With the increasing demand for luxury villas in Thrissur, SOBHA Limited is fulfilling the needs of discerning homebuyers with its exceptional offerings. Its unflinching commitment to excellence has made SOBHA a trusted and renowned name across India. These villas in Thrissur for sale are built to perfection, with world-class amenities and unmatched quality, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle for residents.


SOBHA Silver Estate is an upcoming project in Thrissur, offering 57 meticulously designed villas spread across 7 acres of lush greenery. The super luxury project offers villas in two different configurations – 3 BHK and 4 BHK, with sizes ranging from 2,741 sq ft to 36333 sq ft.

SOBHA Silver Estate is equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities one would expect from a luxury villa project, such as a private swimming pool, clubhouse, gymnasium, and children’s play area. With ample parking space and 24-hour security, these homes offer the perfect combination of luxury and convenience.

Inspiring you to live large in your private sanctuary, these residences are designed with world-class amenities that offer a one-of-a-kind experience. What’s more, there is seamless connectivity to key areas of the city, and great proximity to leading schools, hospitals, workplaces, shopping malls, and more.

One of the biggest advantages of investing in a SOBHA home is the superior quality of construction – backed by years of experience and expertise in the real estate industry. SOBHA is known for its exceptional craftsmanship, focusing on creating homes that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and comfortable to live in.

SOBHA pays close attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the villa is designed and executed to perfection. From the layout of the rooms to the selection of the materials used, everything is carefully considered to provide a luxurious living experience. Overall, buying a SOBHA villa is an investment in quality, comfort, and attention to detail.

SOBHA offers exclusive Villass for Sale in Thrissur, Luxury 3 & 4 BHK Vills in Thrissur with World Class amenities.

22 Villas Available


Super Luxury Villas

Attore, Thrissur | 2741 to 3633 Sq.ft. | 3 & 4 BHK


Villa Project in Thrissur – SOBHA Silver Estate: A Premium Living Destination

Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, is witnessing a burgeoning demand for opulent villas. Recognising this trend, SOBHA Limited has taken the initiative to meet the rising needs of discerning homeowners by constructing exquisite villas in Thrissur. These limited-edition homes are equipped with a wide array of amenities, ensuring a truly luxurious living experience.

One of India’s foremost real estate developers, SOBHA has been delivering residential & commercial properties in Thrissur. The real estate space of the city was transformed with SOBHA City – a development of international standards. With profound dedication to craft, we have consistently strived to create projects of unmatched quality and exceptional workmanship. With an impressive track record, SOBHA has earned reputation as one of the most trustworthy and dependable builders, offering an extensive portfolio of premier properties across India and the Middle East.

SOBHA Silver Estate

Here’s a prestigious residential project that epitomises luxury living at its finest in Thrissur. This exceptional endeavor encompasses a sprawling haven of opulent villas, crafted to elevate the modern way of living. With a lifestyle of utmost luxury & sophistication, your search for a villa for sale in Thrissur ends here. Thoughtfully designed with meticulous attention to detail, these villas come with the finest of amenities. The endeavour has been to provide residents with an unparalleled luxury living experience, inspiring them to embrace a grand and extravagant lifestyle.

Luxury Villas at SOBHA Silver Estate

SOBHA Silver Estate exemplifies our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our villa projects in Thrissur have been meticulously crafted with impeccable amenities and world-class quality, giving residents absolute comfort and luxurious living standards.

The development will feature 57 exquisitely designed villas, gracefully sprawled over 7 acres of land. Buyers can select from two distinct options: 3BHK and 4BHK. These opulent residences vary in size, ranging from 2,741 to 3,633 square feet.

Design and Architecture

With a perfect blend of contemporary design and timeless elegance, each villa has a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. The architecture features spacious layouts, clean lines, and seamless integration of outdoor & indoor spaces. The exteriors feature a combination of modern and traditional elements, creating a unique visual appeal.

