing supply have created a competitive rental market. Landlords are offering attractive amenities and competitive pricing to secure tenants, leading to an upward trend in rental prices.

For property owners looking to capitalise on this surging demand, Panathur represents a lucrative investment opportunity. Current market conditions can help them benefit from the increasing rental prices and secure a profitable return on their investment.

Rapid urbanisation, growing job opportunities, and focus on infrastructure development in Panathur have made it a highly sought-after location for individuals and families alike. Driven by growing population and limited housing supply, the competitive rental market presents an attractive opportunity for property owners to capitalise on the surging demand.

Panathur Road Infrastructure and Amenities

A rapidly developing suburban area in the eastern part of Bangalore, Panathur boasts a well-established infrastructure and a wide range of amenities. This locality is connected to major commercial hubs and IT parks, making it a desirable location for professionals working in the city.

In terms of amenities, Panathur has multiple shopping areas that cater to the needs of residents. Modern healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics ensure easy access to quality medical care. The locale is home to several educational institutions that provide top-notch schooling options for children. With robust infrastructure and abundant amenities, Panathur provides an ideal living environment for residents seeking convenience and comfort, while staying connected to the vibrant areas of Bangalore.

Regulatory and Legal Considerations

Real estate in Bangalore has witnessed a remarkable surge in recent years. Consequently, property laws and regulations have assumed a pivotal role in ensuring equitable practices and safeguarding the interests of both buyers & sellers. The Indian Registration Act of 1908 serves as the primary jurisdiction governing property transactions, mandating the registration of all such agreements to ensure legal validity.

Bangalore has established specific regulations about apartment ownership, delineating comprehensive guidelines for the formation, maintenance, and dissolution of apartment associations. The Karnataka Land Reforms Act further dictates the procedures for land acquisition, and prohibits specific categories of individuals from acquiring agricultural lands without proper approval.

Karnataka Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has been established to regulate the real estate sector, protecting the interests of both buyers and sellers. RERA mandates that all developers register their projects with the authority and provide detailed information about the project, including layout plans, timelines, and financials. This ensures that potential buyers can access comprehensive and accurate information before investing.

RERA also provides a platform for addressing grievances through its dispute resolution mechanism. In addition to RERA, property transactions in Bangalore are subject to rigorous documentation procedures such as title verification and registration at the sub-registrar’s offices. These safeguards help ensure that property transactions in Bangalore are legally sound, while fostering trust between buyers & sellers in the real estate market.

Additionally, property owners are expected to pay various taxes, including stamp duty, registration fees, and property tax. These laws and regulations foster transparency in real estate transactions while effectively safeguarding the rights of all stakeholders involved in property deals in Bangalore.

Challenges and Mitigations

Panathur Road’s real estate market presents several potential challenges that require careful consideration. Firstly, the area’s rapid urbanisation and burgeoning population have resulted in an escalating demand for residential properties, leading to higher prices and limited availability. This poses a significant hurdle for prospective buyers or investors seeking to enter the market. Moreover, certain infrastructure issues related to road width and water supply require urgent attention. Addressing these deficiencies is crucial to attracting potential buyers who prioritise convenience and a high quality of life.

Another challenge is the presence of unauthorised construction activities and encroachments on public land on Panathur Road. These developments give rise to legal disputes and diminish the overall value & appeal of the area’s real estate. Overcoming these obstacles necessitates thoughtful planning and strategic action by professionals involved in Panathur Road’s real estate sector, ensuring sustainable growth and fostering positive market dynamics.


Investing in Panathur Road is a prudent decision for numerous compelling reasons. This location boasts exceptional connectivity, providing effortless access to major IT hubs such as ORR, Whitefield, HSR, Layout, and Electronic City. This makes it an enticing option for professionals employed in the IT sector and in startups, enabling them to save valuable commuting time and achieve a superior work-life balance.

Moreover, Panathur Road is currently experiencing rapid infrastructure development, including the CDP road network and the ORR Metro line. These advancements will enhance connectivity and elevate property values in the area. Panathur is surrounded by esteemed educational institutions, top-notch healthcare facilities, upscale malls, and recreational centres, ensuring residents have convenient access to all amenities.

The presence of renowned builders and developers in this area further guarantees the delivery of high-quality construction projects within the stipulated time frame. As a result of all these factors, investing in this locale presents an exceptional opportunity for long-term growth and appreciation potential.

