People, these days, require and opt for everything that is novel and fresh. It is not different in the case of their houses. To fulfil this need, SOBHA, the prestigious real estate company, has launched new residential properties in Coimbatore. The developments in the city and its progression in the educational and health care sectors have made Coimbatore a thickly populated city. Improvement in the IT sector has also played a major role in the development of Coimbatore as the city is now the second largest exporter of software in Tamil Nadu.
Coimbatore is much popular for its jewellery, wet grinders, auto components, and poultry and has large scale exporting of these items. It is also known as ‘the Pump City’ since it produces about 50% of India’s requirement of motors and pumps. The city gained fame through its specialized diamond cutting, cast and machine-made jewellery. With numerous poultry farms, Coimbatore is a vital producer of chicken eggs. With ‘Kovai Cora Cotton’ recognized as the Geographical Indication by the government of India, Coimbatore is one city that runs the largest textile industries in India which are fed by the nearby cotton fields. Hence it owns the name ‘Manchester of South India.’ The second largest city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is also home to many small, medium and large scale industries in which engineering and textile industries are the primaries.
With highly developed industries and successful business enterprises, Coimbatore is expanding economically each day. The city is also chosen by the NRI community and many super-rich people for their settlements. All these factors have led the people in the city in need of new residential properties in Coimbatore. SOBHA Limited, who have never failed in satisfying the needs of their customers, is introducing new residential properties in Coimbatore. The company plans to collaborate with the oldest engineering companies. The new residential properties in Coimbatore are a blend of the contemporary and ancient designs with some unique aspects of the company that are added to enhance its beauty. Built with elegance and eco-friendliness, the company provides a brand new lifestyle here in the new residential properties in Coimbatore.


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