Features and Amenities

These new villas for sale in Thrissur come equipped with world-class amenities that ensure you have a unique experience.

–  Grand Clubhouse

–  Swimming Pool

–  Children’s Play Area

–  Landscaped Gardens

–  Gymnasium

–  Badminton Court

–  Multi-Purpose Hall

This villa project provides round-the-clock security and abundant parking space, making these homes an ideal fusion of convenience and luxury. Every element of these abodes has been crafted to perfection, from the property layouts to the selection of premium materials.

Location Advantage and Nearby Infrastructure

One of the most sought-after residential destinations in Kerala, Thrissur has been attracting discerning buyers with its cultural diversity, amicable populace, and breathtaking natural landscape. Thrissur is a vibrant city with a rich history, well-preserved cultural heritage, and a thriving residential community. Situated in the central part of Kerala, it is renowned for its festivals, temples, and art forms. It is home to the famous Thrissur Pooram, a grand temple festival that attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.

Within the city, these luxury villas in Thrissur are situated at a prime location, ensuring seamless connectivity to the key areas. Here are some of the advantages of staying in SOBHA Silver Estate:

–  Thrissur is a melting pot of diverse religions and cultures, a legacy that has endured for centuries. The strategic location of SOBHA Silver Estate in Thrissur places it amidst a city that has blossomed as a cultural crossroads, embracing a multitude of traditions and faiths throughout its storied past.

–  This rich tapestry of diversity continues to thrive, extending a warm and inclusive embrace to all who choose to visit or call it home. Moreover, residents of SOBHA Silver Estate can access to the vibrant traditional art academies that flourish in Thrissur, where the artistic practices that define Kerala are diligently preserved and nurtured.

–  One of the significant advantages of this project is its proximity to various landmarks and facilities. Major hospitals such as Medical College Hospital, Daya General Hospital, and Amala Hospital are located nearby – ensuring easy access to quality healthcare services.

–  Additionally, residents can enjoy the convenience of major shopping avenues, like Sobha City Mall, Kalyan Hypermarket, that offer a plethora of options in retail, entertainment, dining, and more.

–  SOBHA Silver Estate also benefits from its close proximity to educational institutions. Renowned schools and colleges like Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Chinmaya Mission College, and Government Engineering College are within easy reach.

–  With excellent infrastructure and a plethora of job opportunities, Thrissur is a popular residential destination in Kerala. The ease of securing employment or establishing businesses further amplifies the allure of residing in the city, particularly at the exquisite SOBHA Silver Estate.

–  Connectivity stands as another noteworthy advantage of the city. Thrissur benefits from excellent transportation links to different regions of Kerala and India, facilitated by a well-developed network of railways and highways. For air travel, residents have convenient access to several nearby airports, including Kochi, Coimbatore, and Kozhikode. This seamless connectivity ensures that the residents of SOBHA Silver Estate can effortlessly travel to various destinations.

Luxury Villa Lifestyle Experience at SOBHA Silver Estate

SOBHA Silver Estate represents the pinnacle of luxury, allowing residents to indulge in a lifestyle that exudes sophistication and grandeur. Constructed with unparalleled quality, the project benefits from real estate experience and expertise that SOBHA has acquired over decades. Our mastery in crafting homes that surpass expectations is evident in every aspect of the project.

Each detail is meticulously curated to ensure that your villa showcases exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. From thoughtfully designed room layouts to the careful selection of premium materials, no aspect is overlooked in creating a residence that epitomises luxury, functionality, and comfort. Every element harmoniously combines to offer you spaces that are a testament to refined living.

High-Quality Amenities

–  Swimming Pool: Dive into the serene pool, where you can unwind, relax, and enjoy refreshing moments of leisure.

–  Clubhouse: Spread over 8500 sq ft, the elegant clubhouse functions as a distinguished social hub, providing a well-designed space for gatherings, events, and meaningful interactions among residents. Here’s an ideal setting to nurture a strong sense of community and forge lasting connections with fellow residents.

