In the vibrant real estate landscape of Chennai, SOBHA Limited, a name synonymous with excellence, has firmly established its presence. Renowned for crafting exceptional living spaces, SOBHA brings its legacy of quality and innovation to the city in the form of Plots/Lands for Sale in Chennai. Our commitment to elevated living is evident in the distinguished projects that resonate with a perfect blend of luxury and functionality.

In the heart of Chennai’s real estate offerings, SOBHA presents an exciting proposition—plots/lands for sale that embody the essence of a dream home. These land parcels are a canvas for homeowners to paint their visions of an ideal abode by capitalising on sale price points. Whether it’s crafting a contemporary haven or embracing traditional charm, the lands cater to diverse aspirations.

Impeccable design, a commitment to green spaces, and adherence to quality construction standards distinguish SOBHA’s offerings from the others in Chennai. The plots/lands for sale not only promise a piece of land but also a canvas where residents can build a life that reflects their values.


Embrace a lifestyle enriched by strategic locations with SOBHA plots/lands for sale in Chennai. These land parcels are strategically positioned in emerging residential hubs such as Tambaram Kishkinta Road and Nandambakkam-Kundrathur, providing homeowners with a space to shape their dreams. They also ensure seamless connectivity to all parts of Chennai, including the airport, city centre, corporate hubs, and educational institutions, making daily commuting a breeze.

Beyond mere land, these land parcels are an opportunity to reside in a community seamlessly integrating strategic location, connectivity, and key amenities. Whether you desire the dynamism of the city centre of Chennai or the tranquility of suburban life, these lands cater to diverse aspirations. Invest in an exciting sale, invest in more than a plot; invest in a vibrant lifestyle in the thriving city of Chennai.

SOBHA offers a wide range of Plots/Lands for Sale in Chennai. All of its Plotted Development Projects in Chennai are CMDA Approved and RERA-registered.

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Premium Residential Plotted Development

Pudupakkam, Chennai | 622 Sq.ft to 3397 Sq.ft |

2 Plots Available


Plotted development

Tambaram Kishkinta Road, Chennai | 604 to 2384 Sq.ft. |

6 Plots Available


Plotted Development

Nandambakkam - Kundrathur, Chennai | 2583 to 5037 Sq.ft. |


Features and Amenities in Plots for Sale in Chennai

These plots present an array of features and amenities, catering to the diverse preferences of homeowners. These lands come in various sizes and configurations within the city scape of Chennai, allowing individuals to choose the perfect canvas for their dream homes. Once should just always keep an eye out and not miss out on a sale.

Plotted developments like SOBHA Evergreen and SOBHA Blossom in Chennai embody meticulous infrastructure and development planning, ensuring a cohesive and well-designed community. Each SOBHA land parcel is part of a well-planned and thoughtfully designed community—the green spaces, community facilities, and recreational areas enhance the overall living experience. If there’s a plotted development sale, then the different facets of community should be featured in the consideration set.

Exclusive amenities further enhance the appeal of SOBHA land parcels, offering landowners privileges such as landscaped gardens, jogging tracks, and community spaces that foster a sense of community. One must thus keep in mind such privileges during a sale.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Renowned for their dedication to superior construction, we ensure that each land parcel reflects an unwavering commitment to quality. The architectural excellence displayed in land parcel development showcases innovative designs and meticulous attention to detail.

Our focus is on sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle that enhances the allure of these land parcels. The commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in every aspect of the development process, from construction materials to energy-efficient infrastructure. Beyond providing CMDA-approved plots for sale in Chennai, SOBHA offers an investment in a living environment where quality and craftsmanship go hand in hand. These are critical pillars of a plot sale.

Gated community plots for sale in Chennai – Investment Potential

Chennai, known for its stability and steady growth, has witnessed a rapid growth in property values over the years in terms of the sale trends. The city’s expanding infrastructure and economic development make it a favourable real estate investment destination. With ongoing initiatives and planned developments, future growth prospects remain optimistic.