To explore your ideal property investment in Panathur, you can visit SOBHA official Website. Alternatively, you can reach out to us at 08046464500 or [email protected] for further information. Our team of highly skilled professionals is readily available to assist you with any queries you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

1. Why should I consider investing in Panathur Road real estate?

You should consider investing in Panathur Road real estate, as the area enjoys proximity to major IT hubs, excellent connectivity, and a history of property value appreciation. Investing in Panathur offers high ROI and diversification benefits.

2. What are the key trends in Panathur Road’s real estate market?

The key trends in Panathur Road’s real estate market are rising property values, increasing demand for residential & commercial spaces, several upcoming projects, and infrastructure development. These trends indicate a positive trajectory for future appreciation.

3. What is the rental income potential in Panathur Road?

The rental income potential in Panathur Road is high, with growing demand for rental properties due to the proximity to IT hubs. Investors can capitalise on the rental income potential in this thriving location.

4. Are there any legal considerations I should know before investing?

Yes, legal considerations you should know before investing are: RERA registration of projects, clear title of property, formation of apartment associations, title registration at sub-registrar’s offices, payment of stamp duty, registration fees, & property tax, ownership of agricultural land, and procedures for land acquisition.

5. What amenities and infrastructure are available on Panathur Road?

Amenities and infrastructure available on Panathur Road are leading educational institutions, top-notch healthcare facilities, a wide variety of shopping options, and well-planned recreational spaces. This ensures a well-rounded and convenient lifestyle for residents.

6. What are the potential challenges in Panathur Road real estate?

Potential challenges in Panathur Road real estate are high demand & limited supply leading to increasing prices, certain infrastructure issues related to road width & water supply, legal disputes for certain encroachments. To address these challenges, homebuyers should consult with experienced real estate experts, or purchase property from reputable developers with a strong track record.

7. What is the future outlook for Panathur Road’s real estate market?

The future outlook for Panathur Road’s real estate market is promising, with anticipated developments, government initiatives for infrastructure improvement, and a positive role in Bangalore’s real estate landscape. Panathur Road is poised for sustained growth in the near future.

8. How can I get started with investing in Panathur Road?

To get started with investing in Panathur Road, consult with real estate experts or buy property from transparent, leading developers.

9. Where can I find more information or assistance regarding Panathur Road investments?

To find more information or assistance regarding Panathur Road investments, consult with real estate experts and financial advisors, or call SOBHA Limited at 08046464500 whose customer care team can guide you through the investment process and address specific queries.

SOBHA Limited: A Trusted Developer

SOBHA Limited, India’s pre-eminent builder, holds the distinction of being India’s first self-reliant real estate developer. As the pioneer of backward integration in the real estate sector, SOBHA Limited has been instrumental in introducing new systems and practices in the field. With German technology and imported machinery, SOBHA Limited offers homes of superior quality that can withstand the elements of nature, lasting for generations.

The precast construction methodologies SOBHA Limited adopts have multiple benefits. Besides being strong, the technology is pivotal in SOBHA’s reputation for on-time delivery. Most importantly, precast lessens the burden on the environment, as it uses less resources including water.

While SOBHA Limited is primarily known for its world-class quality standards, its other key attribute is the meticulousness with which it finds the ideal locale for its offerings. Each SOBHA home is located at some of the most sought-after residential areas in Bangalore. SOBHA has been developing flats for sale in Panathur, across multiple projects. Besides its latest offering – SOBHA Neopolis – the company has SOBHA Dream Acres and SOBHA Sentosa in the vicinity. However, owing to high demand, both of them have been sold out.

If you are looking for flats in Panathur, and if you are a quality-conscious homebuyer, your first choice would be a SOBHA home. Two highly recommended projects in Panathur and in its close vicinity are SOBHA Insignia and SOBHA Neopolis – Greek-themed residences which have become the talk of the town ever since the grand pre-launch where hundreds of units were sold in just two days.

SOBHA Neopolis – 3 & 4 BHK Luxury Apartments for Sale in Panathur

The recently pre-launched SOBHA Neopolis has been one of the most awaited luxury residential projects in Bangalore. Exceeding all expectations, the two-day pre-launch event saw thousands of customers flocking to the site to book their apartments. In a span of mere 48 hours, hundreds of apartments were sold, making it one of the most successful residential projects in Bangalore.