–  Gymnasium: Indulge in a fit and active lifestyle at the state-of-the-art gym, equipped with modern exercise equipment. Whether one’s preference leans towards invigorating cardio workouts or empowering strength training sessions, the gym provides a well-equipped space designed to cater to every fitness need.

–  Children’s Play Area: Discover a safe & enjoyable space for kids to play, explore, and create lasting memories.

–  Ample Parking Space: SOBHA Silver Estate is designed with adequate space to accommodate residents and guests

–  24-hour Security: Your safety and peace of mind are of utmost importance. The project incorporates round-the-clock security measures, including trained personnel and advanced surveillance systems, to ensure a secure living environment for you and your loved ones.

–  Landscaped Gardens: Immerse yourself in lush greenery and the serene ambiance of meticulously landscaped gardens at SOBHA Silver Estate. These exquisitely crafted outdoor spaces provide a tranquil retreat, inviting you to unwind, rejuvenate, and forge a deep connection with nature.

–  Connectivity: Prominent areas of the city are located nearby, ensuring convenient access to renowned schools, hospitals, workplaces, shopping malls, and more. This prime location enhances residents’ convenience, enabling them to strike the perfect balance between work, leisure, and their daily lives.

Spacious Interiors and Private Outdoor Spaces

With emphasis on world-class amenities and well-designed interior spaces, these opulent villas provide an unparalleled living environment in Thrissur. At SOBHA Silver Estate, luxury living is taken to the next level with spacious interiors and tastefully done outdoor spaces.

While expansive balconies allow you to bask in the beauty of nature, you are greeted with an oasis of peace and tranquility the moment you step outside. The outdoor spaces are perfect for intimate gatherings with family and friends, where you can enjoy the serenity of your outdoor haven.

Final Thoughts

SOBHA Silver Estate is a symbol of luxurious living in Thrissur. With an array of high-quality amenities, this residential gated community of villas in Thrissur redefines the essence of opulence and comfort.

The project goes beyond amenities; it presents an exceptional lifestyle. With adequate parking space and round-the-clock security measures, residents experience a sense of peace and tranquility, knowing that their safety and well-being are well-cared for.

The project also benefits from its strategic location, that ensures seamless connectivity to prominent areas of the city – bringing renowned schools, hospitals, workplaces, and shopping malls within easy reach.

As a responsible real estate developer, SOBHA acknowledges the challenges posed by rapid urbanisation, and is committed to providing sustainable & intelligent solutions to address the same. With decades of expertise in the real estate industry, we have an unwavering commitment to quality.

Our dedication to ensuring superior construction is evident in the smallest of details. With SOBHA City and SOBHA Silver Estate, we have elevated the standards and set new benchmarks in the real estate space of Thrissur. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat or a space to indulge in luxury, SOBHA Silver Estate offers the perfect blend of elegance and convenience for a truly elevated living experience.

The Best Location to Buy a SOBHA Villa in Thrissur- Attore

Attore offers many advantages to its residents. The locale is surrounded by lush greenery, providing a peaceful and scenic environment. In terms of infrastructure & facilities, Attore has plenty of options. There are several hospitals and clinics located in and around the area, providing access to quality healthcare services. Attore is also home to reputed schools, making it an ideal location for families with children.

Thrissur is known for its vibrant markets and shopping districts. In terms of unique features and advantages, the city offers a blend of traditional and modern living. With a rich cultural heritage, Thrissur is known for its festivals and cultural events.

Features and Amenities of SOBHA Villas in Thrissur

SOBHA Villas in Thrissur offer a wide range of luxurious features and amenities to provide an unmatched living experience. These come equipped with high-quality vitrified tile flooring, premium bathroom fittings, and modular switches for electrical fittings. The kitchen is designed with a modern layout and is equipped with granite countertops, stainless steel sinks, and a range of storage options. The villas also have spacious balconies that offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

SOBHA villas in Thrissur also come with world-class amenities such as fully-equipped gym & fitness centre, swimming pool, badminton court, multipurpose hall, children’s play area, and spacious clubhouse for recreational activities. Round-the-clock security ensures the safety of residents. With such impressive features and amenities, SOBHA villas provide the perfect blend of luxury and comfort for a fulfilling lifestyle.