Future Growth and Appreciation Prospects

SOBHA’s plots for sale align with the city’s growth trajectory, offering not just a piece of land but a strategic investment in Chennai’s flourishing real estate landscape. The potential for appreciation is substantial, considering the upward trajectory in property values. This can be noticed while mapping the landscape of properties during any plot sale.

Returns on Plot Investment

Land parcels offer a chance for investors to diversify their portfolios and secure a tangible asset during a sale. Return on investment considerations is crucial, and with Chennai’s history of property value appreciation, these land parcels emerge as an attractive option for those seeking both financial growth and a tangible asset in the real estate market.

Customisation Options for Buyers in Plotted Development

These gated community plots for sale in Chennai offer a unique experience focusing on customisation within their plotted development. Flexibility in designing one’s dream home is a standout feature, allowing them to shape their home according to their preferences and lifestyles.

SOBHA land parcel owners benefit from a collaborative approach to crafting unique living spaces. The process involves working closely with the homeowners, ensuring their preferences are seamlessly integrated into the design. Whether it’s the layout, architectural elements, or interior features, we encourage a collaborative dialogue that empowers homeowners to participate actively in creating their dream homes.

SOBHA Plot Buying Process and Financing Options

The step-by-step guide to purchasing SOBHA land parcels starts with an initial consultation, where buyers can explore options, understand the various land parcel sizes, and discuss their specific requirements. Once a suitable land parcel is chosen, the next step involves thorough documentation and legal formalities to provide buyers complete transparency and peace of mind throughout the transaction.

Financing Options:

These options are diverse, allowing buyers to choose plans that align with their financial conditions. Whether through collaboration with leading financial institutions or the provision of mortgage information, we ensure that buyers have a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects involved. This is a great boon during a sale.

Customer Support:

A dedicated team of professionals guide buyers at every stage of a plot sale, aiding with documentation, answering queries, and facilitating a smooth transaction. This customer-centric sale approach ensures that buyers feel supported and informed throughout the entire process, making the journey of purchasing a land not just a transaction but a positive and enriching experience.

Sustainability and Green Initiatives by SOBHA in Plotted Development Projects

We incorporate various green features and eco-friendly practices in the plot development process much before a sale. Each land parcel is a testament to the integration of environmentally conscious design, from energy-efficient infrastructure to water conservation measures.

The green initiatives within the land parcel include:

–  Meticulously planned green spaces.

–  Tree cover.

–  Landscaping not only enhances aesthetics but also contributes to the ecological balance.

Additionally, sustainable construction materials reduce the carbon footprint, ensuring the development aligns with modern ecological standards. By prioritising green initiatives, we don’t just create land parcels; it fosters communities that exemplify responsible living. This is indeed a positive factor to consider before any kind of sale exploration.

Role of SOBHA Plots in Promoting Green Living

With a focus on sustainable practices, these land parcels for sale provide residents with an opportunity to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. Whether through rainwater harvesting systems, waste management practices, or incorporating renewable energy sources, these land parcels contribute to a greener, more sustainable urban environment.

By choosing this land, homeowners become integral to the larger vision of sustainable development, actively promoting green living, and leaving a positive environmental legacy for future generations.

Community Living and Neighborhood in Plots for Sale in Chennai

Our vision is to create a sense of community among landowners in Chennai. With meticulously planned communal spaces, recreational facilities, and collaborative initiatives, while planning plots for sale; we foster an environment where neighbours become friends, enhancing the overall living experience. The nearby facilities and lifestyle contribute to the convenience and well-being of residents. From schools and educational institutions, hospitals to shopping complexes and entertainment hubs, these land parcels for sale form an integral part of the concept of community living.

Instead of isolated developments, SOBHA seamlessly weaves its projects into the city’s existing fabric, ensuring coexistence with neighbouring communities. This integration enhances the plots’ overall appeal and contributes to establishing a broader community network.

The lands for sale in Chennai are not just about individual ownership; they represent a gateway to a thriving community where residents share more than just space—they share experiences, aspirations, and a collective vision for an enriching and interconnected neighbourhood.