Crafted in timeless Grecian style, SOBHA Neopolis has opulent abodes and an exciting range of modern amenities crafted for all age groups. Offering flats for sale in Panathur near Marathahalli-ORR, this sprawling Greek- themed township offers a Mediterranean vacation for life! What makes SOBHA Neopolis stand apart is the meticulous detail with which the entire 25+ acre township is planned. From grand interiors to modern amenities, a lot of planning has gone into even the minutest of detail.

The residential towers and amenities are designed with key elements from timeless mainland Greek architecture. Three grand clubhouses spread across 77,850 sq ft are modelled in the architectural style of the vibrant Santorini Island. Over 65 amenities are thoughtfully curated for all age groups, and for individual & group pursuits. What’s more, SOBHA Neopolis has 78% open space with landscaping and well-distributed amenities.

Vehicular movement is also restricted to the periphery for enhanced safety, particularly of children and senior citizens. At SOBHA Neopolis, 3 and 4 BHK flats for sale in Panathur come in the size range of 1,611 to 2,481 sq ft. You can discover all about this luxury gated community here: SOBHA Neopolis – Apartments in Panathur – SOBHA Ltd.

SOBHA INSIGNIA - 3, 3.5 & 4 BHK Apartments Near Bellandur

Crafted for a select few, SOBHA Insignia – limited-edition bespoke homes – blends luxury and technology. Featuring uncommon luxuries, ultramodern amenities, &expansive spaces, these one-of-a-kind abodes will let you immerse yourself in a world of smart luxury and seamless connectivity.

Located in Bhoganahalli, adjacent to Panathur and the tech corridor of ORR, SOBHA Insignia has 3, 3.5 and 4 BHK apartments in the size range of 1,819 to 3,406 sq ft. For further information, you can visit this link: SOBHA INSIGNIA – 3, 3.5 & 4 BHK Apartments Near Bellandur

Why Choose SOBHA Flats in Panathur?

SOBHA flats in Panathur have two advantages. For one, they come with the impeccable standards of quality SOBHA is known for. Whether it is the quality of construction, materials used, latest design styles, or superior safety standards, a SOBHA home is built for generations.

The other advantage is the location. Your investment in flats in Panathur will grow multifold in the years to come – since the locale has been growing exponentially and is poised to grow further. Buying a home in SOBHA Neopolis or SOBHA Insignia – either to reside or as an investment – will ensure that your asset grows with time.

Buying Process and Support

SOBHA Limited goes the extra mile to ensure that each customer gets the best, not only in terms of the house they buy, but the entire buying journey and experience – from initial enquiry to final handover. Quality is a hallmark of the organisation, and the same is reflected in everything SOBHA does.

As a reputed developer, SOBHA has tie-ups with various financial institutions. Buying a SOBHA apartment is a hassle-free affair, with our well-trained executives guiding you through the entire buying process – including securing a home loan.

If you prefer a lifelong Greek holiday in Bangalore, SOBHA Neopolis is meant for you. Want to immerse yourself in an exclusive realm of smart technology? SOBHA Insignia is the right choice for you. You can visit the mock-up apartments that are set up at the premises of these projects. This will help you experience your future home in detail, and also gain understanding of how each SOBHA home is crafted using cutting-edge machinery and time-tested practices.

A Great Home, a Great Neighbourhood

When you choose to come home to SOBHA Neopolis, you get not just a luxury abode, but a great neighbourhood as well. You will enjoy a great lifestyle at these flats in Panathur – with all the conveniences around, such as world-class healthcare facilities, reputed educational institutions, and a plethora of avenues for shopping & recreation.

Contact SOBHA Ltd.

At SOBHA Limited, the well-trained executives are ready to make sure that your homebuying journey is smooth and pleasant. All you need to do is to call 080 4646 4500. If you want to get a call back from SOBHA, please visit Contact Us – SOBHA Limited


As a city that is growing at a phenomenal pace, Bangalore has an ever-increasing demand for housing. Flats for sale in Panathur make for excellent real estate investment in East Bangalore, as this residential area is one of the best places for homebuyers.

Feel free to contact SOBHA Limited, so that we can help you through the homebuying process. Here is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a Greek-themed luxury residence at an ideal location – Panathur in East Bangalore.