SOBHA’s Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Backward integration is what drives the organisation’s turnkey projects. In a turnkey scenario, we bring the expertise of all our divisions to focus on every single aspect of a project. In other words, everything is done in-house – from precision engineering to aesthetic design, and from quality metal glazing to high-class interiors.

This allows for stringent control of quality, which in turn gives our customers a fine combination of precision and aesthetics. The Infosys centers in Bangalore and Mysore are fine examples of our expertise in turnkey construction.

Villas for Sale in Thrissur by SOBHA – Steps to Buy!

Step 1: Explore the options available on or visit the SOBHA sales office in Thrissur

Step 2: Arrange for a site visit with the SOBHA sales team to visit the property and get a better understanding of the layout, facilities, and amenities.

Step 3: Once you have selected the villa you wish to buy, pay the booking amount to block the villa. This amount is usually 10% of the total cost of the property.

Step 4: After the booking amount is received, you will get an allotment letter confirming the booking.

Step 5: The next step is to sign a sales agreement with SOBHA, which details the terms and conditions of the purchase, payment plan, and delivery date.

Step 6: After signing the agreement, you will need to pay the remaining amount for the property. This can be done through a combination of self-financing, bank loans, or other financing options.

Step 7: Once the full payment is received, SOBHA will register the property in your name and hand over the possession of the villa.

Documents Required to Buy a SOBHA Villa in Thrissur:

• Proof of Identity: PAN card, passport, or Aadhaar card
• Proof of Address: Utility bills or Aadhaar card
• Income proof: Salary slips, tax returns, or bank statements
• Property documents: Sales agreement, allotment letter, and possession letter

Financing options: You can choose from our financing partners, or any bank / financial institutions you are comfortable with.

Legal Procedures Involved: The sales agreement and other legal documents are drafted by SOBHA’s legal team and are reviewed by the customer’s legal counsel before signing. The registration of the property is done with the relevant government authorities, after all necessary taxes are paid.

Advantages of Buying Villas in Thrissur

1. A lavish, modern lifestyle
2. The right blend of utmost privacy and community living
3. Complete ownership of the land on which the villa is built
4. Excellent appreciation, leading to higher returns on your investment


Villas in Thrissur offer a luxurious lifestyle that is unmatched by any other residential option in the area. With top-of-the-line amenities, world-class construction, and an exclusive location, these villas are truly a dream come true. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable family home or an investment property, SOBHA villas are an ideal choice.

Take the next step towards owning a piece of paradise today. The sales team of SOBHA can professionally guide you through every step of the process and help you find the perfect villa to meet your unique needs and preferences. Start living the luxurious lifestyle you deserve.

Luxury Villas in Thrissur - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q1: What is the difference between villas and houses?

Ans: The house symbolises a traditional way of living while villas are catered towards modern homebuying. Houses are often handed down from one generation to the next, while villas are newly constructed on plots. Independent houses may or may not have amenities, but luxury villa projects are loaded with modern-day amenities like gym, swimming pool, and clubhouse.

Q2: Which is the best place to live in Thrissur?

Ans: Ayyanthole, Attore, Punkunnam, Guruvayoor, and Kuriachira are some of the premium areas in Thrissur to live in.

Q3: Is a Villa better than a Flat?

Ans: Villas offer freedom and space, but flats have better security and ease of renting out. However, leading developers offer luxury villas in a gated community, with the same level of security and a like-minded community. With rising demand for villas, investing in a super luxury apartment and a similar villa could possibly offer similar returns in the long run.

Q4: What is the Cost of 3 BHK Villas in Thrissur?

Ans: The starting price of 3 BHK villas in Thrissur is INR 2 cr.