Final Thoughts on SOBHA Plots for Sale in Chennai

Exploring plots for sale in Chennai unveils many opportunities for those seeking to invest in prime real estate. With this article, we have highlighted important sale pointers such as the strategic locations, diverse plot sizes, and the quality of infrastructure associated with these land parcels. While considering your plots for sale options, go for site visits to understand neighbourhoods and ambience.

For those who want to delve deeper into the world of SOBHA land parcels and their allied sale propositions, we invite you to join the vibrant SOBHA Plot Community in Chennai. This exclusive community offers a platform to connect with fellow prospective buyers and provides access to insights, updates, and events related to the land parcels.

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Curious to know more about plots for sale in Chennai, go through these Frequently Asked Questions curated for you:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

1. Which area is best for buying a plot in Chennai?

The best area to buy a land parcel in Chennai depends on individual preferences, budget considerations, and specific needs for the plot sale. Areas like OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road), ECR (East Coast Road), Adyar, Tambaram, and Velachery are famous for residential land due to their strategic locations and amenities.

2. How much does it cost to buy land in Chennai?

The land cost in Chennai varies based on location, plot size, and amenities. It can range from a few lakhs to several crores. It’s advisable to research specific areas and consult with real estate experts to get accurate pricing information.

3. Which area in Chennai is developing fastest?

OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road) is one of the areas in Chennai that has been developing rapidly, especially concerning IT parks, residential complexes, and infrastructure. This growth has increased demand for plots and properties in the vicinity making it highly sought after as a sale option.

4. Which plot size is best for a home?

The best land parcel size for a home depends on individual preferences, budget constraints, sale proposition and the property’s intended use. Standard residential land parcel sizes for sale, range from 600 square feet to 5000 square feet. Buyers should consider their space requirements and future when selecting a land size while looking at a plot for sale in Chennai.

5. What makes SOBHA plots in Chennai unique?

Strategic locations, superior infrastructure, and a commitment to quality construction distinguish SOBHA plots in Chennai. The land parcels offer a blend of customisation, amenities, and sustainable development.

6. Where are the SOBHA plots located in Chennai?

SOBHA land parcels for sale are strategically located in prime areas of Chennai, such as Tambaram-Kishkinta road and Nandambakkam-Kundrathur, ensuring accessibility, proximity to essential amenities, and connectivity to major landmarks.

7. What sizes and configurations are available for SOBHA plots?

SOBHA offers a range of land sizes and configurations to cater to diverse buyer preferences. Specific details can be obtained through our sales team.

8. Are there exclusive amenities for SOBHA plot owners?

Yes, SOBHA land parcels come with exclusive amenities designed to enhance the living experience for landowners. These may include recreational spaces, landscaping, and community facilities.

9. Can I customise my home on a SOBHA plot?

Absolutely. SOBHA allows buyers to design and personalise their dream homes on plots for sale. Our collaborative approach ensures your vision is brought to life.

10. What is the investment potential of SOBHA plots in Chennai?

SOBHA plots for sale have substantial investment potential, given Chennai’s real estate trends and the developer’s reputation. Historical data indicates appreciation, and the land parcels offer long-term value.

11. How does SOBHA ensure quality and craftsmanship in plot development?

SOBHA is renowned for its commitment to quality construction and architectural excellence. The same standards are applied to land parcels development for sale, ensuring high-quality infrastructure.

12. Are there financing options available for purchasing SOBHA plots?

Yes, SOBHA provides information and support regarding financing options for any plot sale. Our dedicated sales team can guide you through the buying process and financing solutions.

13. What sustainability initiatives are integrated into SOBHA plot development?

SOBHA is dedicated to sustainable development, incorporating green features and eco-friendly practices in plot development for any sale. This initiative aligns with our commitment to promoting eco-friendly living.

14. How can I contact SOBHA for more information or to schedule a site visit?

For inquiries, site visits, or additional information on a plot sale, you can contact our sales team through the provided contact details on our website. Feel free to reach out; we’ll gladly assist you.